Ink Review: Montblanc Lucky Orange

I have been using Montblanc Lucky Orange in my Franklin Christoph Pocket 45 since the beginning of April. Since it’s an eyedropper filler with a fine italic nib, it could possibly take me a whole year to use up all the ink but I will likely enjoy using it the whole time. I haven’t been a buyer of Montblanc limited edition inks until this year. I missed out on a few of the limited edition colors last year and I ended up kicking myself about it so this year I decided to just buy them. The Lucky Orange was only $19 for the 35ml 30ml bottle. Maybe I have blinders about the pricing  now but with Oster inks at $19 for 50ml bottles in plastic, I feel less bad about spending $19 for pretty Montblanc bottles even if they have less ink in them.

Montblanc Lucky Orange Writing Sample

Since getting the Pocket 45, it’s only had two inks in it. First, was the F-C Brown 732 which made me refer to the pen as the “pudding pen” because it looked like vanilla pudding on the outside with chocolate pudding on the inside. Now, with the Lucky Orange ink, it reminds me of a Creamsicle, which is a name that might stick. Next up? Maybe a warm red and it can be Strawberries and Cream?

But back to the ink color which was why you’ve read this far, right? Lucky Orange is a nice crisp orange ink. It writes beautifully and definitely chases away a grey day which was perfect for the cloudy spring we had here in K.C. It is a completely legible color, even in a fine nib. I confess that after all of Myke’s waxing poetic of his love of orange ink, it had not been a color I had given much thought to using. Lucky Orange has definitely given me pause to reconsider. I consider it my gateway orange.

Montblanc Lucky Orange Swatch Comparison

I do have several other orange inks in my collection but I can’t say that I’ve ever done more than swatched or maybe dipped a pen with them. Maybe I just needed the right pen to make orange a color I could use regularly. I don’t think I’d want to put orange ink in an orange pen. That would be a little too much orange for me. Other people, for whom orange may be their favorite color might feel differently. Alternately, orange in a green pen seems a terrible idea. But in a neutral colored pen, orange gets to be the star and I think that’s a great plan.

Lucky Orange is a bit brighter and poppier than Fuyu-gaki which is a bit more reddish-orange. However, if you already have a bottle of Sailor Apricot or Kin-Mokusei, you may not need a bottle of Lucky Orange. That said, doesn’t everyone need a little luck in their life?


DISCLAIMER: Some items used in this review were sent to me free of charge by JetPens. I bought the ink from Anderson Pens with my own money though they are a sponsor of this blog. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. Hi Ana.

    Love the article.

    My OCD self wants me to let you know that there are two instances in the article where you misspelled Montblanc (missing the T). Sorry.

    1. LOL. This is what happens when I finish my posts at 6 in the morning! I’ll fix this now. Thanks for catching my typos!

  2. Oh no! I have orange ink in a green pen! If it’s vintage green (as in a Franklin-Christoph Pocket 20), does that make it o.k.? Paired with Kobe Apricot? 🙂

  3. Thank you for the lovely review of a beautiful ink.

    The seller of a Montblanc 146 used it for his writing sample, and I have been using it ever since in memory of my late friend and companion, Lucky the Jack Russell Terrier.

    1. What a touching way to remember a loyal friend. You were lucky to have found each other. If ever there were an ink named Milo, I’d buy it by the gallon.

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