Fashionable Saturday: The Ink Is Not What It Seems


This week, I’m inspired by my current knitting project which is called From Another Place from the Kickstarter Twin Peaks-themed knitting book called The Great Northern. It makes me want to listen to Angelo Badalamenti, eat cherry pie and drink lots of coffee.

  • Trusco Ridged ‘Packard Lumber’ Tool Box $30 (via Fresh Stock Japan)
  • ‘The owls are not what they seem’ A3 Art Print by Stephanie Baxter $26.52 (via Etsy)
  • Log Lady Riso Print 13×18 by Dana Damki $9.94 (via Etsy)
  • ‘A Fish in the Percolator’ Mug $15 (via Etsy)
  • Diamine ‘The Trees Are Not What They Seem’ Fountain Pen Ink $15 (via Goldspot Pens)
  • De Atramentis Night Black Fountain Pen Ink $15.95 (via Goldspot Pens)
  • Retro 51 Tornado Playing Card ‘One-Eyed Jack’ Rollerball Pen $25 (via Anderson Pens)
  • Acme Stiletto ‘Black Lodge’ by Massimo Vignelli (*) Rollerball Pen $49.50 (via Goldspot Pens)
  • ‘Welcome to Twin Peaks’ Giclee Fine Art Print by Jazzberry Blue starting at $22 (via Etsy)
  • Faber Castell ‘Packard Lumber Executive’ Loom metallic orange fountain pen € 30 (via Fontoplumo)
  • ‘Laura Palmer Secret Diary’  Habana 4″ x 6-3/8″ Lined Red Journal $16 (via Anderson Pens)
  • ‘Diane’ Wooden Brooch $11.79 (via Etsy)
  • ‘The Secret History Of Twin Peaks’ pre-order available on Amazon $29.99 due to be released on October 18, 2016 (via Welcome to Twin Peaks)

If you want to get in the mood, here’s a playlist from Spotify of some of the music from Twin Peaks:

*Massimo Vignelli is one of the most famous graphic designers in the world and best known to me for faxing a list of the only five fonts you need when I worked at a font shop in Chicago in the 1990s. While I’m more inclined to agree that less is more nowaadays, I still think I like fonts too much to live with just five fonts. But he did great things with his limited palette.

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  1. I can’t get over how fresh the paper smells here! Diane, remind me to bring back some of this wonderful ink whenI return to D.C.

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