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phrenology headOver the past several months, I’ve developed what I’ve come to discover are cluster headaches. At first, I thought it was just weird migraines. But I could not bounce back from them and the frequency was starting to rival re-runs of The Simpsons. I knew something wasn’t right. So I’ve been trying a lot of different meds – some work, some don’t.

The bottom line, is that the bouts of headaches have affected my overall work productivity. There are some days when I have to curl up and rest and hope that my brain stops trying to kill me from the inside.

My apologies if things have been a little light the last few weeks and if they remain so for a couple more weeks as I try to get myself back into balance.

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  1. Sending anodyne wishes from Iowa with deep sympathy. Take care of yourself, and we’ll be here for whatever you are able to give us.

  2. Yes, take care of yourself first, Ana. As a fellow headache sufferer, I feel your pain, literally and figuratively. Hope you find the right answers for you!

  3. Ugh, headaches are the worst. I used to get a lot of migraines when I was younger – thankfully age seems to have dissipated them a bit. I hate offering suggestions not knowing what you have tried already, but I know that my father has had good luck using feverfew as a “natural” headache deterrent. It’s a bit complicated because you kind of have to use it in cycles but it definitely helps to prevent a lot of his migraines. Might be something to look into?

  4. Look after yourself first Ana, always. The blog is great and we appreciate it, but your health and quality of life matter far more. Step away from this for a bit if you need to here, we’re here and we’ll wait.

  5. Comiserations. I have chronic headache syndrome which is one headache all the time, but my brother has migraine which comes and mostly goes. I hope you can find the cause or the medication.

  6. Hi Ana. Your health must come first. Don’t worry about the great blog. Take care of yourself.

    We will wait for you to get better.

  7. Sorry to hear about the headaches – they suck. Glad to hear you’re finding treatment. Don’t worry about us – we’ll manage until you’re feeling better.

  8. I grew out of cluster headaches but, I remember holding my head and yelling due to the pain. Do you have an eye mask to block out light? I remember putting my head under covers or using a bandana to block out light.

  9. As someone who can have some wicked headaches sometimes, I sympathize. I get mine mostly in my sinuses, so it often feels like my face is exploding. Get well!

  10. I’m so sorry to hear this! I started migraines when I was about 13. Now in my mid-40s, I find that they’re lessening in frequency but gaining intensity when they do occur. I strongly suspect a hormonal connection. Regardless, they are debilitating. Be good to yourself. πŸ™‚

  11. Sorry to hear about your crazy headaches. They are so debilitating. I hope you can find something either to prevent them or mitigate them quickly.

  12. I literally feel your pain. I suffered for years from cluster headaches, which have been suggested to cause the most intense pain possible. No one who hasn’t suffered from these “headaches” can understand the severity of the pain. Many years ago, I read about a medication called “Midrin,” and requested it the next time I had a round of cluster headaches setting in. After the first dose, the pain had ebbed to a dull headache, and I never had another one. My guess was that knowing I could defeat them made them go away – pointing, of course, to a clearly psychological cause for my cluster headaches. I just checked on this drug and see the FDA banned it beginning in 2011 due to a high acetaminophen content but I see you’re experimenting with alternatives. Good luck – I know how tough this is!

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