Review: Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pastel Set

Staedtler Fineliner Pastel Set

After my love affair with the large set of Staedtler Triplus Fineliners I decided I needed more! So I decided to grab the Stadetler Triplus Fineliner Pastel 6-color set ($7.50). The set comes in a clear plastic case like the larger sets and are the same triangular shape and 0.3mm tips as all the other Staedtler Fineliners. The colors are water-soluble so plan accordingly.

Staedtler Fineliner Pastel Set

In this set was a Light Carmine (pink), Peach (orange), Lime Green, Delft Blue (blue grey), Lavender (lilac purple), and Silver Gray. The only color that was a duplicate of the previous set was the grey which I was particularly disappointed about since the grey was so light in the original set. To clarify, the grey included in both of my sets was the silver grey not the standard grey pen (which is presently sold out on JetPens). The other colors can also be purchased individually for $1.30 per pen on JetPens if you want to pick and choose your colors.

Staedtler Fineliner Pastel Set

However, the other colors more than made up for my disappointment in the grey. Particularly, the Lavender and Delft Blue colors. The Lavender is a smoky plum orchid color and is just lovely. The Delft Blue is a blue grey color and totally usable for writing or drawing. The Lime is a tiny bit too light for writing but would be fun for coloring in or underlining. The Peach is actually a punchy orange color and the Light Carmine is a soft dusty pink that is quite pleasing and not too My Little Pony pink.

Overall, I’m pleased with the set. The Delft blue and Lavender colors made me giddy because the colors were so unique in the world of colored markers. All the other colors in the set are fun pastels with the exception of the grey as well. I have a feeling I’ll just pull the grey out and replace it with a black Fineliner and then this set will make a great little travel pack.

DISCLAIMER: This item was sent to me free of charge by JetPens for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. Could you please show us what these pens look like when you use something like a water brush on them? Would they make handy coloring/ drawing tools? (on appropriate paper) Thanks.

    1. If you see the previous review I did for the Triplus Fineliners, you can see what I mean by “water soluble”. They are more “these might wash out of your clothes” than they are “watercolor in pen form”. They would be fun for coloring but I would not really recommend adding water to them.

  2. Sometimes I like using gray in my planner instead of black because it is a little less harsh, but I am in love with these colors! I see these at Target whenever I go and I always resist picking them up (because lord knows I have enough pens), but I might have to snag a set next time I’m there.

  3. Hi there, do you know if these pens would work (would show) on dark colored papers like black or navy blue, for card making, for example?

    Thanks for the reviews!

    1. The Triplus Fineliners are not opaque colors so they don’t show up well on dark stocks. I recommend trying Sakura Gelly Rolls or the Sakura BallSign in neon or pastels as those are fairly opaque. The fine tipped Sharpie water-based paint pens are opaque and dry permanent or the Uni Posca paint markers with fine tips. Good luck on your card making!

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