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For the sake of efficiency this week, leading up to the D.C. Pen Show, I’m combining a few news articles with the links rather than separating them out into their own post this week.


  • Goulet Pens is moving! Shipping will be affected during the week of August 8-12 so be sure to read their blog post for details. Expedited shipping won’t be available and there may be some delays as they get moved so be patient.
  • There are six new Akkerman Dutch Masters ink colors making a grand total of twelve colors of 120ml bottles available. They are currently stocked at both Anderson Pens and Vanness Pens.
  • Shark Week has even invaded the US Post Office.
  • This weekend is the Chicago International Urban Sketch Symposium so there is lots of posts on Instagram and various blogs from folks like Liz Steel, Citizen Sketcher and our very own Tina at Fueled by Clouds and Coffee. To see what some of these urban sketchers pack for a weekend of street sketching, check out Citizen Sketcher’s What’s in My Bag post and Tina’s Ready for Chicago post. Then follow them both on Instagram for more of their adventures.




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  1. Like everything else you see on TV and the Internet these days, Shark Week is FAKE:

    Not only is Shark Week fake, almost all the content is just dog-eared reruns of stuff that’s been aired over and over again, year after year. Remember, next year it will be 30 years that the Discovery Channel has been beating this dead horse (er shark).

  2. Thank you for the link, which I appreciate.

    And thank you for the Stantec article – some tough descriptions of prison life, but it really illuminates the role of creativity (and a really oddball typewriter) in survival.

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