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  1. Lots of links posted. I checked out a few. Sadly Edelstein Aquamarine is not the shade I hoped for, but seeing it in reviews saved me money.

    You do a lot of work to organize and post these links. Thank you Ana.

    Non-existent bonus point Ana if you can guess what over link I read. 🙂

  2. Got a bit worried not to see much from you this week, but I’m sure you’re tired from the show. Conventions are always exhausting.

    Thank you for linking the trolling article. It’s a good reminder to be more appreciative in general: the human brain evolved to remember negative experiences really, really well (to avoid poison and danger) and to forget the things that don’t “matter”. As a result, we naturally have a tendency to focus on the negative feedback and ignore good or vaguely positive stuff in our lives. I am extremely familiar with how easily this tendency can feed into depression and anxiety issues.

    I hope you don’t have trolls. I’ve never understood why someone would go out of their way to tear others down.

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