Peek: 10th Anniversary Traveler’s Notebook Mini Size

10th Anniversary Traveler's notebook mini

I couldn’t resist doing a little unboxing photo peek of the Traveler’s Notebook 10th Anniversary Mini Size ($38) from Baum-Kuchen because the packaging is so spectacular. Full disclosure: I purchased this from Baum-Kuchen and was not compensated in anyway. I also bought my 5th Anniversary Traveler’s Notebook from them and received such lovely packaging and customer service that I was more than happy to send them my repeat business. And their packaging is even more amazing this time around. The little folded card is their business card and my invoice.

10th Anniversary Traveler's notebook mini

Once unfolded, there is a hand written note and rubber stamps making it extra special. I can’t imagine how long it must take them to put together each package!

10th Anniversary Traveler's notebook mini

Wrapped around the tin was kraft paper sealed with twine and a custom Baum-Kuchen wax seal plus a rubber stamp and my name handwritten. Amazing!

10th Anniversary Traveler's notebook mini

I was able to slide the tin out of the kraft paper without having to cut the twine or damage the seal. I’m such a hoarder I want to save the wrap. And I’m not sure I can bring myself to actually unwrap all the contents inside the tin either.

10th Anniversary Traveler's notebook mini

There is a little tiny wrapped leather cover in kraft paper with a paper label just like a real Traveler’s Notebook and a tiny charm in a cellophane sleeve and cardboard backer. The bottom container is teeny, tiny paper and covers that can be folded and put into the notebook cover. Seriously. That’s the level of detail. Under the molded plastic are a sheet of full-sized stickers as well.

I put my full-sized Traveler’s Notebook next to the box for size comparison. Pretty funny how little the book is!

10th Anniversary Traveler's notebook mini

I had to put the teeny little Traveler’s Notebook packaging in my hand just for scale.

The tins are available in three different colors, each with a different color leather cover contained inside. I got the new camel colored cover in the blue tin but whether I’ll ever unwrap the package is still up for debate. Right now, I’m going to enjoy the delightful little package with all the tiny details.

I’m totally amused at the 10th Anniversary Mini Size but I realize that it is definitely a collector’s item and is not particularly useful for most folks. But if you’re a diehard Traveler’s Notebook fan it might be hard to pass up this little gem. The tin is embossed and is a good place to store Traveler’s Notebook ephemera and the tiny Traveler’s Notebook can be used as a key fob or charm on a notebook.

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    1. Yes, they advertise that the tin the tiny TN comes in is a handy place to store inserts for your TN. I plan to use mine for this purpose.

      I know lots of people will leave their tiny TN in the original packaging to preserve its collector value. I, however, cannot resist using it, so I will be using it as a decoration on my regular-sized TN. It will hang off the elastic as a charm. I don’t collect things for their monetary value; I like to use the things I collect and enjoy them. But to each his own.

  1. I have ordered from Baum-Kuchen too, and posted a picture of how they fold the invoice to the Facebook Midori group. It’s really impressive.

  2. I love this! I am a collector of tiny things, so of course, I had to order one. I ordered one in brown to match my TN. I plan to put all the little papers together, write some special message plus my name and info on them, and hang the whole tiny TN from the elastic on my big TN. It’s going to become the charm on my TN. Also I have ordered a tiny garnet charm (my birthstone) to hang from the elastic on the tiny TN, so it will have its own charm.

    This whole thing is too adorable for words! Can’t wait till I get it so I can play with it.

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