Art of The Day: Sinuous Pencil Scarf

Sinuous Pencil Scarf

I love it when my worlds collide. Nothing makes them collide with quite so much glee as anything related to pencils and knitting. So the Sinuous Pencil Scarf knitting pattern has made it quickly to the top of my knitting queue. The pattern is available for $3.99 via Ravelry. I believe it would be a perfect accessory for the socks I’ve already started. Time to cast-on!

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  1. I am not into knittig…never gave that girly stuff too much thought, however, I must say it’s a pretty cool scarf.

    I can appreciate all the choices and skill it took to make it. There is lots of detailed work going on. Must have taken the knitter many hours.

    I always love reading you, Ana. Keep up the great work

    1. Yes, absolutely! The main yellow part is a ribbed knit-purl, the eraser looks like seed stitch (K1, P1) pattern, and the ferrule is alternating stockinette (knit or purl every row). The only challenging parts will be the increases and decreases for the eraser and the point but it will give you something new to learn to start and end the project. New skills and a great new project for 2016! If you have any issues, there are lots of knitters here and on Ravelry, myself included, who will happily talk you through any tricky bits.

    1. There is a lace fountain pen shawl pattern I’ve seen but not quite so overt a pen scarf. Maybe we need to create a pattern?

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