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Okay, you forced my hand this week! Too much happened in the last 48 hours that made me HAVE to post a news post this week!

NEWS of the WEIRD or NEWS of the WEEK — you decide!

The Pen Addict received a Cease & Desist from the Scribble Pen. Pretty sure its about as legally binding as those letters I get from Princes in Africa and those phone calls I’ve been getting from the IRS about wire transferring my life savings.

Thanks for blazing a trail:

Typographic legend, designer and lettering artist Margo Chase passed away on Sunday in a plane accident. She was best known for designing the Buffy logo, the Madonna Immaculate Collection logo and her typefaces. I had the privilege of meeting her once when I was working in Chicago and she has always been someone I have looked up to as a role model.

On an Up Note:


Please welcome CuteTape back to our sponsors! If you need washi tape, there’s no better source. CuteTape also sells baker’s twine, party favors, decorative paper bags, stationery and other items great for journaling and crafting.

Vanness Pen Shop is also a returning sponsor of The Well-Appointed Desk. Their online shop stocks a dizzying array of ink brands from all over the world from KWZ from Poland to Kyoto TAG inks from Japan.

And finally, the shop is restocked with Col-o-rings! Place your orders quick because I’m hitting the road for D.C. on Wednesday morning so order shipping will slow to crawl until I get back on Tuesday, August 8.

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