Review: Sharpie Pen Retractable

Sharpie Pen Retractable

Several weeks ago, I put a shout out on the internet asking if Sharpie made a retractable version of their Pen. Within minutes, I got replies back (all kindly withholding the urge to say “Duh, Ana! Of course they do!”). Indeed, there is a retractable version of the Sharpie Pen. So I immediately hustled out to my local big box office supply store and nabbed a pack of two. I only saw the retractable version available in black but do let me know if you’ve seen any of the colors available as well.

Sharpie Pen Retractable

Aesthetically, the most notable difference is that the Sharpie Pen retractable features a much wider barrel. The size in the hand is comparable to a Dr. Grip, multi-pen or biggie crayon as opposed to the capped Sharpie Pen which is just a little wider than a Marvy Le Pen.

This bigger grip is probably to allow room for the mechanism that covers the pen opening to keep the ink from drying out. Unlike a gel or ballpoint pen, felt tips cannot be left exposed to the air indefinitely or they will dry out.

There are a few other design modifications to the retractable model. There is a grippy rubber at the grip section which make the wider pen comfortable to hold. The clip is metal and much more traditional looking than the plastic clip on the capped model.

Finally, the retracting button is one of the longest retracting mechanisms I’ve ever seen. I compared it to the manual clutch on an old Toyota truck. The retracting button is full thumb extension for me like that old truck was full leg extension. Its not a good or bad thing, just unusual. If it lets me retract the tip of a Sharpie pen, I’m willing to suffer thumb hyperextension. It’l probably keep me from nervously clicking the button in meetings for fear of a repetitive stress injury.

Sharpie Pen Retractable writing sample

In terms of overall performance, the Sharpie Pen retractable has all the same features that made me fall in love with the original capped model: waterproof, non-toxic, acid-free ink; fine tip and good black ink color.

If you previously found the standard Sharpie Pen to be too narrow in the barrel or prefer retractable pens, the Sharpie Pen retractable is going to be the perfect upgrade. A 2-pack is $6.25 from JetPens. The price for the retractable is a bit higher than it is for the standard capped Pen but its worth it if you find yourself capping and upcapping your pen all day. Click, click! Done!

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  1. I like the retractable version, but I’m not sure it’s worth the extra cost. I believe it also has significantly less ink than the standard Sharpie Pen, to make room for the retracting mechanism.

  2. I can’t get the retractable version in Malaysia, the only ones available are the regular Sharpies. But I’ll be visiting Houston next month so this Sharpie was actually on my list and I’m now more convinced about getting it thanks to your review 🙂

  3. I just saw some retractable colors at the Georgia Tech B&N in Atlanta. Didn’t get one, but I wouldn’t have noticed them if I hadn’t seen the post yesterday morning!

  4. After having read your review, I decided to give sharpie pen another chance and went to Staples and bought a pack of 3 (black). OMG! I am in love!!! bigger barrel helps me write better and my hand doesn’t hurt. THX BUNCH!!

    1. So glad the retractable Sharpie Pen is working for you. And yeah to Erin Condren for making her planners on good quality paper!

      1. I have been using sharpie pen since Oct 16th. I have a question. I noticed that the tip has become blunt or seomthing, so when I write I have to hold it perpendicular to the paper which is very difficult for me. Has this happened to you too? I have had this issue with capped sharpie pens before and I thought retractable ones would be different but the same thing happened again only about 2 weeks after having used it. So sad…

        1. In general, felt/fiber tip pens tend to wear down quickly, particularly if your paper is textural or your write with a heavier hand. I have more issue with the tip changing shape and dulling with Marvy Le Pen and Sakura Pigma Microns than the Sharpie but a rough surface may have shortened your pen’s life. Sorry to hear this one’s life got shortened.

  5. Sharpie Pens have been my go-to pens for a while. i recently re-up’d at Wal-Mart getting: a retractable (f), a stainless steel (f), a comfort grip (f), a 2 pk (m) & a 4-color pk (f). i’ll spare you the pen test but i was expecting across-the-board ink uniformity w/ all of them & strangely that’s not the case. yes its a HUGE pen & i’m personally used to smaller retractables like the Pilot G-2. unretracted, its literally the 2nd biggest pen i own, 2nd only to my Zebra Sarasa multi. its bigger than a Sharpie Marker. i have small hands & while its writes fine, i will definitely not be leaving the house w/ this puppy; futuredealbreaker is that its not refillable ???

  6. I love these pens and have used them for a few years. I purchased a good supply so haven’t needed new pens until now. Did Sharpie discontinue these awesome pens because I cannot find them anywhere online or in stores. If anyone knows where I can get more, please let me know. I love, love these pens!

    1. The retractable version of the Sharpie pen appears to have been discontinued. I’ve tried reaching out to Sharpie several times for more information but I cannot get a reply.

      The capped version is still available.

      1. Clearly they have no desire to re-release the retractable Pen. That’s too bad because every pen lover I know lusts after this pen. As someone mentioned earlier, mine never leaves my house!

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