Vintage Colored Pencil Haul

This weekend I acquired a large quantity of vintage Prismacolor and Derwent colored pencils from a local printing company that used to do a lot of photo retouching work. I was asked “What’s the big deal with vintage Prismacolors?”

Besides loving the beautiful logos, the quality of the foil stamping and paint on the Eagle brand Prismacolors manufactured in the US is top-notch. But in terms of actual material quality, the cores are less likely to break, are more likely to be centered, and overall better quality. So, why wouldn’t I stockpile them?

There’s a lot of great colors in this grouping too.

I don’t have as much experience with Derwent colored pencils but these are all made in Britain/England and labelled “Rexel Cumberland” in various iterations. They are similar to a lot of the pencils I’ve acquired from clearance sales at work. I pretty much have enough of these now to build a shed in the backyard out of colored pencils. Or color in an entire city block. Either option sounds excellent.

Also included in the stash was a few miscellaneous China Markers (wax crayons), dried out ballpoint pens, a couple local advertising pencils, a couple Stabilo ALL pencils, a Hardmuth Aviator 3H pencil, and a few Berol-era Prismacolor colored pencils.

Not too bad for $10.

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  1. I have a drawer full of old Prismacolor pencils from college (in the 80’s). Never thought of these as vintage! I guess eventually lots of things end up deserving a new glance and a new lease on life. Cool!

    1. Although not truly vintage, I still have my Prismacolors that I received as a gift in 1989. It was the gift that I wanted more than anything. It was the large set that came in a metal case that would stand up right. The case was damaged beyond usefullness in the 90’s but I still have my colors! 🙂

    1. Of course! That’s the connection for the name. I wish I knew more about the pedigree of these colored pencils though and why Derwent changed their formula and added so many different grades to their colored pencils. If you have more details, please let me know.

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