Ask The Desk: Cubicle Makeover

Tina needs some advice:

I need some awesome, attractive and functional cubicle accoutrements. Any suggestions?

As a cube dweller myself, I completely understand the need to jazz up the beige-walled, humdrum hives of the worker bee. Luckily I work with some unbelievably creative people who have already filled me with some creative ideas like hanging a paper chandelier from above your desk or making a four-foot-tall papier maché letter to sit atop your filing cabinet. If these seem a bit extreme, don’t fret, I also have some less showy options as well that won’t make your HR person have a conniption.

There’s also tons of great ideas on Pinterest if you search “cubicle ideas”.

If you can install any software on your computer, the next way to personalize your space is to make your computer environment look like your space. I recommend adding a screensaver of your choice and of course changing the desktop wallpaper to match your own personal aesthetic while still being tasteful. Try the Fliqlo screensaver which never fails to impress for being both eye-catching and useful (and available for Mac and Windows). For wallpapers, I often link to Think.Make.Share. Blog and their monthly offerings as well as Oh So Beautiful Paper. They both offer great options for beautiful desktop wallpapers for your computer that are inspiring and professional.

Add a plant. A small plant will add color to your desk, clean the air and brighten your mood. A succulent or air plant won’t require much care or watering but if your thumb is black, you can make a paper plant instead.

Can you cover the panels of the pinboards in your cubicle with fabric or paper? Many of us in cube-land have cover the weird 80s neo-geo fabric on our cubicle panels with black felt, white felt, kraft paper or some other neutral material. Some got more decorative and used patterned gift wrap paper or fabric. I recommend a neutral base and a good stapler if you attempt this particular hack. I used inexpensive polyester felt purchased by the bolt from Joann’s so my cost was under $10 to cover three panels.

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I hope this helps and gives you some ideas to get you started on your own cubicle decorating adventures.

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  1. Love the Russell + Hazel acrylic pieces. Actually, everything’s quite cool here! Thanks, Ms Desk. – Diane

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