Review: Monteverde Intima Neon Pink 1.1mm Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set

Monteverde Prima Fountain Pen and Rollerball

Do not adjust your monitor… the Monteverde Neon Pink Intima Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set (Special Sale Price $52) are really this bright! I have previously reviewed the Neon Green version of the fountain pen and it was priced so that this deal is basically like getting the ballpoint for free. Also, while the neon green was bright, it was not nearly as eye-popping as the pink. Just saying. This color is definitely brighting my dreary February days!

Monteverde Prima Nib and tip

Fountain Pen tech specs:
Length: capped is 5.25″
Posted: 6.375″
Unposted: 4.675″

The fountain pen comes with a converter which is excellent for the inky-inclined but the pen does take standard European cartridges if you prefer. I forgot to weigh the pen but its plastic with metal hardware so it is pretty lightweight but well-balanced.

This was my first experience with the ballpoint design. Its a twist mechanism to reveal the pen tip. While I found the clip to be placed a bit low if I didn’t get the pen placed in my hand “just so” it would poke in my hand, I did find myself grabbing for it often to quickly dash off a quick note, add an item to a list or add a to-do on my calendar. Despite my little fuss about the clip, the slightly bulbous shape was pleasing in the hand and the color is cheerful and fun.

Monteverde Prima Size Comparison

I’ve included a visual size comparison of the Intima fountain pen with some commonly used pens above that you might be more familiar with to help place the Intima in your fountain pen cannon. Lengthwise, its about the same as the Pilot Metropolitan but widthwise, its more similar to a Lamy Safari or AL-Star. From a price standpoint, its definitely a step up from the pens shown but is not a +$100 fountain pen. It certainly looks a bit “fancier” than the other pens here though.

The material is shimmery and it will catch the light to show some interesting sparkly details. I tried to photograph it to show some of the details in my particular model below. The white is where it is catching the light.

Monteverde Prima Pink Shimmer close-up

Monteverde Prima Writing Sample

Ignore my written header! This is the Monteverde Intima Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set.

The 1.1mm nib on the fountain pen performed fairly similarly to my previous experience with the neon green Intima but it wasn’t until I started using it that I remembered I’d had one in the past. My almost-8-years of pen reviewing is starting to affect my memory! I knew I have an Prima with a fine nib… anyway… clearly, my nib preferences remain consistent. I tend to like either razor fine or 1.1mm and get similar results. I did notice that the Monteverde nib was a little dry. It may be this particular nib or the nib/ink combination as I haven’t had a chance to try a different ink with this pen. I did test the pen in my right hand, to see if angling it differently would have better results. It did seem to flow a bit better so there may be a slight misalignment to the tines that 75%-90% of the world would not have noticed. It hasn’t affected the overall performance, its just not as wet as some other 1.1mm nib I’ve used. Alternately, you’ll notice I did NOT manage to smear any ink this time so I should probably not be complaining.

I swapped out the ballpoint refill with a Monteverde Ceramic Rollerball refill ($8 for two refills) that fits into pen since it accepts any standard Parker-style refills. Oh, that pink color! I did discover that the ballpoint had a little feedback in the refill — it jiggled around a little bit. So, I added an extra spring to the refill. I swiped one out of a retractable pen I had laying around and stacked it on top of the one that was in the pen. The two-spring stack added stability to the refill in the pen barrel so that it didn’t shimmy around anymore and gave me a much better writing experience. Voila!

I used one of the new Monteverde inks: Purple Mist which comes in a 30ml bottle ($8). I like the size of the bottle — its one of those nice in-between sizes, not so big that I feel like I’ll never use it all up but not so small that I feel like I bought another itty bitty precious sample. And at $8, its not a break-the-bank purchase either. Anyway, about the color… its a bit lighter wet than I had expected but it dries darker. So, if you decide to try it, definitely give it time to dry before making your final decision. The color is more of a reddish purple when wet and, as it dries, the violet blue becomes more apparent. Which is interesting. It shades and I feel like I noticed some sheen as I used it but maybe I was willing it to sheen. The jury is still out there. At $8 per bottle, it might be worth adding a bottle of the Purple Mist, or your favorite color on to your next order to try out one of Monteverde’s new colors. Let me know what you think.

Monteverde Purple Mist Ink

My conclusion is that if you are looking for a chance to get a little fancier than a Kaweco Sport or Lamy Safari but are not quite ready to go into the over-$100 fountain pens just yet, this Monteverde Set might be a nice gateway. If you love pink, it doesn’t get pinker than this either.

The good news is that Pen Boutique wants to spread the Valentine’s Day Neon Pink Monteverde Love to one lucky reader.

The Giveaway:

The winner of the giveaway will receive Monteverde Prima Neon Pink fountain pen and ballpoint set and can select one (1) bottle of the new 30ml Monteverde inks, compliments of Pen Boutique.

To enter:

Please leave one (1) message in the comment sending some love out into the world. Are you taking your mom out for Valentine’s Day? Doing something nice for your significant other? Serving food to Meal on Wheels? Leave your love in the comments to be entered to win. No love, no entry. Those are the rules. I can disqualify anyone who does not play by the rules.

The Fine Print:

All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Saturday, February 11, 2017. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Sunday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 10 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping is at the discretion of Pen Boutique. US residents only.

DISCLAIMER: This item was sent to me free of charge by Pen Boutique for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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    1. That’s awesome! I’ll be taking my daughter to a peaceful park away from the noise of the city. She’s been very stressed recently, so I’m hoping this will make her happy.

  1. Ooh, lovely!
    My daughter is coming home from college for the weekend and we are going to pop popcorn and binge watch A Series of Unfortunate Events!
    I would love to give her a special new pen!

  2. I want to send my love out to you, Ana, for making this giveaway possible and for your incredible contribution the pen- and notebook-loving community. I love listening to you on various podcasts. For Valentine’s Day I will be sending my love to everyone.

  3. Sending out some love to my friends who I love like sisters. They know who they are and they are all working so hard to make light in the darkness in their individual ways.

  4. Lots of love to those who are lonely these days, those that life threw in the margin, for they are the ones that need our affection more than everyone else.

  5. Happy February and Valentine’s Day! I am sending my Mom a card. She lives 525 miles away, so I want her to know I love her. Also Hubby and I are going to have some me time and take a little road trip on Saturday for our Valentines.

    Love that pink!!! So vibrant!!

  6. Sending love to all, especially any children who feel lonely or are being bullied.

    We will celebrate as a family for Valentine’s day.

  7. I’ll be enjoying a night out with my lovely wife while my in-laws watch our daughter.
    I’m looking forward to a fancy steak dinner followed by a movie, and then sleeping in past 6am. Woot!

  8. Hi There and thanks for the giveaway!

    For Valentine’s day, I bought for my gf a ton of fancy material for her arts and crafts passion.

  9. Thank you for the opportunity. For Valentine’s Day I’m giving out cards and homemade cookies. It’s a small thing, but full of love!

  10. Sending out the valentine love by hand decorating and addressing more than 30 valentines to some of the folks in our church who will not receive a valentine otherwise this year. And no one wants to have an empty valentines box on their desk. Thanks for sharing the love, Ana…..

  11. I picked up coloring books for my spouse & almost-7yo as a little gift, and mailed my sister a Valentine’s card just to let her know I’m thinking of her.

  12. I love hot pink, these are gorgeous!! Our anniversary is on the 10th so it’ll be a romantic weekend and a low-key valentine’s day.

  13. Early V Day with my daughter who is home for one week from college. Spending the day after V Day with a long-time (over 40 years) friend with cancer, eating home-cooked food, talking, and laughing. Remembering my loved ones who are gone on V Day, and every day.

  14. How charming! Sadly, I’m going to be away for work on Valentine’s Day, but maybe I’ll use my good pens to send my husband a letter while I’m gone! ♥

  15. This is so generous of you! Thanks for spreading the love

    I’ll be writing letters to a couple of friends for Valentine’s day, as well as planning a surprise picnic for my significant other.

  16. I will be helping my daughter write Valentine’s day cards for Grandpa, Grandmas and Aunties to make their holiday fun..

  17. I will cook a special Valentine’s dinner with love for my family. I will need to add a lot of love- I am not a good cook!

  18. Don’t tell, but I’ll give my wife flowers and poetry books for V Day — and write her a heartfelt message!

  19. My husband and I will be celebrating the 11th anniversary of our first date on Valentine’s Day. We usually go back to the Starbucks where we had our first date.

  20. As I don’t have a significant other at the moment I’ll just have to love myself on Valentines day. A new pen set would help a lot though!!

  21. This Valentine’s Day, will, due to work schedules, be forced to wait until the weekend. Then there will probably be a movie and dinner date. As well as half-priced candy.

    Maybe invite some friends over to mock a B movie or fifteen. After all, friends need love too.

    And maybe some random!surprise knitting left around for people who need it more than I do.

  22. I am giving my Mom a prayer shawl that I made, some homemade chicken soup, and staying with her as she is undergoing chemo for breast cancer.

  23. I’m sending out my love to my grandmother, at 96 years old she’s still going strong and is as fiesty as ever.

    Love you Grandma

  24. My love goes out to my friends (and husband) whom I will likely spend Valentine’s with. It’s our regular game night and we agree that it’s not Valentine’s that makes our relationships special. We will all be taking our significant others out on days other than Valentine’s proper – because none of us like crowded restaurants. So instead we will be sharing in the love of tabletop gaming and Chinese take out 🙂

  25. I am taking my friend Tom out to lunch. He is a 91 year old Veteran who lost his precious
    wife a few years ago. Sending love out to all lonely seniors.

  26. Pink is the most lovely color in the world.I want to send a canopy of pink cherry blossoms to refugees everywhere as a sign of love and hope.

  27. I am so excited to take my two children out for a special Valentine’s Day dinner! We rarely get dressed up and go out, but my kids are so excited and my 9 year old in particular is at that magical age when everything is so fun and thrilling. I truly cannot wait! This may be my first Valentine’s Day in ages that I’m anticipating with joy and excitement!

  28. As a happily single woman, I’m sending valentines to all my single female friends who might not be as happy about singlehood as I am. I want them to know that even if there’s no romantic love in their lives currently, there will always be our friendship love. 🙂

  29. My mother is turning 73 this February. I’ll persuade the family to get together to celebrate her birthday. It’ll be a surprise. I love you mom.

  30. I will be spending the evening in my mindfulness class, so my husband and I will have to celebrate another night. But I’m feeling quite loved as he’s taking the lead on dinner prep all week–that’s a true gift! 🙂

  31. I’m not a particularly romantic person, but I love that my husband always buys flowers for me, his mom, my mom, and our little daughter because he wants his little girl to always expect to be treated well on the holiday.

  32. I will be taking a senior citizen friend out to lunch. She can no longer drive and will appreciate the company.

  33. This would be a great thing to stay writing my wife love notes with again. Nothing stopping me from starting with pencils today though…

    We’re celebrating vday early this year – taking my bride to see her favorite band. And getting a quick break from the kids. 🙂

  34. I will be bringing my students some Valentine’s candy. They are in a military boarding situation and get nothing fun like candy. So, on the day of love, I’m going to show my love with sugar!

  35. My wife and I have been visiting shut-in who have had surgery and are recovering in nursing homes over the past few weeks. They love to have someone to visit with if even for just a few minutes. It makes them feel special.

  36. I will be preparing a special dinner for my husband, since he is usually the one who cooks meals for special events.

  37. Driving 10 hours to spend Valentines Day weekend with my 95-year old grandmother! Love you, Dorothy! You are inspiring!

  38. These are pretty neat looking pens!

    I’ll be taking my fiancée out for a nice dinner for v-day! If I win these pens, they will be gifted to her too!

  39. Sending love to my 84 year old mom- helped her regain hearing today with a replacement hearing aid and watched her enjoy beloved music again. Waterworks! Celebrated Valentines early with her at Crixa Cakes for sublime desserts. And sending love to those fighting the good fights around the US. Stay strong and resist!

  40. I’m celebrating Val & Tiny’s Day (wink) this year by bringing home a new puppy!!! I’m thinking of naming her Magic!! What do you think?!?

  41. I’m spending a weekend away with my wife. Is it a coincidence that the hotel we are staying at is a block away from my favorite independent art supply store in the country? If my wife asks, the answer is yes.

  42. Love this giveaway, thanks! I am planning on taking my wife out for a nice dinner and probably watch a movie and play a game at home.

  43. My No. 1 man (AKA spouse-guy) and I are celebrating love at Cannon Beach, Oregon (though a week after Nov. 14 to skip the crowds). And speaking of love, I LOVE this pink and purple post!

  44. I’m not sure how I put love out into the world consciously, but I try to treat everyone I see with respect. I am always so delighted to see a smile and be treated in kind. And everyone who treats me with respect inspires me to do the same. Love is a quiet oasis in a chaotic world, and is where peace is born.

  45. My wife (of 42 years) and I will be landing in Sydney Australia on Valentines morning. It will be like no other Valentines day for us. It will be the start of a great adventure and beach tour. Love the idea of escaping this winter weather.

  46. I’ll be spending Valentines with all my awesome coworkers whom I adore. <3
    I’ll write my Dearest Sweetest pen-pal a lovely letter too, but I’ll need to send that out enough days in advance so he gets it by Valentine’s Day, now to think of what to draw for him hehe…
    Also the giving and receiving of delicious chocolates should be happening as well, mmm chocolate <3
    Much love Darling

  47. I’ll be in my Watercolor class on the 14th and will probably do something with pinks and reds. I wish everyone a happy Valentine’s day.

  48. Wow! Neat finish on these pens! Alas, my girlfriend is overseas this month — so I’m sending my love to everyone out there who find themselves separated from their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

  49. Pink is the most beautiful color in the world.I want to send a canopy of cherry blossoms to families who are separated right now as a message of love and hope.

  50. My boyfriend and I are getting all dressed up and going to a valentine’s dance at a goth club. I’m also going to be banking some snacks for my office.

  51. I will be sending love by shipping my cousin a package of some of my very favorite things to bring some joy to her Valentine’s Day.

  52. I love Valentine’s Day! I love finding fun gifts for my kids and seeing their smiles they receive them.
    I always look forward to what my husband has planned for us (translation:what I planned for us <3).
    Thank you for the chance to win this fun pen!

  53. Every day with my sweet, talented wife is an inspiration. She is so generous with her time, gifts, and willingness to help others. Hasn’t changed since I met her in 1991.
    I’m not entering the contest; I just wanted to share the joy I feel in being the Well Appointed Husband.

  54. I have a friend who moved to another state a year ago to be with family, it didn’t work out & she feels all alone. I’m taking her on a cruise to Western Caribbean for some sun & fun. And to emphasize love doesn’t stop at your family.

  55. On Valentine’s day, I’m flying from the US to Nepal to visit my best friend! I haven’t seen her in months and feel so loved by all my friends and family that made it possible for me to go visit my bestie!

  56. I’m going to send my mom tulips. It’s usually their wedding anniversary bouquet but she spent it in hospital so, only fitting she should get them for Valentine’s!

  57. I’m taking my wife out for a romantic dinner, and then we are going to go play at Bass Pro, taking pictures of ourselves on boats and other equipment that we’ll never buy. It should be a blast!

  58. I’m planning to send love out into the world by donating to organizations that help people–since the new year I’ve been planning to do so every month. This month, I’m thinking I’ll donate to Planned Parenthood and the National Partnership for Women & Families.

  59. I am taking my dog and kitten out for a romantic stroll in park and a nice dinner afterwards. We just adopted Maromero (Maro for the friends) and he’s the cutest little kitten ever. He loves to hang out with my dog and he especially loves taking long walks with him. My dog will need some time to get used to him but I’m sure he’ll come around.

  60. I recently came across an article about James Wiitamaki, who is dying of cancer at St. Cloud V.A. Hospital. Mr. Wiitamaki took out a newspaper ad stating his condition with a request to the public that he would like to receive letters from people. It’s such a simple request and yet this small act will bring him joy. I’ll be writing to Mr. Wiitamaki and if anyone else would like to as well, please send your letter to:
    James Wiitamaki
    V.A. Medical Center, B51-2
    4801 Veterans Drive
    St. Cloud, MN 56303

    Break out your favorite fountain pen and share your love!

  61. My wife loves Disney. I have for her a necklace with Mickie and Minnie mouse intertwined that says “I’ll be your Mickie if you be my Minnie.” She’s going to love it!

  62. I am sending handmade Valentine cards to my family, friends, and pen pals this year. I usually just make them for family, but I think everyone could use a little extra love this year.

  63. Here’s some double love. I know a couple that have been together for twenty-plus years. They have finally decided to get married and have asked for donations to the Girl Scouts in lieu of gifts. So I will be donating AND celebrating the marriage of two wonderful people.

  64. I have a friend who does not own a fountain pen and this would be great way to get her one. also having ball point to fall back on. Hard to miss that bright pink color in a purse.

  65. While it can sometimes be difficult to love those you are close with, we need to remember to do the truly difficult thing and love the “other” whether they are someone we disagree with politically, morally or simply culturally distant.

  66. Much love to my wonderful wife who puts up with my fountain pen habits and has gotten over ink spots on fingers (and is gracious when I forget one in a pants pocket in the wash)

  67. I am going to get kiddie valentines for all my coworkers-hopefully ones with suckers or other candy attached. I also ordered my spouselet Mack Weldon boxer briefs in red 😉

  68. My wife and I will be showing our love on Valentine’s Day with our traditional trip to Qdoba and Orange Leaf (Fro-Yo). They both have a BOGO for a kiss, so we’ll be sure to be smootchin’ in line!

  69. I have planned to have a nice home picnic (A blanket on the living room floor) and a nice quiet evening at home with my wife after we have our usual busy days at work
    Yes I’ll do the cooking and have flowers for my best friend and wife of 12 years

  70. I’m sending love to my wife. We’re not really ones to celebrate Valentine’s, but she bought me a surprise gift this year that caught her eye.

  71. Sending love to my mother. Due to college and work I am not able to see her on Valentine’s day or her birthday, but I am going to see her come spring break.

  72. I’ll be sending my college freshman a whole box of love in the form of baked goods, candy and a book!

  73. I’m celebrating Valentines Day by taking a special dinner to my in-laws who both have dementia. I’m going all out with a decorated table setting, the candy hearts and of course chocolate cake for desert. Hubby & I will eat with them and hopefully share some beautiful memories from their early years together. They have been married for 71 years.

  74. Such gorgeous pens!!!
    I am going to make a loaded baked potato casserole for my husband, his favorite dish! Don’t really have much extra time in our schedules this Valentines Day, so can’t do quite as much as I’d like on the actual day, trying to be creative the rest of the week too though!

  75. Those are some bright pens.

    I’ll be making dinner for my wife and kids.

    The menu will consist of the following:

    Pan roasted pork tenderloin with fig-bourbon glaze

    Oyster mushroom & watercress salad

    Cheddar Biscuits

    Chocolate Ganache for dipping strawberries, etc.

    And hopefully giving some very pink pens

  76. I will send out love by helping my students celebrate a major accomplishment at the high school where I teach.

  77. Sending love to my best friend of over 10 years – going to buy her a sing-o-gram at school next week <3

  78. I made a card for my husband this year, and we’re going to enjoy the evening by playing video games together. I also made special little gifts for my two kiddos and am sending goodies for my daughter’s second grade classmates and her teacher.

  79. I’ll be spending it with my #1 guy. We don’t like the V Day crowds so we’ll keep it low key and celebrate at home but we are attending the LA Pen Show a few days later 🙂 <3

  80. This is my husband and I’s first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, so we’re taking one night off from too-busy grad student lives and going to our favorite restaurant.

  81. I am going to take my Alaskan Malamutes, BB and Buck, out for a long walk. Perhaps with a stop for some heart shaped pancakes!

  82. This Valentines day my wife and I will be celebrating our 30th year of marriage. Our journey together began when we were in the 7th and 8th grade. We’ve been a couple through middle school, high school, college and more . We consider ourselves quite fortunate. Because, after all, what in the heck do two 12 and 13 year old kids know anyway? We got lucky and we know it, but we never take it for granted.

  83. I’m sending love to the entire staff of teachers at the school where I teach. It’s not an easy job, and all of the extra time you spend at school and home working is noted. Your ability to come to school every day with a smile, and show nothing but respect toward each and every student is very much appreciated!

  84. I like to pen a poem for my wife and inscribe it English, Latin, and Hebrew for her. I would love the set!

  85. This Valentines day I will be reading my children’s valentines with them and making cookies. I’ll also call my mom because it is her favorite holiday. Which reminds me, I need to mail out all the valentines to the family!

  86. I’m not a big fan of Valentines Day, but it’s also my Dad’s birthday, which I do love celebrating. I’m going to try to convince him to let me take him to lunch on the actual day, then I’m helping to throw his birthday party on the weekend 🙂

  87. . . . .a quiet little dinner with my boyfriend and yes I know . . .I think my dog is going to get a day of pampering and love as well – and she gets a spa day!!!!!
    why not!!!!!!

  88. Sending love out to all my fellow fans of pen and stationary! I’ll be celebrating a special Valentine’s Day as the first for my wife and I since we married, and we are getting our first new place together!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  89. I will be spending my Valentine’s Day with the two people I love the most. My 1.5 year old son and my wife. Time with them is one of my most cherished possessions.

  90. I’ll be sending out love to great friends in our Model T Club. The regular club meeting is on Tuesday at our shop. I’ve promised Valentine themed snacks while we enjoy great company.

  91. I send love and good wishes for success to all my “kiddies” that I taught over the years. Only want the best for them, as I did for my own two children and wonderful granddaughter. My husband, my love, my life, of almost 54 years, we’ll have lunch at a waterside restaurant.

  92. This February I am sending thank you notes to all my customers. I started this last year and decided to make it a yearly tradition. Also, for Valentine’s Day I am replacing one of my husband’s favorite books that our dog chewed up. Yippee!!! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  93. I hate Valentine’s Day. It’s an awful holiday that has bothered me for well over 3 decades.

    I have made a concerted effort to skip this holiday and have made that clear to my would-be partners right from the off. Yes you read that right. I skip Valentine’s Day. I boycott it altogether: no gifts, no flowers, no going out to eat, nada, nothing, zero.

    As a rebuttal to argument I devised a wonderful solution that allows me to express the love I have for my amazing wife while avoiding this terrible day:

    In return for her understanding I shower my wife with gifts and little displays of my affection and love for her the rest of the year. She trades 1 day in February for 364 days throughout the year of little demonstrations of love: surprise days off to spend time with her, love notes secreted into her purse, little thought gifts, sunset walks on the beach, romantic dinners, and so on.

    I love my wife tremendously and thankfully she loves me enough to put up with all my quirks.

  94. Celebrating my granddaughter’s first Valentine’s Day – I write her cards and poems that she can enjoy in the future. I still have a couple from my own grandmother.

  95. I work with preschoolers. I plan to share the day with my little 3 year old sweethearts and shower them with love and goodies like I do everyday I’m with them. They are awesome!

  96. I’m sending letters to my best friend’s PO box even though we talk everyday. Everyone deserves a little happy mail.

  97. My husband and I have two daughters. We’ve decided to make cards and exchange them as a family Valentines party on Saturday during our pizza party! I love that our girls still want to do this. They’re teenagers and most of the childhood traditions have gone by the wayside. My husband even got his done this week!❤️ Can not wait!

  98. Sending Grandma some flowers (she’s 95!). We live 1500 miles away, and I miss her a lot. Here I made up little candy jars for my buddies.

  99. My six year old loves “love you day” more than any other holiday. She has a little green sparkly dragon that I got her when she was sick. For Valentine’s this year I found her dragon a pink sparkly friend. I can’t wait to see her little face when she gets to meet the little dragon love you present.

  100. I’ll be babysitting my nieces so my sister and her hubby can have a lovely Valentine’s Day (I will probably load the nieces up with chocolate, so I’m not sure that’s all that loving…HAH!)

    Also those pens are amazingly bright! My 4 year old niece would love to play with them…

  101. Sewing a heart shaped pillow for my three year old son, who has just discovered this particular holiday and is now obsessed with hearts!

  102. On Valentine’s Day I will have a normal day of work for my wonderful clients and then enjoy a choir rehearsal. Yay.

  103. My youngest daughter who is eight years old has taken an interest in Fountain pens from watching me use mine. She is learning how to write with fountain pen in cursive. We have been watching YouTube videos and she is so excited about them. For Valentine’s Day I am getting her an inexpensive fountain pen with some ink she picked out. It has been a special connection between us.

  104. I’m giving one of my good friends a Valentine’s Day gift! We are strictly platonic friends, but I wanted to do something nice for her because she’s been feeling even more down than usual lately because of her single-ness (and the fact that she has a therapy appointment for her various mental health issues on Valentine’s Day is just rubbing salt in the wound).

  105. I am going to send some love out to my class! I usually write them all a note about how glad I am that they are in my class!

  106. We’re taking our 4yo to Disney World for the first time for her birthday! I can’t wait to see wat the park does for Valentine’s Day ❤️

  107. I work with children with Learning Disabilities and I am planning a Valentine’s Day party for them! They are so excited about the holiday, but I know some of them won’t have anything special to do, so this celebration, I hope, will brighten their day!

  108. My husband and I are going to a Valentines Dinner with my Rotary Club. I made a beautiful heart pom-pom wreath to celebrate the day!

  109. Sending lots of love to moms everywhere, because I have lost mine. And I am helping out at school with lots of parties.

  110. Wow! This Monteverde Neon Pink Intima Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set looks so beautiful! I love it 🙂
    I will make a special dinner for my family, and then we might watch a good movie together!
    Thank You for the chance!

  111. This coming Tuesday, my husband is taking his mother on a valentines date. I own a small daycare and we are giving our daycare parents the option to drop little ones off for a few hours while they spend some much needed time as adults. We know it’s about how you spend the time you have and making someone else smile is something we should have more of in the world.

  112. I love love love fountain pens!

    I’m cooking for my family on Vday! Ever seen a heart shaped meatloaf iced with pink mashed potatpotatoes? Lol

  113. Every week, there is a large group of us oldies who go out to eat dinner together just so we can stay in touch. One of our dear friends lost her husband recently, so the ladies of the group are planning to take her out on Valentine’s Day. She will be missing her husband and we just want to make sure she knows how special she is.

  114. I will be showing love by making dinner for my hubby and getting a cute stuffed animal and chocolates for my son! Hope everyone has a great Valentines Day!

  115. My daughter’s boyfriend of almost 10 months broke up with her last week, so I took a day of vacation and I’m visiting her at college. Hope I can cheer her up!!

  116. Valentines day is the anniversary of when my Husband and I first started dating. On our first date I gave him a six inch teddy bear. This year I got him a 6 foot teddy to demonstrate how much our love has grown. 🙂

  117. I’m going to cook a nice meal for my family for Valentine’s Day! I’m going to have my children make cards for their dad and heir grandparents and we’re probably going to bake some cookies!

  118. My hubby and I have been married for 38 yrs and will spend Valentine’s day together helping each other.
    ty 4 the entry in this awesome giveaway:)

  119. Sending love out to the world for Valentines Day!

    I’ll be spending the day with my family!

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  120. This Valentines Day my hubby and I am including my mom in our plans. I recently lost my dad and my mom is so sad and depressed. I thought this may cheer her up. We are going to an upper scale restaurant and maybe even a movie. I have been with my hubby for almost 19 years so we can share our time this year with my wonderful mom and best friend!

  121. I am sending out love to all 9 of my grandchildren. They all have a surprise bag. We will giving love to our children by babysitting while they go out to dinner. Making memories. I want to say love to this country and we should all try and be kinder to each other. <3

  122. Lettering Valentines for a senior complex where they’ll awaken to find them on their doors! Sneaking in some wish list items for women’s shelter, too.

    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway! I would love to win such a beautiful pen!

  123. I sent my Mother some beautiful flowers. She is bedridden and they will brighten her day. My sweety and I will have dinner out with my daughter and her family. We work the Soup Bowl here in our town every three months. My turn is Feb 23, 24. We are hosting a pasta dinner for 60 neighborhood kids Monday night(before Valentines) at my church. No charge just to let them know we love them!

  124. Tuesday is 1 of 2 days my wife works each week. After we both get home from work, my hope is to make her dinner and take care of the kids bedtime routine to give her a night off.

  125. What an awesome giveaway! Thank you! I try really hard to make sure my kids know to give back and help out where it’s needed. My son’s best friend’s dad just had surgery, so we are having him over for the weekend coming up to help give his parents a bit of a break and help his dad’s recovery. And my kids just see it as getting time with JWs best friend!

  126. My fiancé and I are going out to dinner. We went to Marlow’s Tavern last Valentines, so we are doing it sgain! Maybe it will be our tradition. ❤️

  127. i just had to remind everyone on my facebook page that i mean it when i say i love you. i love them all, and all of you. it is important.

  128. I try to send out love daily. Today I took an elderly man who just had heart surgery some dinner. I truly receive such a huge blessing by giving to others.

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