News: Left Hander’s Day

Sunday is Left Hander’s Day

I always forget to make a big deal about Left Hander’s Day because is lands solidly in between the DC Pen Show and the SF Pen Show, back-to-school season, fall TV preview issues of EW and 100º heat. So, lefties raise your ink and graphite smudged hands with pride!

JetPens posted an article with tools for lefties. The recommendations for rollerball, gel and pencils are all pretty solid so if you’re trying to choose between brands of everyday pens, this guide might help you select a brand less likely to smudge. However, I don’t agree with all their recommendations. I don’t agree with the Pelikano for left-handers but I do like the Pilot Custom 912 with Waverly nib.

I also don’t agree with the Speedball calligraphy set. The Pilot Elabo fountain pen is the same as the Pilot Falcon. It gives some line variation but I’m inclined to recommend a regular set of pointed dip nibs to a lefty and not a specialty set of left-handed nibs. If you decide you’re going to do blackletter, then you might need the Speedball set for lefties but that’s a pretty specific style.

I’m a lefty too and I know a lot of other lefties who would agree with me that it’s easier to use as many standard tools as possible as it makes it easier to find replacement tools later.

Sunday is Letter Writing Club

If you live within trekking distance of Lawrence, KS, Wonder Fair is hosting its 33rd Letter Writing Club on Sunday, August 13th from 2:00pm – 4:00pm at Decade on 920 Delaware Street. For more information, visit Wonder Fair.

BENU Pen Supreme Collection

BENU Pens has launched an Indiegogo campaign to launch their newest line of acrylic resin pens. There are four new colorways, three of which look like galactic star clusters. Early pricing starts at $98 – $180 with free shipping for a single pen, either rollerball or fountain pen. I have never used a BENU pen but Azizah over at Gourmet Pens will be reviewing one shortly so I look forward to seeing what she has to say because I think they look amazing!

Fountain pen ink workshop – SAVE THE DATE

Fountain Pen calligraphy artists Nick Stewart (Fountain Pen Inks and Bleach) and Janine Tholen-Florijn (@janinescribbles) are demonstrating their techniques for lettering, ink and watercolor at Sakura FP Gallery in Diest, Belgium on Saturday, September 23. For more information, visit Sakura Fountain Pen Gallery.

Col-o-ring News

Notemaker in Australia is now fully stocked with Col-o-rings. Our world domination scheme is well underway.

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  1. Lefty Day is usually off my radar, but this year I actually put it on my calendar! Haven’t decided what I’ll do, but it’ll probably involve sketching with my left hand. 😉 Happy Lefty Day to you, too!


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