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Today, April 27, is World Stationery Day. If you’re wondering exactly what World Stationery Day is, it’s part of National Stationery Week and part of the London Stationery Show. The goal of World Stationery Day is to celebrate the written word and all things stationery.

In the spirit of World Stationery Day, the folks at NoteMaker in Australia want to help you celebrate by offering one lucky reader the chance to win a $250 voucher (that’s a “gift certificate” in American English) to spend in their fabulous online shop. How amazingly generous!

To enter this giveaway, see the info below in the Rafflecopter widget. The giveaway runs through Sunday, May 1 and the winner will be announced on Monday.

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(All the fine print is in the terms and conditions in the Rafflecopter widget. Please read them. Thanks!)

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  1. Hm, my stationary wishlist is crazy long, but at the moment I have my eyes on Palomino’s Aquarelle pencils in the wooden box. The box looked gorgeous when I saw it in the shop. I also want to get a Kaweco Al Sport to go with my Traveller’s Notebook.

  2. I’ve been lurking here for quite a while, drooling over each blog post. The chance to win a voucher from Notemaker … well time to wave my stationery addict flag! I have a long list of wishlist items … Moleskine notebooks would be No.1

  3. A TWSBI Diamond mini is on my stationary list. I could also use a Roaring Springs Computation Pad in Buff.

  4. I could do some serious shopping with $250! Thanks for the great giveaway, good luck everyone πŸ™‚

  5. This would be an awesome way for me to outfit my new office. Thanks for being so awesome!

  6. There is a (holi)day for my passion…? Wonderful! Truly a generous giveaway. There are never too many pens and notebooks, just too little shelves…

    Thanks Ana!

  7. If I won, I think I would share this with friends and family I’d like to expose to better materials. It would go a long way. πŸ™‚

  8. Those Craft design scissors are pretty amazing looking. Would love a pair of those.

  9. With a $250 voucher from Notemaker, a Lamy Dialog 3 would probably jump to the top of my stationery wish list – thanks for the the giveaway!

  10. Top of my wish list is a brass Kaweco Sport. And I can always use more pencils and paper too.

  11. Number 1 on my Wish List right now is the Lamy Safari in Dark Lilac. It is such a pretty pen!

    Awesome giveaway!

  12. I need to up my paper game from the cheapie notebooks and scratch paper I’ve been using, so at the top of my wishlist is some nice Rhodia paper.

  13. What a generous giveaway! My stationery wish list is too long to fully enumerate, but I’m in a constant need for good A5 and B5 notebooks, interesting blue, brown, and green inks, and of course various grail pens.

  14. Fantastic giveaway!! Notemaker is awesome!
    I’ve been wanting a Lamy Studio with a gold nib in the Palladium finish. Or, one of those sweet Herschel bags – the Army Green Little America Backpack!

  15. My stationary wishlist is sheer endless but at the top are a Pelikan SouverΓ€n 400, Diamine Shimmer Inks and a TWSBI ECO.

  16. Notemaker has some beautiful stuff — I’d love to get some O-check items that are not widely available here in the US.

  17. The new Lamy limited edition in Dark Lilac and all the stationery sets from Evil Supply Company.

  18. I’m always looking for decent paper and notecards for correspondence, and interesting inks to write them in…and a new pen wouldn’t be a bad thing either!

  19. I have a Pentel Hybrid Technica pen that I love. $250 would buy lots of those. I think I would have to share my winnings with a like-minded (i.e. pen/stationary fanatic) friend!

  20. I would love to get some more washi tape, notebooks, and a Pilot Vanishing Point or Kaweco AL Sport to use at grad school!

  21. the stationery list is long and growing longer everyday. But I would love some Palomino’s of any type, An Ink from Kara’s and definitely a Lamy 2000. Tip of the iceberg though!

  22. This is so generous! The winner will have a great time stocking up on goodies! Personally, I’ve been wanting to increase my supply of high quality paper.

  23. I’ve actually been lusting after blackwings for a while, and I always love pretty notebooks or notepads to use at work!

  24. Not only is that such a generous prize, but that image to show off for the giveaway is droolworthy!

  25. What’s not on my list!?! πŸ™‚ I’m just beginning to dip my toes into the world of fountain pens, and I’m feeling like a kid in a candy store! I’d love to try new papers that are fountain pen-friendly and new inks. Washi tape is a great go-to for decorating envelopes, and stationery in general just makes me happy.

  26. I want to learn about the wonderful world of Midori, so that would definitely be on my list of new things to try!

  27. This is such an adorable looking kit, I’m half tempted to get a set later. Fantastic giveaway by Notemaker, happy World Stationery Day, everyone!

  28. I’ve just started learning calligraphy and I’d love to buy some paper to practice with.

  29. I am mostly looking for excuses to use my fountain pens more. So a stationary set for letter writing and some fountain pen friendly notepads.

  30. Wow, what a very generous giveaway! And how appropriate that it also happen during National Letter and Card Writing Month. Thanks!

  31. I would love a Pilot Vanishing Point. Unfortunately, it is a bit out of my college student budget. πŸ™‚

  32. There are so many pens on my want-list, but a Visconti Van Gogh might be right at the top. My fingers are firmly crossed (which made typing this comment a bit tricky!)

  33. I would like to try out some new pens! It’s about time to venture out past my tried and true pens

  34. I’m really working on making letter writing and journaling a practice in my life. Pens and paper that excite me add a lovely layer to that experience.

  35. What’s NOT on my stationary wish list? πŸ˜‰
    I think my first choice would be more Rhodia Webbies – I love the fountain-pen friendly paper and the great cover colors. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Love Lamy Safari, Noodler Ahab and Noodler Ink, Just purchased Shinole ruled notebook anxious to use it

  37. I would love more inks, fountain pens and letter pads. Right now, I am looking for fountain pen friendly A5 size stationery. I want to embellish it for writing to me penpals.

  38. Writing letters is a lost art. I would love some stationary to send some old fashioned letters to people I love.

  39. A flex fountain pen is high on my list, as is some more washi tape, which is great fun.

  40. I just recently became a pencil user, so would LOVE to stock up on some Blackwings. And of course I always want more Field Notes1

  41. What an awesome giveaway! Notemaker are fab Aussie stationery wizards πŸ™‚ I have so many things on my stationery wishlist I wouldn’t know where to begin but at the moment I’m coveting a Pilot Metro FP, a Midori Travelers Notebook and Tomoe river paper.

  42. I would love a Kaweco brass fountain pens and some Iroshizuku ink in many colors!

  43. Hmm, a notebook with tomoe river paper, a fine nib fountain pen with a wood barrel like the pear Faber Castell, and some tools, scissors, clips for my journals

  44. I would do ANYTHING for that voucher!
    I really need a kaweco liliput! It’s been on my wishlist since the day I heard of it.

  45. I want inks. Aaaaaalllll the inks! And more fountain pens for them to go in. Maybe another Pilot Metro, maybe I’ll splash out some more…

  46. Shakespeare’s 400th has reminded me that it is time for us all to take pen to paper and express ourselves!
    A new notebook, fountain pen and bottle of ink would make my day and many days to come.
    Thank you!

  47. Short term i want to buy a Lilac Safari and hope to find a Orange Al-Star. Mid term the
    Monteverde Prima in Turquoise Swirl is one my list. In my future i see the trifecta of Lamy 2000, Pilot Vanishing Point/Capless and Rotring 800 on my wishlist.

  48. Ooh, this is such a great giveaway. When I lived in Australia I was a regular at the NoteMaker site! They have all the best things. I’m in dire need of a great new notebook and fountain pen!

  49. I have been wanting a Platinum Carbon desk pen, inspired by you, and a full set of Faber-Castell Polychromos.

  50. Awesome giveaway! I could easily spend the $250, but it would take a while to make decisions!

  51. A couple of bigger bottles of Iroshizuku inks β€”Β Tsukushi and Tsuki-yo. Currently have hoarded a bunch of mini bottles, but ready to commit to bigger bottles of these.

  52. I just keep falling further and further into the stationary rabbit hole – Paper, pens, pencils: I want all of it! Currently eyeing off some Rhodia paper to try out at work.

  53. PS forgot to say what’s on my wishlist – is “everything” an answer? lol Pens, ink, nice paper

  54. Love Notemaker and can thoroughly recommend them as a company. A for the generous gift certificate, I would definitely go for the new Lamy Dark Violet ink, and the new camel Midori TN and all the fun things to go with it.

  55. I would like to have more Pilot Iroshizuku inks because of the good quality and lovely colors.

  56. Well I’d love to have pencil sharpeners for every “station ” in my house and purse, accessories and inserts for my travelers notebook, the tin, a special purple pen, and it is almost time for more stationery sets. Plus…

  57. I really have been slow getting into the stationery part of this hobby, now may be the time!

  58. I’d love to try a TWSBI mini – never seen one in the flesh but I’ve seen many inspiring blogs and pictures online. That and some lovely stencils!

  59. Hmmm, my wish list is rather long…. but at the moment I seem to be spending rather a lot of time dreaming about the brass Kaweco sport (and I know they stock it at notemaker!)

  60. a tough choice, just started calligraphy, i would love some tomoe river paper and a decent dip pen

  61. Pilot vanishing point in pretty much any color! And am always stocking inks and paper.

  62. Stationery wishlist… More notebooks and notepads (dot-grid by preference), more fountain pens (I want to try some fancier ones!), more inks (all the pretty colors…)

  63. There is too much on my wishlist to narrow it down. That fab Lamy dark lilac is sure catching my eye. I did recently just rip my work bag so I my need to coordinate.

  64. I live by notes and lists. My desk is cluttered with paper, pens, and pencils of all shapes, colors, and brands. Go Lami Safari and Kaweco Sports!

  65. The purple Lamy Safari is beautiful, but I already own 5 Lamy fountain pens. Maybe I will settle for a purple Leuchturm notebook

  66. My children bent a nib of mine, so I need some new nibs. Inks, Inks, Inks. I always need inks.

    I like the look of those scissors.

  67. My stationary wishlist currently is the Midori 10th anniversary tiny tins with tiny TNs. I love em to death and I want that tiny TN more than life.

  68. My wishlist includes a trip to the pen doctor for my Stipula fountain pen. It hasn’t written well in years but I’m terrified to give it to someone to fix. Duh!

  69. No idea what I’d get, but love this place! They’re the best here at home in Australia! Maybe a few inks though…

  70. I don’t think there’s enough room in this comments section for me to list out everything that’s in my wishlist. The latest additions are a Sailor Professional Gear Mini, a Pelican SouverΓ€n M400 in White Tortoise and the Lamy Safari in Dark Lilac.

  71. I’m looking at getting a new Kaweco and a whole bunch of new inks for my current pens!

  72. My wishlist right now is all the coleto refill colors and two 5 part multipens to put them in so I don’t have to carry around 10 of the pens at once (even if they are very pretty) and a pack of tomoe paper to make some notebooks for myself

    1. I forgot to add my wish list πŸ™‚ Hoping for a high-quality scissors and a multi-pen, along with some nice quality envelopes.

  73. I write for a living, so all stationery is wonderful. Can never have enough wood case pencils.

  74. I didn’t know about the NoteMaker website! I can’t stop looking at their bags. The Herschel Little America army quilted backpack is soooo good-looking. Besides storage, I’d like a nice rollerball for work. Haven’t done enough research yet (look at pretty pictures on the internet) to pick one yet, though.

  75. My wish list used to be mostly inks and stub nibs but it’s taken a sharp turn recently into fancy writing paper.

    Next is definitely something deckle-edge, with matching tissue-lined envelopes.

  76. My wishlist includes a set of Craft Design scissors, a new Fisher spacepen and a Crumpler utility pouch to keep all my stationary together when traveling.

  77. I always have something on my stationery wish list… Currently it’s a Pelikan M605! Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. New ink – dark lilac LAMY might be nice πŸ™‚
    And probably a new pen too!

  79. My stationary wish list is a mile long! Would love a travellers notebook; kaweco, pilot and TWSBI fountain pen, and a leuchtturm notebook.

  80. Ink and paper appears to be like money to me: only to much is enough! πŸ™‚ Need to get me some correspondance stuff – paper, cards, enveloppes…
    Did I say I need more ink?

  81. I could always use a new pen! And new ink. I’ve been wanting a new bottle of Diamine Majestic Blue. I also just need some crafting supplies.

  82. I need more stationery like I need another hole in my head, but to support National Stationery week I’m willing to buy more. πŸ™‚

  83. I am looking for the perfect padfolio or portfolio for my notes and special paper. I am always on the lookout for new notebooks and for trying new items.

  84. Wish List: always more postcards. (I haven’t weighed them recently, but there are too many to count, and the last time I weighed them they were around 7 lbs. …and this is with sending them out into the world on a regular basis.)

  85. More paper, more writing tools, more washi tape… gosh… too much of more. πŸ™‚

  86. The 10th Anniversary mini notebook would be a really adorable blythe accessory, don’t you think?

    I’ve also always wanted to try out the LIFE letter writing paper.

    Then theres always more ink. and pens. and more ink πŸ™‚

  87. A Large Midori Traveler’s Notebook + refills and a Pilot Capless. Thank you for the giveaway.

  88. Love your blog. My wish, as always, is for to run my hands over fabulous paper which I cannot bear to write on.

  89. My wishlist features the gorgeous new dark lilac Lamy Safari – for that color and the black nib I will manage to ignore the grip that is so unkind to lefty over-writers.

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