Video: “Magnetic” Paper

Magnetic from alexmonitor on Vimeo.

I find the concept of electrostatic paper interesting but when they mentioned that the paper was slick and only demonstrated it with ballpoint and markers, I was less enthusiastic about it.

Did you back this Kickstarter? Would you try it?

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  1. The majority of people use ball pens and markers for notes and business planning board activities. It appears a good idea, but I would like to try it in practical everyday business uses. I would buy it if the price was competitive with “post-it” type notes.

  2. I can see using this at work for brainstorming sessions – where you’d use a marker. I actually like it for that purpose (now if you could wipe it off and re use it…) There’s a notebook with “magnetic” reinsertable pages that’s making the rounds and is soon to be on kickstarter. It looks like only the edge is magnetic so maybe the paper will be FP friendly.

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