Link Love: Who Put All That Sparkle in My Ink?!?!




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Curious? How do you pronounce Miquelrius? Best guess is Mee kell ree us (Thanks, internet and Google search!)

Submit your Link Love art: To be the featured artist on an upcoming Link Love, write, draw, photograph, or doodle an original “Link Love” image. It can be lettering, calligraphy, your own interpretation of Link or anything else you think might relate to the weekly list of pen/pencil-centric blog links. Email your submission to me at chair @ Please include any link information you’d like in the image credit (your name, Twitter handle, Instagram, blog, etc). Also include any information about inks, tools, paper, etc used in your creation. Please let me know that I have permission to publish your work in Link Love and that the image is your original piece.

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  1. Thank you for the link love 🙂

    Miquelrius is pronounced Mi (like the pronoun ‘me’) quel (like ‘Kell’ from Kelly) ri (you don’t have a strong ‘r’ in English, so ‘ri’ from Richard) us (it’s a long ‘u’ like in ‘flu’, just add an ‘s’ to it). It’s a messy explanation, I know, but hope it helps 🙂

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