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The folks at BigiDesign have kindly sent me a NEW  Ti Arto Refill Friendly Pen  ($85) to give away to one lucky reader. I reviewed and tested this pen awhile back and put it through its paces and I can tell you that if you have been looking for a sturdy, solid titanium pen that will accept a wide range of refills (over 200 different refills at last count!) that looks and feels good in your hand, this is the pen for you. You can have the convenience of your favorite gel, rollerball, felt tip or ballpoint refill without the plasticky look of the drugstore/big box pen.

If you love the Pilot G2 (or some other refill), you can buy the refills you prefer and use the durable, reusable Ti Arto Pen thereby reducing your amount of plastic waste, if even by a little bit.

So… I bet you’re waiting to find, “How do I enter to win the Ti Arto?”

TO ENTER: Tell me what your favorite pen refill is. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Saturday, July 29, 2017. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Sunday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your REAL email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone β€” pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 10 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money. US and APO only.

If you like the Ti Arto, you’ll love the new Ti Pocket Pro ($65) now available for pre-order on BigiDesign’s web site. It accepts over 80 different refills and adjusts in length depending on whether you fill it with a rollerball style refill or a Parker-style refill.  It starts shipping in late August.

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  1. My favorite is the Large Pelikin 4001 cartridge since it holds twice as much ink as the regular international cartridges & fits MOST of my fountain pens

  2. While the Pilot G2 is a solid refill, my preference is for the MontBlanc refills. I’ve always found they write quite smoothly and reliably, even after being unused for many months/years.

  3. Pilot G2 1mm (bold) – Blue — I cut the refills down after they reach half empty and use them in the now discontinued mini-G2s. Why? I keep one clip to a Field Notes or similar for every day carry.

  4. I love my Pilot hi-tec-c slims and the medium Fisher space pen refills for a lot of different pens and brands.

  5. I guess it’s out of familiarity, but my favorite refill has to be the Schmidt Easy Flow (9000). Having a drawer full of various unused refills, I’d love to try (and own!) the Ti Arto! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  6. Uni Jetstream. Currently looking forward to ordering the 0.38 mm refills when my 0.5 mm refills run out.

  7. Great original review, I bought one as a gift for a friend in the UK on the strength of it. My biggest regret was not getting one for myself! Now I might get given one! My favorite refill is the Fisher Space Pen… I take them everywhere my fountain pens can’t handle. Thank you Ana!

  8. Need this pen! My favorite refill is the Uniball Signo DX and there aren’t any other good options I know of. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. Pilot Juice Blue/Black 0.5 mm by a MILE. I love that refill, and it’s exactly the same size as a Pilot G2 refill, so it fits in any pen that will take the G2.

  10. My preference is for the 0.38 G2, though the 0.38 Jetstream seems to be calling to me…

  11. Hello Ana,
    First time commenter! My favorite refill is the Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 (Blue). I have only used the medium tips so far.
    Kind Regards,
    G.R. Parker

  12. Man I’ve been drooling over this pen for a looong time.

    Favourite refill is the Pilot .3mm Hi-Tec-C. It’s great for my drawing habit.

    Good luck everyone πŸ™‚

  13. I’m totally digging the Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel right now. Always smooth, always writes, and the only decent thing Paper Mate makes. The green is AMAZING.

  14. Thanks for the giveaway! I like standard Pilot G2 Gel refills, but in fancy colors other than black or blue. And Staples has an equivalent Avant gel refill that works well, too!

  15. Hi! Thanks for the giveaway. I’d have to go with “Easyflow 9000”. Came with my Retro Kaligraffiti Urban Scrawl Pen that I lost I miss that pen

  16. I love the Schmidt refills. Saved many of them for years and they still did great!

  17. I love the Uni Signo DX 0.38. Maybe that’s not really a refill, but you can pull them from the pens easily. Also love this blog as it’s always honest and informative.

  18. I would have to say the Schmidt Fineliner, is my refill of choice at the present time.

  19. I don’t have a prefered refill yet. It takes time to make such an important decision πŸ˜‰

  20. My favorite is the Uni Signo UM-151 in .38 mm. The color pigmentation is excellent and they never skip.

  21. Honestly I love the Uni Jetstream Refill. Best of all worlds this side of the fountain pen line.

  22. Today, my favorite is the Schmidt 9000M EasyFlow. Those are some smooth cartridges.

  23. It’s a bit boring but Faber Castell medium black, fits most of my pens and works every time. Having said that I have a Lamy m66 looking for a home (who buys the wrong refill seriously).

  24. My current favorite pen (which has become my daily writer) is my TWSBI Diamond 580 AL loaded with Robert Oster’s Fire and Ice ink.

  25. Hello Anna,

    Have several favorites. Will go with Hi Tec C or the Zebra Jimniestick 0.7 is a new favorite.

    Best regards,

  26. I like the Pilot G2, but I like the Uni-ball Signo a bit better. Parker’s new gel Jotter refill is excellent also.

  27. I enjoy Monteverde’s Parker style gel refills in fine–most recently I’ve been using blue.

  28. So many options! My favorite would probably be something green – and right now I’m using the Uni Style Fit multipen a lot, so maybe one of the green .38 refills for that pen.

  29. My favourite is the Uniball Signo DX 0.38! But also I really like the Uniball Jetstream 0.7 and the Pentel Energel 0.7mm πŸ™‚

  30. My favorite rollerball / gel refill is the Pentel Energel (in various sizes, tips, and colors), though I also quite like the Schmidt 6040 M in some pens.

  31. I’m having a ball (rollerball? ballpoint?) reading all of these “favorite refill” posts — and taking notes!!! πŸ™‚ (though I’m still partial to the Schmidt Easy Flow)

  32. My favourite pen refill is either the Hi-Tec-C .3 mm, or the Sarasa .4. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Uni-ball Signo DX 0.38 mm is my current favorite, but the Zebra Sarasa Clip is growing on me.

  34. My favorite refill is… hi tec c, uni signo, and the fine Schmidt rollerball. I think.

  35. My favourite refill is the Pilot Precise V5 RT refill… I hacked it to fit it in my Kaweco Sport and it became my edc pen.

  36. Definitely the Pilot G2 in 0.38! I’m eager to try a few of the others mentioned in the comments though! Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

  37. A 0.7mm G2 refill in a Pilot G2 Pro pen is my work-horse combo. The Pilot G2 Pro pen makes all the difference compared with the regular G2 pen.

    The G2 refills are good enough, but they aren’t as good as the Pentel EnerGel refills. But I don’t like the Pentel pen designs compared with Pilot. Unfortunately, the EnerGel refills don’t fit well in the Pilot pens, the tips are slightly smaller in diameter so they rattle around a bit. Some people don’t notice it, but I do.

  38. I love Uni-Ball Signo micro or ultra-micro refills, preferably in blue. I really like to draw a fine line! πŸ™‚ I’d love to win this pen. I would give it a home forever!

  39. Uni-ball UMR-1 in 0.38 is fantastic but the pen body is nothing special. Being able to put one in this pen would be approaching perfection.

  40. I like the Pilot G2. I’m sure there are better refills out there, but that has been my favorite so far.

  41. I am not sure it’s my favorite, but it is my most used, and that is the refill for the Parker Jotter. I like a medium point with blue ink. The pen is stainless steel and it is my go to purse pen. It looks classy and has been with me for a long time. πŸ™‚

  42. It’s gotta be the high tec-c. If we are also going a bit beyond convention I just got a tombow airpress and adore the smoothness of it.

  43. Uniball Signo UM-138: the refill so good that I like it in colors that I wouldn’t normally use (such as light blue).

  44. Favorite pen refill – easy peasy, lemon squeezy – not so! I have manu favorites, for different use cases. Cross fiber tip, Pilot G2, and Pilot Juice tie for favorite, I’d suppose.

  45. I love me a needle point gel pen and I see this pen fits a hi-tec-c coleto refill, which is my favorite. I would go with a classic black for everyday use.

  46. Uni UMR-85 black is my go-to, which is why this would be the perfect choice for an EDC.

  47. The uni-ball signo gel pen! I enjoy the multi pens because I color code everything!

  48. My favorite refill is the Pilot Juice 0.38. Great colors, smooth feel, and consistent lines.

  49. My all-time favorite would be the Hi-Tec-C .38 in blue, but the Itoya .07mm parker-style gel refill is a close runner up.

  50. I would have to say the Uni SXR-7. As a lefty I do love the Jetstreams, and the EnerGels….

    Thanks for the chance!

  51. I like the violet color from the UniStyle Fit Gel multipen refill, the wider 0.5 – so I can see more of the color. It’s a nice change from the blues, but not too radical πŸ™‚

  52. Hey there. I like the signo DX in .38 and the Polot acroink ballpoint refill is great.

  53. Uni-ball Jetstream, writes smooth and doesn’t skip. Bold, fine or micro all work for me.

  54. I love the G2 by Pilot it’s nice and easy. Gives me what I want, nothing extra and nothing horrible.

  55. Itoya GPR-7 is where it’s at! Love the fine tip and smooth writing. I recommend it for and smaller pen (or refill friendly pen).

  56. Years ago after a tour of Edwards Air Force base I bought my first pen with the “Fisher Space Pen” cartridge. I have been hooked ever since. A few years back I moved from the medium tip to the fine. But still love the cartridge that always just works…..

  57. My favorite refill? Oh it’s gotta be the 0.38 black Uni Jetstream. The smooth, dark, ultra-fine lines get me every time!

  58. Pilot G2 is a classic, but a good Zebra fine tipped pen is also weirdly enjoyable to write with

  59. For me it has to be the SXR from the Uniball Jetstream. It’s consistent, never skips or globs and just lasts! Plus it writes on airmail envelopes like a dream (I send a lot of mail)

  60. The Pentel Energel .7 needle tip is my favorite, especially the violet ink.

  61. I guess it would be a blue Schmidt P8126, although a .7 blue Jetstream would be a close second.

  62. My favorite refill is the Pilot G2 Gel Pen Refill – 0.38 mm… love those fine points for writing on postcards and being able to write more than Miss you!

  63. The Uni-Ball Signo DX in black is just about perfect, but there are VERY few pens that can take it. The fact that the Ti Arto can is so exciting!

  64. I love the Pentel Slicci .25 but the barrel is very thin and light. Any chance that it will fit in the Arto?

  65. It may seem rather old fashioned but much of my day to day scribbling is done with a Parker Ball Point pen, fine point either black or blue ink.

  66. There are other refills that are a bit better, but the Pilot G2 .7 is my favorite overall.

  67. Pilot G2. Behaves well, smooth and precise and dirt cheap considering how long it lasts.

  68. My favorite refill is the Slicci BG503 0.3 because I love the ultra fine lines for my writing or printing and design making…

  69. These days I’m quite partial to the Zebra Sarasa vintage 0.5mm colors. The brown-gray rocks!

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