Art Supply Posse Ep. 12 Back To School

This week on Art Supply Posse we talk about back-to-school rituals, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and do a little follow-up about the A-word. It’s not our most art supply-centric episode – we’ll be back in our 1-subject notebooks next week. Also, we had a little recording issue so if the sound quality is a little off, that’s why. Our apologies, just grab your sketch tools and doodle through the episode and you won’t notice a thing!

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  1. I just binge-watched Stranger Things over the last two days, so listening to you rave about the show the morning after makes me so so happy. I completely agree with you about fan art. It is such a great way to interact with any media that you love and allows you to share your excitement and your vision.

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