Pen Addict Podcast Annual Gift Guide Follow-Up

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I thought I’d provide visuals and some follow-up to a lot of the products that I recommended in the Pen Addict Podcast Gift Guide episode which went live yesterday. There are lots of links in the show notes for everything that Brad and Myke mentioned but I thought I’d include all the inks I didn’t go into detail about last night so that I didn’t bore everyone to tears.

So here goes:

For the fountain pen/ink/paper combo, I recommended the Pilot Retro Pop Metropolitan ($15) line with matching Rhodiarama notebook ($18-$30) and coordinating inks as follows:

coloring books

The adult coloring books that I gushed about are:

If you would like to gift a coloring book to someone, I would recommend pairing it with either a set of good quality colored pencils in a set of 24 or 36. I like Prismacolor Premiers the best but they are a little pricey and can break easily. Crayola makes reasonably priced pencils you can share with your kids, Blick’s house brand Studio pencils are a good quality and many of the higher end brands of artist quality materials make “student” or “academic” grade that are a little less expensive than artist’s quality but richer in color than kid’s colors. If you want to hear me go on for an hour about colored pencils, check out the Erasable podcast on Colored Pencils where the boys let me blabber on about grades of colored pencils if you want more details. Markers are another option to pair with coloring books and Myke, Brad and I unanimously agreed that the Staedtler Triplus Fineliners were and excellent option.

And I absolutely have to add those Keep Fresh Stay Rad postcards to my wishlist now. Wow. Nice pic, Brad!


Thanks for inviting me onto the show again, gentlemen. Its an honor and privilege. Happy shopping and wish list making, everyone!


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