Got Plans Monday Night? How About Some Erasable?

If you’re not too busy on Monday night, you might want to pop over to the Erasable podcast to hear me and the guys talking about colored pencils. That’s right, I’m going to be a guest on Erasable! I’ve been itching to discuss colored pencils at length so I hope they are ready for me to blather on!

Colored pencils

The show will be live recorded on Monday night (Oct 12, 2015 — Columbus Day!)  at 8:30ET/5:30PT and the live chat will be happening on Mixlr. I recommend getting signed up for Mixlr a bit before the show and joining in about 15 minutes prior to recording to ask questions and get your buzz going.

If you can’t make it for the live recording, the edited episode will be up the available on Tuesday at!

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  1. Great podcast! I was hoping you were into Caran d’Ache Museum pencils because I wanted to know if you had figured out how to sharpen them. I have a very small and select collection of the Museum pencils, and I LOVE them. But they are very difficult to sharpen because they are very slightly larger in diameter than most colored pencils. I have tried nearly every sharpener on the market, and only one or two work, and not very well. I have to use a knife on them, which is inconvenient because I sketch a lot in the field. Also, I look forward to your reviews of the multi-colored pencils (like Tri-tone)! I learned about the Magic pencils from your blog. The ones you mentioned with 7 rainbow colors are the BEST! And Tri-tones are also fun.

    – Tina

  2. I enjoyed you on the podcast! I love my colored pencils, too! I have a very large Prisma collection (the large box and a bunch I picked up along the way before investing in a set!). I am in love with my inktense pencils as well. They are just so vibrant!
    I use Gamsol to blend my Prisma colors and sometimes the blender pencils. Any other ideas to try? I find baby oil a mess to use. Thanks for all the fun info you share.

    1. I use the white, cream or other pale pencil colors as a blender. I’ve not tried gamsol but I’ve heard about its use and, you’re right, oil sounds like it would make a mess! I’ll look into other options!

  3. A very entertaining and informative podcast. Thanks for the rundown of different brands and types of colour pencils.

    I’m going to have to try some Inktense pencils soon.
    Your tip on buying a few favoured colours to try and then slowly build up is a great idea.
    Also being able to check each pencil individually is good too.

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