Photo of the Day: Wallace Motif Pencils

While at the D.C. Pen Show, my good friend John Martinson gave me a beautiful tin box of vintage pencils. It was a Wallace Motif box with nine unsharpened No. 2 pencils and three Eagle Mikado No. 3 pencils. I’ve never seen Wallace pencils before but the company was in Saint Louis so they were right here in Missouri. 

The ferrules are longer than modern pencils and have concentric hash marks. The black erasers look nice with the blue paint too.

The cores were nicely centered. I know I should sharpen one and try it because I’m sure it would write like a dream especially since its not a full box of a dozen but I feel like I should wait a little while longer. Let them nestle in their perfect tin for a little while longer.

Such a beautiful, perfect gift.

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  1. Beautiful. What a lovely gift. The temptation to sharpen and use would be great, however, equally just to let them be would be great as well. What will you decide to do?

  2. I have the exact same pencil tin filled with an assortment of their pencils. I cherish it. They made these between 1915 – 1950. Classic.

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