Podcast: Episode 6 of Art Supply Posse: Cats-up & Bullying

Art Supply Posse Ep.6This week on Art Supply Posse, Heather and I discuss surviving bullying, being brave, making art, Sketchbook Skool and a backlog of follow-up. And we still didn’t get to it all!

This week’s artwork was created by my lovely co-host, Heather Rivard using her new Schmincke watercolors. Pop over to the web site to listen to the whole episode, get the iTunes subscription link and leave feedback about the episode. Thanks!


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  1. First I would like to say how much I am enjoying the podcast. It has quickly become one of my favorites behind the Pen Addict. I was compelled to write after listening to the conversation about bullying. I once had an English teacher say that poetry was not meant to be read for fun instead it was to be dissected and studied to get the gist of what the author was saying. As much as I love to read (I will read the ingredients on a box of Cheez Its in an emergency) I let her words dissuade me from reading poetry for a number of years. I regret that. Now I read poetry for fun and let the poems mean whatever they might at that moment. Even though it’s hard if something gives you joy whether you’re good at it or bad, by someone else’s opinion, keep doing it. Life is too short to let other people guide your life.

    1. Thank so much for the comment, Anissa. Its so true that we should not let other people sour what makes us happy and to remember the things that bring us joy even if they seem trivial or foolish to others. I hope we come back to this topic often as we all need to remember this. Thanks!

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