Monday 1/11 is World Sketchnote Day!


Mike Rohde and his Sketchnote Army has had a profound effect on many of you, myself included, and I’m excited to celebrate World Sketchnote Day on Monday, January 11. That’s right, let’s spend the day sketch noting everything! Your breakfast! That boring meeting! The guy on the bus! The five things on the top of your bucket list! The best things your kids have ever said! Whatever! Doodle, illustrate, elaborate!

You can sign up on the the Sketchnote Army site to win fabulous prizes and tell how you’ll be celebrating the joys of Sketchnoting. Prizes are being offered from Astropad, Cultpens, JetPens, Betabook, Baron Fig, Moleskine, Bullet Journal, Sketchnote Handbook, awesome Sketchnoters and more!

You can ask professional Sketchnoters for tips and techniques throughout the day.

There’s lot’s of other ways to celebrate and participate too. Visit the Sketchnote Army site to see the whole list.

No matter what you do, work that hashtag: #SNDay2016

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