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ArtSnacks Lettering Snacks

One of the most successful Collection Boxes that ArtSnacks ever did was the Lettering Collection. It sold out. Twice. So ArtSnacks has officially announced its quarterly Lettering Snacks subscription service. Each box will contain five to six full-sized supplies and a tutorial from Kristina Werner. Plans start at $89 per quarter with free shipping in the US. Assume these boxes will contain brush pens, ink, brushes and other tools specific to lettering and calligraphy.

Mr. Boddington’s Write to the White House

Mr. Boddington Letter to the White House Kit

Help your children develop civic pride and an interest in letter writing with this Write to the White House  letter writing kit ($25) from Mr. Boddington. The kit includes five sheets, five envelopes pre-addressed to the White House, stickers and a booklet with tips for writing to The President. The kit should be available for purchase August 1.

Kenro For You

Kenro is clearing out some of its sample pens and its discontinued models. Their clutter clearing is your treasure! They will, from time to time, be putting these items up on their new site Kenro for You. So, bookmark the page and check it out. This will be your opportunity to purchase that pen you may have actually tested at a pen show, seen photographed for the web site or seen at a trunk show.

Strickplaner 2018


Hey, Knitters! Have I got a planner for you. It’s the Strickplaner for 2018. The planner is designed with daily and weekly event planning AND project planning in mind and includes a pattern for a knitted cover. The end papers are illustrated by Julie Levesque of Symposi Press who makes great knitting themed planner stickers so your planner and stickers could match! Strickplaner will be available in August. It’s in English and German and just a ting bit smaller than A5. The web site has a detailed video with more details.

House Industries BookHouse Industries in San Fransisco

One of my favorite type designers, Andy Cruz from House Industries will be discussing creativity with none other than director extraordinaire J.J. Abrahms Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 7:30 PM at the Nourse Theater in San Francisco, CA as part of the City Arts and Lectures Series recorded live for Public Radio. If you’d like to be part of the audience for this event, you can purchase tickets here. Go for me. The lecture is hosted by Adam Savage. Yes, THAT Adam Savage. No doubt, there will be lots of talk of fast cars, explosions, pop culture, and entertainment.

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  1. I have encouraged my daughter to write to The White House every day since Trump was elected.

    After the FBI’s last visit, we’re hoping to have visiting hours increased a little.

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