Fountain Pen Day Giveaway: Kaweco Brass Sport from Fontoplumo

fpdlogo2In honor of the third annual Fountain Pen Day which is Friday, Nov. 6, Fonotoplumo has kindly offered one Kaweco Brass Sport to giveaway to one lucky reader of The Well-Appointed Desk.

There are lots of other special deals, giveaways and other festivities to show off our collective fountain pen pride all over the internet this week, so have a look around. Fontoplumo is even offering a 100€ gift certificate drawing to anyone who has made a purchase in their shop in the last week. Check out this link for more details. And please support Fontoplumo and the many other vendors who are so graciously supporting the fountain pen community!

To enter to win, just leave a comment below. Tell me why you love fountain pens, why you need a new fountain pen or what you’re doing to celebrate Fountain Pen Day.

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Sunday, November 09, 2015. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Monday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone β€” pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 30 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping will be handled by Fontoplumo so I will have to share your address with them, they promise not to spam you either..

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  1. to celebrate fountain pen day I’m rearranging all my pens in my office. Not even kidding. They need it.

  2. I love fountain pens because writing them engages my sense, the sound of the nib on paper, variations in the flow of ink, and engages me; writing with normal pen is just a mechanical exercise.

  3. Wow, what a great contest! I didn’t even realize that the 6th was National Fountain Pen Day. I really like writing with fountain pens, the way they glide across the page… Please pick me!!!

  4. I love fountain pens because they make taking notes way more enjoyable. That’s also what I’ll be doing to celebrate: taking lots of class notes…

  5. I love fountain pens because my Lamy Safari is like writing with butter! Especially nice to use it with my Rhodia paper! I will be celebrating Fountain Pen Day by sending a very nice person a card, written with my Lamy Safari!

  6. Fountain pens are so beautiful and elegant and they make my handwriting look good. A woman in my lit lclass yesterday actually commented on my “beautiful” handwriting as I was taking notes. I was of course using a fountain pen!

  7. I love the different things I can do with fountain pens (like interesting inks!) I have a Skyline Sport and would love to try a Brass one!

  8. I have loved fountain pens since I watched my dad fill his bladder pen when I was a kid in the 50s! I use FPs every day for journaling and letter writing. πŸ™‚

  9. Writing with a fountain pen is just more relaxing than with a ballpoint. And of course there is the growing addiction to buy new pens, fed by the great community around fountain pens, which is also why I need a new one ;). On Fountain Pen Day I will pick up my Dollar Pen from the post office, that’s celebration enough.

  10. I’m sitll mourning the loss of my Kaweco AL sport, so this would cheer me up a great deal. I love fountain pens because even though my handwriting is still terrible, it’s at least fun now to do it.

  11. I enjoy fountain pens because they are, in a world dominated by the idea of simplicity, unnecessarily complicated.

  12. It shouldn’t be a penny for your thoughts…it should be “a pen for your thoughts.” Thank you for the great blog.

  13. Variety, color, individuality. Fountain pens are just more expressive. If lucky enough to be randomly selected, this would be gifted to my fellow fountain pen user who is missing his lost Kaweco. πŸ™‚

  14. I first loved fountain pens because they were different than the ballpoint pens that my classmates were using, and I enjoyed that. In the many years since, I have built my own wood turned kit fountain pens that drew me back into the fountain pen community where I have discovered an array of pens and inks that I want to try, and a vibrant and generous community of users, manufacturers, retailers, and of course, bloggers. Where I previously enjoyed fountain pens as something that set me apart, I now I love them for drawing me into a community.

  15. I’ve been using fountain pens since I was in middle school! They make writing so much more enjoyable. On Fountain Pen Day I’ll most likely be cleaning pens and trying not to buy more…

    Thank you for the chance!

  16. I need a new fountain pen because I’m on a self-imposed pen buying ban, and this is a way to circumvent it. Plus I’ve had my eye on one of these for a while. For Fountain Pen Day I will be flagrantly brandishing my fps at work. Love the blog.

  17. Why do I love fountain pens? In an increasingly virtual world, the real is evermore crucial!

  18. I’m a student and I write ALL of my notes on paper, so I figured investing in that experience that dominates my life would be a great idea. It’s been wonderful, but my pocketbook hurts for it. Still, I love it! Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  19. Fountain pens make me want to write, something in the way that the ink flows and the way that the nib scratches the paper compels me forward.

  20. You can never have too many fountain pens! I’m celebrating by creating some art with fountain pens. Thank you for the giveaway and your great blog and sponsors!!

  21. I love fountain pens because of all the possibilities. It’s fun to find the perfect combination of a pen, a nib and an ink and then do it again and again.

  22. All of my fountain pens are new/new old stock however, when I write with one, I feel like I’m connecting to the past. I’m using the same tools that my (deceased) dad and my grandparents used.

    My parents met as pen pals and knowing they were using fountain pens in their correspondence adds another romantic layer to my own scribblings.

  23. I love Fountain Pens because they are fondly remembered by the seniors I work with daily in the retirement community.

  24. I enjoy fountain pens, but in truth, I’m writing on behalf of my husband who lights up when he talks about them. He runs into the room to show me the new nibs he’s got or to start talking about the latest reddit post one of his fountain pen buddies just made. The way he becomes so childlike and how stress seems to drift away from him as he works with one, carefully crafting each letter, each word, makes me happy. My husband doesn’t give his emotions away easily but it manifests in his excitement and eagerness to learn more about and use fountain pens.

    So I love seeing that side of him and it’s because of him that I know of and now follow your blog.

  25. I just started with fountain pens this summer with a cheap Pilot Metropolitan. I’m hooked, and I need better pens to explore more inks and surfaces to write on. Thanks.

  26. I like fountain pens because whether I am writing fast or slow or furiously or happily, it shows in the ink I am laying down. When I type, it all looks the same. Fountain pens keep a lot more of *me* in my words.

  27. I’ve become enamored with fountain pens this year because I’ve adopted many items and habits from the past to become more mindful of my life and appreciate its goodness.

  28. How wonderful of Fontoplumo to do this! I got a beautiful Kaweco skyline from them. Writes like a dream. The service is excellent and fast. I LOVE Fountain Pens and am a big fan of Kaweco. The pen that started it all was a royal blue Kaweco sport with a broad nib. I loved the way my writing looked and how the ink flowed.
    Last night I heard about a school where each child is give a computer and all class notes and homework- with the exception of math – is done on the computer. I want to do all I can to keep the love of handwriting and the joy of fountain pens alive. If I win the brass Kaweco, I will write an article about the joy of fountain pens with it.

  29. Fountain Pen Day is every day around here…. tomorrow I plan to rotate in an old favorite that hasn’t been in the rotation for awhile.

  30. I love fountain pens because I get a much better writing experience with them because they flow across a page. As for needing a new one, well I’ve found I just like them so much I keep switching them up! Marvelous giveaway. I would love a brass Kaweco.

  31. I fell in love with fountain pens when I saw my aunt writing with one, when I was very young. It was so magical to meβ€”the way the ink flowed out wet and rich and blue. Many many years later, even knowing that it doesn’t require magic, writing with them still feels that way.

  32. I never *need* a new fountain pen, but I want one when I’ve decided I need a broader or narrower nib, or want something with a dedicated ink color.

  33. Thank you for the giveaway! I love the feeling of the nib gliding across the paper, and I’ll be using a fountain pen this Friday as I get my words on the page for NaNoWriMo this year.

  34. Wow…thanks for the chance! I love Fountain Pens because of all the ink possibilities and the thoughtfulness that writing with a fountain pen cultivates!

  35. I am celebrating Fountain Pen Day by writing with my favorite fountain pen all day long…fountain pen for everything!

  36. I love fountain pens because of the ritual; they force me to slow down and be more present in the moment in which I am putting thought to page.

  37. Writing with my fountain pen has always given me a very visceral connection to what I am writing. It also helps me constantly improve my handwriting as I take more time in writing with one. My fountain pens are not disposable, I’ve had most of them for years and they are like old friends to me. I have a practically limitless choice of ink color which I love as well.

  38. I need a new fountain pen because… Who doesn’t? I always need new fountain pens and this Kaweco has been on my radar ever since it came out.

  39. I just enjoy the tactile nature as a change from staring at a screen. I “need” a new one because…I haven’t bought a new on this month? I think I’ll write a few handwritten thinking of you notes on FP Day.

  40. Renewing my love of fountain pens from my youth, has brought more joy than when I first fell in love with pens. There is something magical about writing with a fountain pen. Now that we have all this ink available and a variety of fountain pens, we are in the best position! I would love to try a Kaweco Brass. I am wanting to start working in a Hobonichi and believe this will be an excellent pen to begin my journey. Fountain Pen day will be spent trying a new ink and catching up on writing my pen pals. I am looking forward to the day!

  41. I love fountain pens because they motivate me to write. They make writing enjoyable again. This year was difficult and writing helped me out a lot.

  42. I love writing with fountain pens. I bought my first one several months ago, and it’s time to add to my collection.

  43. I’ve always loved nice pens and paper. I’ve recently purchased my first (of many!?) “nice” fountain pen in acknowledgement of my latent addiction. There are worse things. Right?

  44. Writing with a fountain pen takes more care than a standard ballpoint or gel stick, and adds a sense of craft to the act of writing that’s too often missing for a lot of people. So, for fountain pen day, I’ll be writing with a fountain pen, because the words do matter.

  45. My one and only fountain pen, a Pilot Metropolitan, cracked at the plastic grip and tends to leak small amounts of ink. An all brass pen would be the perfect replacement!

  46. I’m just getting into fountain pens – but so many pretty pens! So many colors of ink! Plus the nibs have a tendency to look very elegant, and one just feels more distinguished when using one πŸ™‚

  47. Writing with a fountain pen is a much more enjoyable experience than with any other instrument and it feels like you are connected to what is being written. One can never have too many pens, it would be an excellent addition to the collection.

  48. For Fountain Pen Day, I will finally fill my new Lamy Studio with a more useable color than fluorescent green!

  49. Thank you for this giveaway! I have been using fountain pens since I was in elementary school, but stopped after I moved to the States. Now whenever I use fountain pens it also gives me nostalgia haha

  50. I’ve found the best way to keep myself focused and organized is to write notes/lists/doodle. Fountain pens satisfy the fidgeter and tinkerer in me enough to keep me interested in writing.

  51. I love fountain pens as they allow me a lot of freedom of choice in nibs and colors by using various inks. Great writers too. For Fountain Pen day, I plan to come home after work and do write my pen pals as I sit and enjoy a pot of tea. I plan to give my niece her first fountain pen, too! Thanks for the chance to win! Enjoy tomorrow!

  52. I have been loving fountain pens since I could loan my Fathers Pelikan 140 EF writing school homework back in the 80ies. Having neglected them up untill now the Twsbi 580 got me started again, and my colledtion consisting of the aforementioned Pelikan, the TWSBi and 6 others is way too small and I definitely need brass, cant wait to get hold on a Karas Kustoms Fountain K of Tactile Turn The Gist. (backing kickstarter campaigns is cumbersome from EU).
    OK that should be motivational speech enough, wish me luck in the draft

  53. I think I’m going to celebrate Fountain Pen Day by inking up ALL OF MY PENS. I’m pretty sure I have enough different inks that each pen can be a different color. Then maybe I’ll write some colorful letters <3

  54. Fountain pens make me want to write. Before, I just typed everything up. Notes, calendars, letters to friends… now I enjoy writing, and have set a goal to improve my handwriting. Fountain Pen Day is just another celebration of all these things to me!

  55. Having used fountain pens off and on for the last 30+ years, it was when around 10 that I became fascinated with them. I use one most days at the office, and around the house. I really like the aesthetic and feel of the metal octagonal sport line. Should I win, I would keep my aluminum sport at the office, and opt to carry the brass one as my weekend EDC.

  56. This past spring I tried my first fountain pen. WOW! I was soooo impressed, I’ll never go back to using ball point pens again. Tomorrow I’ll celebrate the holiday by getting my hands all INKY – pen cleaning day. Thank you for hosting this great giveaway.

  57. My husband and I are just starting to get into fountain pens, and it has been a great experience. It has brought me back to my love of writing and caused me to slow down and write with care. I realized this week that using a fountain pen has given me a distaste for disposable pens. I am so glad we’ve discovered these wonderful instruments of inspiration!

  58. I am lefty. And my hand gets amputated it if use ballpoint πŸ˜€ It makes my joints hurt, but for the reason of new pen- I don’t have any “fine” pens. Like… not nib size. My pens are all like 5$ Jinhaos.

  59. I’m going to write to my pen pals on Friday, and try to be a better pen pal than I have been.

    I got the Kaweco Al-Sport Skyline in Mint last Christmas. That little pen writes very well. It lives up to the name Pocket Pen.

    Fountain pens are cooler because of the lines certain nibs produce. The shading of the ink says this isn’t an ordinary pen.

    Metal pens are under-represented in my collection. I’d love a brass Kaweco.

  60. I love fountain pens because they are low-tech. As much as I love all the new and shiny supplies available to artists and journallers, I like to be reminded of where we came from. for Fountain Pen Day, I’m planning to clean my Lamy Safari and get it working again! I would love a NEW fountain pen!

  61. I have one fountain pen. Just one. Which seems a good enough reason to try for more πŸ˜‰

    They’re also perfect for getting me to lighten up and write more fluidly than the terrible way penmanship (if you can call it that) was taught in the 90s.

    Maybe I’ll go browse Goulet Pens today!

  62. I’ve always been put-off of cheap stationary but enjoyed the “analog experience.” A binge on The Pen Addict Podcast convinced me to pick up a few Platinum Preppy pens (some were just awful) and the one’s I liked convinced me to try a Metropolitan. With that purchase I am so hooked, I want to learn and try out so much more in this new (to me) world of Fountain Pens!

  63. I have been slowly building a small collection of pens, but I don’t yet have anything of a material that will patina beautifully with age – this would fit the bill perfectly!

  64. The Kaweco Brass is my holy grail pen! I love my Kaweco Sport and would love to own the brass version but can’t justify the price with my budget. Great way to celebrate fountain pen day!

  65. I love fountain pens because they make writing more fun!

    Also, I’m hoping to post a photo on my instagram account to celebrate fountain pen day. And of course, write with my pens!

  66. The writing experience is so much better with a fountain pen! To celebrate I’m giving my sweetheart a blue pen. Blue is the key.

  67. I just got my first Kaweco Sport in the mail today and I love it. A brass one would be thrilling. The think I love most about fountain pens is that they have gotten me to write and draw more than I had in a long time.

  68. I love fountain pens because it is the only true way to write. And the Kaweco would add nicely to my collection.

  69. I’ve been writing almost exclusively with my couple of fountain pens for about a year. It’s amazing how much better they feel to write with than ball points! I have been intrigued by the Kaweco Sports, and I love the look of the various metal-bodied versions.

  70. I’ll be posting on Instagram for fountain pen day. Fountain pens are awesome and provide a unique way to write and enjoy stationary.

  71. I am new to fountain pens and I am in love, so of course I will be celebrating by writing with my fountain pen. ;D

  72. It’s almost been a year since I fell knee deep into being a pen addict and fountain pens are my favorite pens to write with because nothing beats the feeling of a well tuned nib gliding across tomoe river paper!

  73. I love fountain pens because you can use a lighter touch, which reduces hand cramping and has improved my handwriting.

  74. I’m looking for the perfect EDC pen to go with my Midori Traveler’s notebook, and the Brass Sport is absolutely The One! I love fountain pens because they make working on my handwriting enjoyable, and they’re a hobby that I get to enjoy all day at the office.

  75. I enjoy fountain pens because I enjoy the fine instruments and tools. Considering that I use a writing instrument more than almost any other “tool,” to me it makes sense to have the best tools I can. Oh yeah, the added personality and individualization one can achieve with a fountain pen is nice too.

  76. I love the way they write! I also really enjoy the routine of maintaining my lineup each week.

  77. 1) Because fountain pens rule.
    2) Want to see if my hands will smell like pennies after using the brass Kaweco sport.

  78. I love fountain pens because there are so many wonderful inks to use with them! And the different nibs available as well make writing with one a very individual thing. I haven’t added a Kaweko to my (small but growing) collection yet, and have been wanting one!

  79. Was using my Kaweco sport just today and planning to pickup a brass sport or a blue student this year for sure. Of all my fountains my Kaweco is my best writer.

  80. Beside the seductive feel of the pen, it’s luster and slippery trail of ink, I love its infinite line expression.

  81. I need a new fountain pen because I currently only have one, which means I can only use one colour at a time… and that’s tragic!

  82. I love using a fountain pen because it has helped me improve my handwriting tremendously. Also, being able to choose an ink from an endless selection of colors is priceless

    Currently, my only fountain pen is a Pilot Decimo with a medium nib, so I’d love a new fountain pen to experience the differences between manufacturers and nib sizes.

    I ordered a set of National Fountain Pen Day bookmarks, two pins and notebook to celebrate this special day.

  83. Very cool! I like fountain pens because of the great variation of nibs and ink color and pen styles…it helps kick-start the imagination.

  84. As a young teenager my first fountain pen was a Parker 25. I loved it, in fact I still have it. It is the matt black finish. It’s a bit bashed now and I rarely use it but I wouldn’t part with it.

  85. I love Fountain pens. I take them with me whenever I can. I feel more connected to my journal writing when I use Fountain pens. Everyday is a day where I celebrate Fountain pens. I am a fountain penlover

  86. I love the Sport models. Does anyone have a recommendation on a converter? The Kaweco one is ok at best.

  87. I totally in love with Kaweco Sport series pens. I also have Kaweco Liliput in brass and the feeling of that metal is just awesome!
    And also ’cause I’ve a birthday on 6th of November (:

  88. I like the way they feel as I write. As a leftie, I never thought I could use one, and now I know better. It’s the way I can match the inks to my mood or writing, how I don’t have to hold tightly, all of it.

    All. Of. It.

  89. I’ve been using fountain pens for almost fifty years now (and I’m not even sixty yet) and I love them because they provide the most ravishing tactile experience I can ever treat my fingers to (outside of fondling a nice skein of cashmere yarn. But fountain pens come very close to that!)

  90. I love fountain pens because they let me use a variety of inks while lessening the number of disposable pens I throw in the trash. As FPD is on a Friday, work comes first, but I really want to spend a good part of the evening with my pen and journal.

  91. I like Kaweco pens quite a bit and a brass Spirt would be a very welcome addition. I plan to celebrate by writing with fountain pens, of course.

  92. There’s just something special about a quality writing instrument. I discovered Bullet Journalling at the same time as fountain pens and they go so well together.

  93. What am I doing on Fountain Pen Day? I’m filling my brand new Pilot Falcon with ink for the first time and checking out its soft, semi-flex nib. Hey – I’m in New Zealand, it’s 6 November already – I can do that now… what am I waiting for.

  94. I love writing with fountain pens because of the feel of the nib on paper. I’ve taken notes in every job and truly enjoy just doodling away in meetings because of how good it feels.

  95. I also have always wanted a Brass Sport, I will look quite stylish on my business trip to Switzerland, with my well appointed desk in the sky, however on fountain pen day I will be spending it with my awesome kids.

  96. I use fountain pens because they are sophisticated devices that make the simple, daily task of writing an immensely pleasurable experience.
    I haven’t yet tried a Kaweco yet, so I’d like to try one!

  97. Me! I’m a pen and paper lover because it slows the world down the a speed that is more easily appreciable. Fountain pens in particular because I write a lot better with them…

  98. Fountain pens are so varied and interesting! They represent a fun (but sometimes distressingly expensive!) channel for geeking out.

  99. I love using fountain pens for the way they feel in the hand. The extra weight and thickness of the pen helps to lend weight to what I write. It makes writing even a To Do list a thoughtful act.

  100. Dear fountain pens, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways

    -Pretty inks and pretty bodies! The aesthetic appeal of a classic design laying down Iroshizuku was actually a real inspiration to write more, which improved my writing tremendously.
    -Unlike ballpoints etc, they are physically built for beautiful writing. Playing around with a Pilot Parallel and the italic instructions included in the packaging completely blew my mind, body, and soul as to what the physical act of forming letters could be.
    -Writes smooth as a dream, conforms to the hand’s real needs for physical health, etc. More than most any disposable pen, a fountain pen just seems to cooperate more joyfully and willingly with the physical process of writing. (Also more than the more exciting/intimidating types like dip pens and brush (pens), the fountain pen is better suited to practical daily writing :p )
    -Every little thing about taking care of it. The snap and bounce and feel and sound of capping and uncapping a Pilot Metropolitan, the feedback and precision of screwing and unscrewing my Liliput. The feeling of refilling my pen with ink, or cleaning it out! The Nakaya Maki-e converters may be designs painted on something that theoretically spends most of its time invisible on the inside of the pen, but I’d consider the premium more than worth it for the little bit of joy every time you go to refill your pen and are greeted by cherry blossoms or goldfish.
    -It gives me an excuse to geek out over inks and paper. Oh my god paper.
    -It gives me an excuse to geek out over pens! Like really geek out! Zebra disposable brush pen, I have no idea how I ever would have found you without diving deep into all things pen.
    -It gives me a reason to find blogs like this one πŸ™‚ For whatever reason, women’s pen blogs give me more life than any other kind of online media.
    -It tells a human story in every pen. A friend I recently introduced to the “bug” discovered his great-grandfather’s old pen shortly after inking up a Lamy Safari. The entire story of Mary’s Nakaya at From the Pen Cup brought me to tears. By whatever strange magic, fountain pens more than other types of pens are the ones that carry this community and history in their physical being.

  101. I’ve been using fountain pens since I was a kid – i love that now people constantly ask me about my pens. Every day is fountain pen day!

  102. Fountain Pen Day has been a fantastic rallying of the community. Glad to see everyone showing off everything that’s great about pens this week.

  103. I like fountain pens because they are beautiful writing instruments — a pleasure to hold and write with. To celebrate Fountain Pen Day, I will be purchasing more fountain pens.

  104. Fountain pens are Great! there are so many kinds! so many colors! so many historical pens still surviving! Collecting them is a great hobby, and I will celebrate Fountain Pen day by writing with as many of my pens that day as I can.

  105. I love fountain pens because they make me slow down and think about the action of writing. Plus there are so many cool colors of ink out there that must be tried.

  106. In the last 6 months fountain pens have not just become what I use to write with but something more than that. I always have one with me and I’ve begun to write more as a result.

    And why do I need a new one? Well, I’ve got a bottle of Diamine Sparkling Shadows that I’ve not even opened yet as all my other pens are already inked!

  107. I love fountain pens because they’re amazing. There is so much variety. Specially in terms of ink.
    I need a new fountain pen because I can never have enough of them!
    I will celebrate FPD by writing with all the pens I’ve at least once.

  108. To celebrate Fountain Pen Day I am setting up to let people try some different pens, inks and paper in my office. I have printed some info on pen parts and nib types. I need to do an ink overview. I know there is a chart of Noodler’s inks. I’ll search for that.

  109. I am celebrating Fountain Pen Day by making snide comments to my friends doing NaNoWriMo on computers. They are missing out on the simple joy of using a fountain pen.

    And I also just like annoying them in general.

  110. The Kaweco Sport
    is a
    Short retort
    to all those
    High end
    And when they
    Show their grand opulence
    Per chance
    The sport
    Will bring forth
    His bad ass

  111. I never liked writing until I picked up my first fountain pen. Now I love to hand write now, and write letters and in a journal almost every day.

  112. Fountain pens, to me, represent a simpler time where what you said mattered, and writing it down solidified the thoughts that you had meditated on as worth the expense of time and resources to make it last longer than if you had just spoken them. We can recapture that value of words through a dedication to writing and thinking through what we should write.

  113. I love fountain pens because they make the writing experience a real “experience”. It’s not just a writing down of notes anymore. From picking the kind of pen, to the nib, to the ink, each process is a careful decision and the result makes me proud–even if it’s just a grocery list or quick to-do. πŸ™‚

  114. I love Fountain Pens because each one is unique. I really like writing with them on a regular basis. This Brass Sport is no exception…

  115. this is my first Fountain Pen Day participation and I am celebrating by practicing my penmanship. I love fountain pens because of the flow you can acquire with subtle hand movements and the variation of ink saturation in individual letters.

  116. I’ve been practicing my handwriting with a fountain pen in my morning pages for a few years. I’ve heard of this brand but never tried it. So I need it! Thanks.

  117. I love fountain pens because I can change the color frequently which makes writing more enjoyable for me.

  118. I’ve started getting into fountain pens recently thanks to reading your reviews. So far I have only tried Preppies but I would love to branch out and try a nicer pen!

  119. I love, love, love Fountain Pens! This is a recent obsession…but I already have 3 (2 pilot metropolitans and a pilot plumix) with 2 more retro pops on the way! I especially love the various colored inks! My favorites right now are the Noodler’s Saguro Wine, Noodler’s Black Bat Texas, and Kon Peki. I currently have an order of Emerald of Chivor on the way from Goulet Pens and I can’t wait for it to arrive. I like what one instagrammer said – “it’s like writing with liquefied butterflies!” So excited. This is my first Fountain Pen Day and I’d really love a new pen to add to my budding collection.

  120. I started using fountain pens because I was gripping/throttling my ballpoint pens like I wanted to kill them and pressing down so hard when I wrote that I was experiencing serious fatigue and repetitive stress injury. My physical therapist suggested that a FP would force me to use a lighter touch and she was right! I’ve continued using them because they’ve made everything I write look better, they make me want to write more, and I love them!

  121. I use fountain pens because of their individual personalities: like us, just because they may come from the same family (manufacturer), they don’t necessarily behave the same way. Some are quirky, some are difficult, and some can be boring, but it’s fun getting to know them!
    I’d love a new pen to replace those I’m passing on to my daughters for Fountain Pen Day, and also to tempt the men I work with to at least *try* using a fountain pen.

  122. I am celebrating fountain pen day by feeling sad that all my fountain pens are at home. A one month, multi-city business trip with air travel made me leave them all behind.


  123. I decided not to buy another fp just because of the day, but to pull out those pens I’ve bought but not yet used much, ink them all differently and write/sketvh something with each of them in a nice new notebook labelling it Fountain Pen Day 2015. I love kaweco sport but don’t have a brass one, or any brass pen. Here’s hoping πŸ™‚

  124. I use fountain pens because of the joy they bring me every day. I love being able to use so many different colors and different nib sizes. I love the feel of the nib gliding across the paper as it deposits ink.

  125. I would love a brass sport for my everyday carry. I love fountain pens as they make me slow down and take enjoyment out of what I am writing.

  126. So. Just today in class one of my students borrowed my pen and said “Weird,” but when she was done writing with it she said it was way better than a ballpoint. Another convert?

  127. I love the feel of writing with a fountain pen. It is a nice throw back to the simpler days of old, and you just get such a unique look to your writing when using one. I’d LOVE a brass Sport to go in my bag for everyday writing.

  128. Lord knows I don’t need another fountain pen for myself. What I *do* need is a gateway fountain pen that I can gift to get my friends hooked! Pilot Varsity pens are great for this purpose, but something brass really says “slow down and be truly mindful of your writing…”

    Thanks for the contest!

  129. Fountain pens, how not to love them. The ink that flows from it is highly inspiring, it urges you to move forward with writing and drawing and making beautiful art and words. I love them as much as Iove writing and drawing. The tool become art itself.

  130. I got into fountain pens because I’ve always been attracted to fine writing instruments. But since I started collecting, my dad and I have both gotten into the hobby. It’s a great way for us to connect.

  131. Thanks to both you and Fontoplumo for this giveaway. You could have always told them you gave it away and just kept it, right?

  132. I’ve always wanted to try one of the metal-bodied Kaweco Sport models. For Fountain Pen Day, I will be catching up on my journal!

  133. What a great giveaway! As I am starting a new journal soon, I’d love a new pen to go with it

    May the best pen lover win,

  134. I love fountain pens because I totally geek out on all the ink colors. And the pen colors. And I’ve always been a stationary nut, ever since I was a kid.

  135. This FPD I am finishing up a 75ml bottle of FABER-CASTELL Moss Green that I bought last FPD. I hope everyone gets some writing in this Fountain Pen Day.

  136. I love fountain pens because they allow me to express myself through line variations and ink color. I also love the vintage feeling I get when I put fountain pen to paper. I have been wanting the kaweco sport in brass for so long. Fingers crossed!

  137. To celebrate fountain pen day I am being super organised for once and starting to write my christmas cards early.

  138. Ha. I need another fountain pen like I need a kick in the teeth. And yet, the only Kaweco I have is a Skyline Sport and those brass ones are just so pretty.

  139. I am relatively new to fountain pens but found the appeal of smooth writing, multitudes of choices in inks and nib types and the almost slow, careful pace of writing in script to be irresistable.
    I have two opportunities for celebrating today. Both involve family. One younger sister is a fountain pen enthusiast and will get a letter from me just because of today. the other, my older sister, sent me a card for my birthday, which is coming soon. I’ll write a letter of thanks to her.
    I learned of Fountain Pen Day just recently and am very pleased to know of this event. Should I win your giveaway pen, I will gladly add it to my small but growing collection of fountain pens.
    Thank you,
    Bob Meunier

  140. I love my fountain pens, but I could really use a Brass Sport to carry around and not have to worry about hurting it. I’ve heard they’re really durable!

  141. I love fountain pens because they get me to write far more than I otherwise would, which causes me to think and reflect more often.

  142. I really like the versatility and economy of fountain pens, I enjoy that the whole writing experience can change depending on the ink and that there are so many interesting properties one can get from an ink like waterproofing or freeze resistance!

  143. Happy fountain pen day! I really enjoy being a geek just because people find weird someone using a pen feom last century!i need a new one just to keep being weird!

  144. I love fountain pens because they are not just pens, you take care of them. I need a new one because I just have 2. To celebrate FPD I am buying a TWSBI 580AL.

  145. I love fountain pens because of how easily it flows across the paper, there’s really nothing comparable!

  146. I love fountain pens because they are so much nicer than other pens. Writing with fine instruments has actually made me look at the world differently, seeing the fine art in everyday life.

  147. I don’t know why I’ve always been mesmerised by fountain pens (along with watches); I remember myself as a kid considering them a kind of dream. Their nibs in particular I always found very attractive. This January I gave in and bought my first fountain pens (2 Metropolitans, one fine and one medium) after writing with ballpoints had become quite painful. I’ve never looked back, of course. The feel and comfort and looks and writing of a fountain pen is something special.
    And I need a new fountain pen, this Brass Sport fountain pen, because I don’t have a pocketable fountain pen to carry easily when I’m out and about. Its additional heft will feel great in my big hands. It will be awesome.
    Thank you very much for the chance to win this.
    I hope everyone enjoyed FPD. πŸ™‚

  148. Fountain pens add personality but especially older ones (or truly vintage, restored, previously used) connect me to another user. Together, we make a great story!

  149. To celebrate fountain pen day, I introduced everyone on my team at work to fountain pens and let them try out my Lamy Safari. Happy Fountain Pen day everyone! Share the love πŸ™‚

  150. I love fountain pens because they break my immersion in digital. I love them so much they entice me to fine reasons to write.

  151. The Kaweko Sport enjoys a terrific reputation, but I’ve never had the pleasure of writing one. This brass version is handsome β€” and I assume it would be durable, as well

  152. Happy FP Day everyone! My love for FPs is partly for the amazing community. Everyone is so supportive of newcomers (like me). Any little question I’ve had, no matter how trivial I thought it was, someone was there to answer without a single note of condescension. We look out for each other, and I don’t see something like that very often anymore. The other half of why I love FPs is because of the environmental aspect. There’s a lot less waste going into the landfills with the reusability of FPs. The comparative cost and maintenance aspect may scare some people off from fountain pens, but it’s amazing how much better they are in the long run.

  153. I love fountain pens. Writing with them is a pleasure and inspires me to connect with my thoughts fully.

  154. I love fountain pens because as a writer, they make me concentrate on every word in a way that the computer doesn’t do. I feel like every word I put down is beautiful in its own right and scratching out a penned line is much more final than hitting the delete button, so I really consider what I write before I jot it down. I just got my first non-disposable in the mail today!

  155. I love how effortlessly ink flows onto paper, freeing up attention for the words and lines being written or drawn.

  156. Just started getting into fountain pens with a pilot metro and a platinum 3776, the feeling of writing with these instruments is phenomenal and I enjoy writing a lot more now.

  157. I like fountain pens because I like how they feel when I write with them. I need a new pen because I’ve only got one.

  158. The Brass FP is on my wishlist since last year. Thanks Frank and thanks Anna for this give away.

    Oh and I celebrate the Fountainpenday with my Lamy Safari collection and new ink.

  159. I love fountain pen because my handwriting looks so much better when i write with fountain pen, and it’s fun and easy to switch between colors.

  160. I enjoy the way ink flows out effortlessly so that I don’t have to exert a lot of pressure when writing. I can choose my ink (whether subtle or eye searing, waterproof or water resistant), and also get the nib modified if I so desire!

  161. Ink selection is huge for me, but I also just love the feel. But I haven’t gottn a new one in quite a while!

  162. Bought a new pen to commemorate a friends wedding and to celebrate 3 years of marriage to my lovely wife. Hope everyone had a great Fountain Pen Day as well!

  163. I am trying to draw rainbows with black and expressive lines. The pen flexes and leaves an interesting arch shape. Bah! I might give in and add a little color. Happy Fountain Pen Day!

  164. I love fountain pens because of the incredible amount of different colors and shades of ink out there. I love how smooth they write, and are just incredibly cool looking. πŸ™‚ It’s fun to change between pens, different styles, colors, etc.

  165. I enjoy the customization that you can do. Nib, ink, cartridge, converter etc. I’m always looking for the next great pen!

  166. I have never used a fountain pen but would like to do this. I have become intrigued with writing after a friend of mine began writing to me with a pen in the most beautiful colored inks.

  167. What I like about fountain pens is that you have to take your time: cleaning, maintenance, choosing the right ink, and finally putting your thoughts on paper. πŸ™‚

  168. They glide on paper, the ink shades beautifully and it’s just a pleasurable experience πŸ™‚

  169. Wow! The Kaweco Brass is my next pen for my small Kaweco collection. I celebrated FPD by writing nonsense memos to myself using my currently inked pens. It’s a great way to relax and relieve stress. Besides, the more ink I use, the more ink I need to buy!

  170. On the off chance that you extend this due to stating the day/date incorrectly, I wanted to enter! Today is Sunday, the 8th.

    I love this brass pen! It’s gorgeous.

  171. I haven’t used a fountain pen since I was in high school, and I would love to have the feeling of writing with one again.

    This pen looks fabulous and it would be great to have it.

  172. I wrote letters today. Using a fountain pen is such a joy.I love the inky sea of rich colors avalable.

  173. I love fountain pens and have wanted this particular Kaweco for a while! Out of my budget, however. πŸ™

  174. I have been on a bunch of websites already today trying to figure out what new fountain pen to purchase! PS I love your podcast.

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