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How can I not support a Kickstarter project that is attempting to create a product to make writing easier and more comfortable for left-handed writers? I couldn’t. So I put my money where my mouth (or in this case my keyboard is) and backed the Leftybooks project which is a notebook designed to help left-handed writers write more easily without dragging their hands through their ink or graphite.

I pledged for the Ambidextrous Couple Set with the B5 Lefty notebook as well as an A5 dot grid notebook. The total with shipping will be around $35. The one aspect of the books not included in the video is the paper stock weight which is always a subject of heated discussion amongst the fountain pen community but the video specifically talks about environmental factors and FSC certified paper so I suspect the paper is not going to be fountain pen friendly but fine for gel, rollerball, pencil and ballpoint.

The project was the creation of a team out of Spain called Imborrable and offers lines that are angled downward ever so slightly to help keep lefties with any hand position from smudging quite so much.

The campaign has 19 days left and they are only one-quarter to their goal of $10K. Let’s help them get there — one Leftybook at a time! And let’s put an end to the smudge!

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  1. I think I would rather simply tilt the book or use blotting paper rather than have slanted lines. Then later have to explain to everyone I bought this special book to cater for my ‘disability’.

  2. You can get lined or blank notebooks, sized 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, from They are spiral bound and cost $15.95. The great thing is the company donated notepads to kids at Baltimore area schools. Each notebook has a school code so you can see which school benefitted from your purchase.

    Not affiliated, simply a pleased customer. Also Fahrney’s sells a version of these in multiple sizes.

  3. Regardless of accommodations we lefties make and regardless of what’s out there, I think this is just too clever. As well as a neat way to “spread the lefty love” worldwide! Thank you for b ringing this to our attention! PS to Ana: A leftie shoutout at your next Pen Addict would be cool!

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