Friday Favorites: Things That Are Making Me Happy This Week


This week was a particular challenge for me. Work was BRUTAL. So, instead of a Fashionable Friday, I’ve decided to to do a little wrap-up of things that made me happy this week, in spite of long hours at work and some rough projects. Consider it my version of a gratitude list.

I hope you get a kick out them. Some are pen, paper and work-related. And some are definitely not.

  1. Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away… I became a Star Wars nerd. I will always be a Star Wars nerd. This Behind-the-Scenes Rogue One Footage gave me New Hope (via Wired)
  2. Handwritten, A Place in Space for Pen & Paper is a lovely little diversion full of the written word. From grandma’s handwritten recipe cards to grocery lists and scrawled notes.
  3. Polaroid Swing iPhone App is a photo app with one second worth of motion. Far more interesting than Boomerang, IMHO. (via iTunes store, review article via Wired)
  4. Pokemon Go iPhone App. As a recovering Ingress addict, I knew what I was getting into. on the plus side, its a game that gets me off my butt and outside, walking around. Its exercise for nerds. (via iTunes Store, game play tips via Forbes)
  5. First Draft Hardbound and Cloth-covered Notebook with Elastic Band in Brick Red $22, is another in a long line of notebooks to consider. (via First Draft Co.)
  6. Blackwing Volumes – Vol. 56 (12 Pack) $24.95. This might possibly be my favorite Blackwing Edition yet. (via
  7. Field Notes Byline Edition. I’m warming up to this unusual format and enjoying the lovely paper stock. (via Pen Chalet, Goldspot Pens, Pen Boutique, and more)
  8. Fisher Space Pen 50th Anniversary Black/Gold Bullet Ballpoint Pen $35. While other folks are busy talking about the 50th anniversary of the the Lamy 2000, I am enjoying the 50th anniversary of the Fisher Space Pen. Its understated, classic and affordable. Sign me up! (via Pen Boutique)
  9. Lihit Lab Smart Fit Actact Wide Open Pen Case in Yellow Green (of course but it is available in other colors.) $20.50. As soon as I saw this I bought it and it arrived this week. I’m thrilled with its usefulness and color. Its not as big as I thought it was going to be which is both a blessing and a curse. (via JetPens)
  10. Silver Brush Black Velvet Watercolor Brush Round #6 $11.55 I’m excited to try this synthetic fiber watercolor brush considered to be one of the best options available. It just arrived today so I’ll be experimenting this weekend. (via Wet Paint Art)
  11. My dear friend bequeathed her Momiji Birdie & Bowie Doll set to me which I sat in front of my computer this week and made my long hours a little bit more bearable. Sometimes, its the little things, isn’t it? (via Momiji)

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