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Kitten Update: Our newest resident is settling in but is still a little skittish. She is super cuddly once she feels safe and loves to play with the string toy. The other cats are slowly warming to her except “El Presidente,” our 6lb Siamese who is having none of this micro-invader. So, for the time being, we are keeping the kitten sequestered and introducing her slowly to the rest of the brood. The vets gave her a clean bill of health except for ear mites. Name is still up for debate. Suggestions?

Link of the Week:
This is the best, most-thorough and accurate review of the Platinum Classic inks I’ve seen yet. It’s also stunningly beautiful. I wholeheartedly agree that the Platinum Classic inks exhibit iron gall-like properties but are not true iron gall inks.




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  1. Thank you for sharing the beautiful new little girl addition. And, the links are wonderful too. Much enjoyed and appreciated.

  2. Parker is a great name for a cat. (I have an 18-year-old tom named Richard Parker after the tiger in Life of Pi, but it could be a pen thing, too.)

  3. The way she sits there all regal and she has no problem wearing all of her “rings”, the first name that came to my head was Antoinette.
    The second one was Joli. Joli is french for Pretty!!

    1. My dearly departed Siamese was named Esther. We have considered Addie Turbo because she is basically jet-propelled and I like a good knitting joke.

  4. Thanks for the Inky Fingers bullet journal link. I would love to see a review of various pocket-sized, pre-formatted bullet journals similar to this one! There aren’t many out there, and I can’t seem to find them listed in one spot either. Love your newsletter!

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