Podcast: Art Supply Posse Episode 3 Gettin’ Schooled (and Erasable 54)


You’ve got, not one but, two chances to hear my voice this week! The fine fellows over at Erasable asked me to stop in and talk about erasers while Tim was off watching the Cubs*.

Plus, the latest episode of Art Supply Posse is live. Heather and I both enrolled in our first Sketchbook Skool classes and talk about online classes and making art a habit. Give it a listen and let us know what you think. Have you ever taken an online class?

And, my good buds Myke and Brad said some nice things about Art Supply Posse on the new episode of Pen Addict. Its just been a big ol’ love fest this week. Y’all are making me all weepy!

So, if you haven’t already subscribed, you will have lots to listen to this weekend… an overload of pen-and-pencil goodness!

*I think he’s secretly avoiding me… or are we actually the same person? Seriously, Tim was out sick and frantically packing for a big move. Hopefully the move goes well and he’s not dying in the sweltering heat. Hang in there!

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  1. Good for you Ana. Why has spelling stopped mattering? Why Skool?

    Sorry. I’ve noticed constantly on TV shows the use of you and I or her and I when it should be me. It’s pervasive.

    I should listen to your podcast. I’ve never felt like I could draw well. Maybe the podcast would inspire those of us who believe we can’t draw.

    1. There’s a mention in the Sketchbook Skool FAQ about the spelling and it was intentionally misspelled but they don’t explain why. Maybe it was a typo that stuck? Or maybe it was a way to get a unique URL?

      I do think online classes are a good way to take a chance at learning a new skill in a safe environment without feeling intimidated and still get the support of other students through online chats and forums.

  2. Hi Ana – Just discovered your Podcast. You guys did a really great job. Just finished the second episode. I’ll be listening to number 3 today. Thank you for the shout out and for mentioning my friend Roz. We love WetPaint and I buy almost all of my Art Supplies there, and not just because they’re up the street from my house. If you are ever really desperate for a guest give me holla.I’d love to join you guys and talk art supplies šŸ™‚ Keep up the great work! – Marty

  3. Found the podcast via Well Appointed Desk. I’ll go subscribe now. I was in Sketchbook Skool from the beginning and took the first 4 classes. I’ve stopped now. It doesn’t suit my needs. I know how and want I want to do. I’m not interested in trying out lots of new media. My new favorite place is Craftsy where I’ve enrolled in nearly all the classes by the Urban Sketchers I admire: Stephanie Bower, Mark Taro Holms, Shari Blaukopf,

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