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Judith asks:

Will you be attending the DC Pen Show in August?

Judith, I’m delighted to say that YES! I will be attending the DC SuperShow in August. I’ve already purchased my plane tickets and Lisa from Vanness Pens has graciously offered to let me help out in their booth again after Chicago so I guess I did okay. So, if you are looking for me, I’ll be the pink hair behind the Vanness table during the day and the exhausted pink-haired girl at the bar after hours.

Samantha asks:

Any leads on where to find stylish, high-quality customized pencils?

Is that leads or leads? Was the pun intentional? I suspect it was… Anyway…I was under the impression that offered custom Blackwings but I could not find a link on their site. They do have a section of custom pencils but do not provide much information to the overall quality of these pencils though I am sure you can email to ask about options.

Dixon also has a promotional section on their site for custom Ticonderogas and the like. These aren’t the best pencils but better than completely no-name options.

Finally, CW Pencil Enterprise offers a very simple, gold foil stamped Musgrave pencil created by hand on their vintage Kingsley Hoil Foil Machine. Only one font choice but its pretty nice. There’s no minimum order and there’s more details about costing on their site.

Depending on quantity, the possibility exists that someone somewhere would be willing to work with you. Does anyone else have recommendations for good quality custom pencils?

Berta asks the baffling question:

Do the holes on an A5 sheet match up with the holes on a Franklin Covey Classic sheet? AKA, will A5 inserts fit in a Franklin Covey Classic planner?

If I read your question correctly, I have some unfortunate news. The A5 Sheets used in a traditional Filofax have only 6 holes while the larger Franklin Covey sheets have 7 holes. And they do not align at all.

Philofaxy did a great post with a photo to show how much the holes do not align.

Charles warns:

Oh No Ana, you have made my craving into a full blown addiction! What am I to? And here I thought it was just an innocent little twinge of ” ooh, I want that, and that, and if I get this I must have that.” Is there any hope? I may have to seek professional help.
You have many links. Do you have one that can help me?

PS : this has been a joke! Had it been an actual plea, you would have been redirected to…

Where? There’s a cure? If so, I need it too!

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