Set Your Scanners on Atlanta!

Just a reminder… This weekend is the Atlanta Pen Show so there will be lots of activity on Instagram. So, if you’re following along at home, look for the hashtag #atlantapenshow2017 . That should be the best source for photos of cool pens, funny situations and all the good stuff.

The live “in front of a studio audience” broadcast of the Pen Addict podcast will be happening on Saturday night and yours truly will be parked at a mic alongside the main events, Brad and Myke and some special guests too!

If you’ll be in Atlanta, I will be at the Vanness table with Lisa and Christa for the duration of the weekend with a big stack of Col-o-ring Ink testing books, gobs of awesome inks like Bungbox, KWZ, Callifolio, Robert Oster, and so much more. We will be in the “Cool Kids Room” with the ink testing station, along with Karas Kustoms and Jonathan Brooks on the right side of the hall.

If you don’t spot me in any of the above mentioned places (I’m the one without the beard), then you’ll find me at the bar or the Waffle House. I’ll be the tired, inky handed girl with pinky/purple hair. I shouldn’t be to hard to spot.

I’ll be back in the “chair” on Tuesday. Tired but happy. See you then!

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