Kickstarter: Write Your Own Adventure – 2017 Planner

Just yesterday, Ask The Desk was filled with questions about planners for 2017 and this morning I discovered the Write Your Own Adventure planner from Emma Kate Co. in Australia. This looks like such a good option for 2017 that I backed the project and bought two. When they arrive, I plan to give one away because I think it will make a good blog holiday gift. Let’s hope they ship in time.


The planner is hardcover with die cut tabs at the bottom of the pages and the weekends are given more space than the weekdays. I don’t know about you but that just about aligns with my life. I do way more on the weekends than I do on the weekdays. Or I try to cram more in, anyway.

There is dot grid and simple details with minimal design elements and just a few little quotes throughout. Just enough to feel nice but not so much as to feel cluttered.

The book is available with a grey or blush pink cover, I ordered one of each.

I’m looking forward to a year where I can write my own adventure. How about you?

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  1. This year was my first experience with the Hobonichi and I loved it, but for 2017 I’m getting a Seven Seas Crossfield and putting in the elements from the Hobo that I liked-like a monthly calendar (so easy to do myself with the dot grid), but will have the freedom to use more than one page a day if I like or skip that day altogether (not likely for me as it’s a daily habit). I’m looking forward to the lack of constraint with some elements of structure as well.

  2. I’ve not heard of this planner before now, but it sounds and looks ideal.

    I’m currently bullet journalling, but open to other ways of doing things 🙂

  3. I wanted to have a planner but I don’t have one. Haha. Planners seem like gold, they look like of great importance but it depends on the person how they’ll use it. Planners can help well for a person.

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