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If you will be coming to the DC Pen Show this weekend, here’s some things to look for. Even if you’re not, some of the events will be broadcast or available online as well. So, if you’d like to feel a part of the excitement, here’s how:

Susan Wirth Memorial

On Saturday evening there will be a memorial service held in honor of Susan Wirth who passed away suddenly in May. The service will be held at 7pm. There will be efforts made to livestream parts of the event. Details to follow. Check on Instagram, Twitter or the Pen Addict podcast episode 268 (yet to be broadcast, but this is where the link will be when available) which will be recorded on Friday night. Myke is hoping to get it uploaded as quickly as possible and may be able to get some information broadcast about the whos and wheres of any recording. I am sure people will be taking photos, videos and sharing their own experiences as well.

In general, most images of this year’s Pen Show can be found on Instagram via the hashtag #dcpenshow2017. You can find images of Susan Wirth under the hashtag #susanwirth . If you have any images you’d like to share, please upload them to Instagram and add the hashtag to share along with your stories.

Pen Show Specials

In honor of their second anniversary, Federalist Pens has a special edition Robert Oster Signature ink called Frankly Blue. Its a rich dark blue-green with shading and its exclusive to Federalist Pens, of course. If you are interested in this new exclusive ink you can pre-order on their web site and pick up your order at the show. Be sure to mention in your order if you want to pick up your ink at the show. Or send an email to Frank.

Also available at the Federalist Pens table will be the new Soda Pop Blue and Black Violet inks but those will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis so come by the table to get these two new colors as there are a limited number of bottles available. The best way to see these colors and what Robert Oster is working on next, check out their Facebook page.

Vanness Pen Shop  is bringing the Rollbahn notebook collection from Delfonics to the show. The notebook covers are available in both brilliant neons and more subtle colors in top- and side-binding in a wide array of sizes with lines and grid formats. The paper is a warm ivory color and  pretty fountain pen friendly. In the back of the notebooks are plastic storage sleeves (multiple sleeves!) for loose ephemera sandwiched between two sheets of cardstock. Black elastic keeps everything tidy. Of course, Vanness is also bringing towers of ink from all the brands from across the globe and the new Kaweco Perkeos (shown above), new goodies from Caran d’Ache and so much more. Vanness will also offer 8 colors of Bungbox for $35 per bottle. Come get them while you can!

Anderson Pens will be bringing their fabulous wares including the new Retro 51 Tiki Kona, the new TWSBI Eco Turquoise, the Leuchtturm1911 notebooks, Graf von Faber Castell Guilloche pens, the new Akkerman Dutch Masters ink colors, and the Kyoto TAG inks. The Andersons will also have the new Robert Oster Black Violet ink.

The Kanilea Pen Company will debut their new Haleakala Fountain Pen design at the DC Show. The Haleakala fountain pen, has a rose gold medallion and is available with an 18K rose gold or rose gold steel nib. It looks amazing and I can’t wait to see it in person.

NockCo is bringing an array of their products including so unusual mix-ups like these “Funkytowns”. Just in time too because someone at my house ran off with my Brasstown.

Special Guests

Master Penman Jake Weidmann will be at the Montegrappa table Saturday & Sunday. If you’re not familiar with his work, this is a great opportunity to see him in action.

and, of course,

There will be Col-o-ring Ink Testing Books available at the pen show! I will be at the Vanness Pens table with a goodly amount. I know that Tom of Ink Journal plans to be at the show with a stash of Col-o-ring Ink Testing Books as well.

If you have any questions, drop me a line via Twitter, Instagram or my handy, dandy Ask The Desk email form. Please come by and say hi at the show! I can’t wait to see every one, their purchase and their Col-o-rings!

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  1. You said, “In general, most images of this year’s Pen Show can be found on Instagram via the hashtag #dcpenshow2017.”

    Really!? I have to go to Twitter first THEN Instagram next to get my full fix of your content uploads from D.C.?

    I’m sick and tired of being forced to jump all over the Internet to scripting-bloated, tracking-heavy “Social Media” spy sites just to see content mentioned on someone’s Blog site. Especially when the content could have been hosted on the person’s Blog to begin with.

    This is called “Content Fragmentation Fatigue” or “CFF”.

    CFF is something Blog owners force on their followers because of a combination of two factors: 1. Greed, and/or 2. Laziness.

    Greed for more “Clicks”, “Likes”, etc., which just amounts to a boost in ad revenue (at-best), and/or (at-worst) simple ego inflation.
    Laziness because Social Media sites make it dirt simple to upload content with a single click (selfies anyone?). But with just a little additional coding “effort” (a bad word these days), a Blog owner can upload just as easily on the fly to their own site plus the Social Media sites – in parallel!

    So no, I will not be joining you at the D.C. Supershow on “Instagram via Twitter”. That’s a loss for both of us – in my opinion. Sigh…

    1. I meant to see other people’s images. I didn’t mean to create a rage machine. Many people post images on Instagram using that hashtag besides me. In fact, to be honest, I work during the show and post very little. I will post a show wrap-up here.

  2. Just a reminder: A blog and much of the internet offers you something, like information, fun, participation, mostly for free, so nobody is obliged to read and follow if it might be too much CFF.

    Thank you, Ana, for providing somewhat futuristic links to where some of the pen show content will be! 😉 <3

    1. Thanks for the support. The hashtag is to help to find other people who will be posting images and content and not in an effort to drive more traffic to my images. I’m sorry if anyone misinterpreted my meaning.

  3. Thanks for the mention, Ana. InkJournal will have plenty of Col-O-Ring books on hand, as well as ink samples (including Robert Oster Soda Pop Blue & Black Violet) so you can “build your own” Ink Flight box.

    By the way, I totally appreciate the fact that you pointed folks to where they can follow the hashtags on social media. It’s helpful and informative to those who may not be in the know.

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