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I am touched and flattered that Rhodia took the time to read and respond to my Dot Grid Showdown post. In their reply, they mentioned my biggest complaint which is the ribbon length and said that they are hoping to lengthen it! Joy! They also explained why the dot colors are as dark as they are. And I know for some users, they prefer the color. So, despite my preference for lighter dots, the world has options for a reason. I also discovered, upon opening a different color Leuchtturm 1917 dot grid that not all editions have the same color dots so there may be some consistency issues with how dark the dots print from one volume of Leuchtturm to the other. Whichever notebook you choose, I think all the companies are thoughtful and upstanding and working hard to stand by their products. Thanks, Rhodia for listening to your customers!




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*Editor’s Note: It appears that The Finer Point‘s RSS feed was out of commission for a few weeks so I’m doubling down on her content this week. If you don’t have Jenny in your favorites already, this would be a good time to add her to your list. She’s been reviewing a lot of notebooks recently and she’s one of my favorite reads.

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  1. Thanks for the reference on Jenny. I read some of her stuff and immediately bookmarked her page. Good stuff especially as I am falling into the abyss of notebook options.

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