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My darling Dad sent me this article about the pen industry, including a short interview with the owner of Century Pens in downtown Chicago who was an absolute sweetheart to me last year when I went in to shop. It’s a good article about the good, the bad and the luxury in the pen industry. Sadly, I could not find the sidebar article about “Pens found on the desks of 10 Chicago Executives.” My favorite comment was from Sharon O’Keefe who is the president of the University of Chicago Medicine who is quoted excitedly about her current obsession, a Sailor Professional Gear with a fine point.

(From the Chicago Tribune from Sunday January 31, 2016)

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  1. Thanks for sharing! For me, the sidebar appeared within the article as a related article. Laughed at the quote about bringing another one home would anger his wife! Mine encourages it!

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