Review: Galen Leather Pen Cases

Galen Leather has become a well-known leather goods maker from Turkey specializing in stationery-related products. They recently sent me two of their newest products to try out: the 3-pen zippered pen case in Crazy Horse ($39) and the 5-Pen Zipper case in Chocolate Brown ($49) .

The 3-Pen case opens with the pen loops on the right and slots on the left for business cards and receipts or stamps. When I first got this case, I was not sure I would like it as I have a tendency to carry dozens of pens at any one time but it turns out I carry about three really good pens with me most of the time and it has turned out to be the perfect case for me. The zipper slides smoothly, the case fits in my hand and is roughly the same size, albeit a little thicker than my iPhone 6s. So, I can grab it along with my phone and a notebook and run to a meeting without looking like I’m carrying a ton of crap. I’ve even managed to spatter ink on the leather cover already which looks perfect with the roughed up “crazy horse” finish.

There’s something very Indiana Jones about the “crazy horse” finish. Really dig it.

The larger 5-pen case has a polished, professional look. The leather is warm cocoa colored with a smooth finish. It has the same smooth performing zipper closure which I found to be a pleasing surprise. Sometimes, zippers that have to navigate corners stick but this one does not.

The leather pull tab makes it easy to open and close as well and it looks good.

Inside, the elastics snugly hold pens with a variety of cap sizes. The widest cap I had was the new Karas Decograph which was a snug fit while the narrowest was the silver Platinum which fit loosely but the clip kept it from shifting.

The Field Notes or other comparable sized notebook tucks into the stitched seam pocket and stays in place. For me, as a lefty, this notebook on the right layout was not effective as my arm ended up laying on the pens. Also, this case configuration made using the left-hand pages difficult if not impossible if the pens were in the straps regardless of whether you are left-handed or right-handed. However, if you’re not inclined to use the left-hand side of the pages and are right-handed, this is a beautiful and super handy way to have a pen (or five) and some paper handy at all times.


THE GIVEAWAY: I’d like to giveaway the Galen Leather Zippered 5-Pen Case to one lucky reader who can put it to good use.  It has been used for review purposes so there may be light signs of wear. Photos show its current condition. Pens and Field Notes not included. Just so you know.

THE RULES: Answer the following question in the comments below: What pens and/or paper would you fill the 5-Pen Zipper case with?

One entry per person.

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Monday, September 11, 2011. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Tuesday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your REAL email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 7 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money. US residents only.

DISCLAIMER: This item was sent to me free of charge by Galen Leather for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway! I would fill the beautiful case with a mini junk journal that I made, faber castell pitt pens, brush,and fine points, white extra fine Sharpie white paint pen, and a blue water color pencil!

  2. 1) Lamy Al-Star Purple
    2) Kaweco Perko Bad Taste
    3) Lamy Safari Petrol
    4) Regal Alice
    5) Namisu Nova

    I’d match these up with one of my trusted Rosetta notebooks.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. Rhodia pocket notebook, with a Pilot Vanishing Point, a Pelikan 400 and 600, a Parker 51and an Omas, each with a different color ink.

  4. The Field notes fit perfect so that and/or one of my own me-made notepads would be included. For writing and drawing I would make it a mix of contents. A micron for detail, a brush pen for lettering, a mechanical pencil for sketching, a fountain pen for everything, and since the case looks like I could be a bit creative, add in 2 or 3 gel pens for some color in the elastics where there is still some give! Thanks for the chance to win and for showing off these amazing cases.

  5. I would use a pilot vanishing point, my pilot metropolitan, a sakura brush pen and mechanical pencil, and a white signo gel pen. I’m not sure what notebook I would use, maybe a life pistachio notebook or something with gray paper if I could find one. Maybe the Field Notes sweet tooth editions if I can still find them available somewhere.

    Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  6. Hello and thanks for the giveaway!

    Paper- I would use it for Zentangle tiles, Apprentice or original or Bristol vellum
    Pens- Pigma Microns. 01 in black and brown, black.08, uniball white and Sakura white gelly roll,


  7. my little black maruman notebooks would be perfect in here and as for pens:

    Lamy Safari Dark Lilac – 1.1 calligraphy nib
    Marvy Le Pen Technical Drawing Pen .3 mm
    Uni Kura Toga mechanical pencil
    Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen – Medium nib
    Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighter

    I’ve been trying to pull out the calligraphy nib when I’m sitting somewhere to just write things I hear and see to improve my handwriting and make it a little more consistent. My little notebook looks weird now, all full of people’s names and coffee menus and disjointed phrases. But it’s all in the name of handwriting!

  8. Pelikan M605
    Pilot Custom Heritage 92
    Lamy Safari Petrol
    Pelikan M205 Silver rings
    Aurora 88

    For paper, a handmade notebook with Tomoe River paper

  9. I would put in my Karas Kustoms Fountain K, Sheaffer Tuckaway Statesman, Sheaffer Touchdown Sentinel Deluxe, Retro 51 Tornado Liftoff, Uni Style+Fit 5 multi-pen, and a Write Notepads pocket notebook.

  10. I have had my eye on these pen cases since getting one of the notebook covers. Love the quality of the Galen Leather goods.
    I would fill this case with a Platinum 3776 F nib, a Kaweco Sport EF nib, a Karas Kustoms Bolt G2, a Pilot Metropolitan M nib, a Karas Kustoms Retrakt, and a Story Supply Co grid notebook.

    Thanks for the chance on a great giveaway!

  11. So pretty! I would fill it with Micron pens and a white Sakura Jelly Roll pen. Perfect with a Rhodia pocket notebook. Great for my travels to see my granddaughter! I could have everything in one place.

  12. Sailor Pro Gear
    Sailor Profit
    Platinum 3776 Century (black on black)
    Platinum 3776 Century (Chartres blue)
    Platinum Cool (clear)

    Paper? Hmmm. How about a Rhodia Ice side-stapled graph pocket notebook.


  13. Probably would use it for art on the go, so whichever watercolour pad would fit and slip in some tiles to tangle. Pens: a micron for tangling and a Sakura brush pen, a signo white gel pen for highlights, graphite pencil and tortillon for shading and I’d love to squeeze in a water brush and watercolour dot sheet or something similar…Art kit to go, left pages – no problem! Lol!
    Thanks for the opportunity…and the time to make myself think about what I really wanted…

  14. I’d fill that with the 4 fountain pens I elected worthy enough to bring to college and the 1 pencil I felt I had to drag with me for math’s sake!

  15. I generally carry 4 pens at a time, but recently I’ve needed pencils, so I’d probably go:

    Pelikan M200 (M400 Nib, Cursive Italic Broad)

    Pilot Custom Heritage 92 (Fine/Medium Cursive Italic)

    Sheaffer Balance Vac Filler (Fine Nib)

    Lamy 2000 Makrolon (Oblique Broad)

    And my Pencils, a Kuru Toga in 0.5mm, HB Lead (Although I want 4B, I’ve been unable to find it), and a Staedtler Lumograph in 6b, I’m studying furniture making so soft leads and fine lines are very important to me.

    Paper wise I don’t really use pocket notebooks. Perhaps my wine tasting notebook by 33 Books and maybe an A6 Rhodia Pad.

  16. Hm. At the moment, probably: Pilot MR (fine) with De Atramentis Archive Black; Parker Sonnet (medium italic, 2006) with Sailor Oku-Yama; Parker 51 (1940s, belonged to my greatgrandfather) with Waterman turquoise; TWSBI Diamond 580 (1.1 italic) with Akkerman #13 Simplisties Violet; Shaeffer calligraphy (fine italic, ’90s) with Omas Brown. As for the notebook, either one of those little Muji pocket otebooks, or I’d stitch up a signature of good writing paper (probably Clairefontaine). Or, if it fits postcards, a stock of cards, envelopes, and stamps.

    Or maybe go a different route altogether – a couple of good squirrel quill mop brushes, a vial of ink, a minature case of watercolours, the Pilot MR, and a pen holder with nib, a couple of pencils (one hard, one soft), and a small signature of hot press paper.

  17. I would fill it with Kuratake Zig and Micron pens and then make a bound notepad that included colored and graph paper. Great giveaway thanks for the chance.

  18. It would be filled with the 3 green TWSBIs (Christmas green, AL green, ECO green), a Lamy 2K, and… a fifth pen! Maybe a Wing Sung 698? And for a notebook- definitely a Write Notepads ‘In the Pines.’

  19. Thank you for the opportunity to win.
    I would put my Field Notes Eclipse in along with
    Pilot Vanishing point – Matte Black – with Richard Binder .6/EF Italifine
    Franklin Christoph 1901 Kings Gold – currently with Masuyama Broad Stub
    Lamy 2000 – EF
    Kara’s Kustom Fountain K – Black and copper – EF
    Conklin Duragraph – F

  20. Pentel Orenz 0.2mm pencil
    Pentel Pocket Brush pen
    Copic Multiliner SP brush pen
    Copic Multiliner SP .5
    Sakura pigma black .05
    since one of the items isn’t a pen, if need be the alternate would be a Sakura white Gelly Roll
    I make my own coptic bound sketchbooks of various sizes and paper depending on project or whim so one of those would go on the paper side

  21. Thanks Ana and Galen Leather for the review and giveaway! Here’s the list:
    Lamy Safari
    Karas Kustoms Ink
    Lamy Logo
    Pilot Kakuno
    Faber-Castell Loom

    My Kaweco Sport will remain in my pocket.

  22. What a cute leather case! I would fill mine with my 2 Pilot Metropolitan fountain pens, Karas Kustoms Render K pen, Pilot G2 (0.38), and a pencil (nothing special). For a notebook, I’d buy a Fieldnotes book because I don’t have anything small at the moment!

  23. I would love this. I would put in microns, a some InkJoys in a variety of colors . I have a small pad of black paper I would use and I could sketch or doodle on the go.

  24. Thank you for the giveaway! If I were lucky enough to win, I would have a hard time narrowing it down to 5 pens, but probably include a couple Karas Kustoms and TWSBIs with my Fields Notes. I’m still looking for the perfect case and this one just about perfectly suits my needs.

  25. I guess I thought of paper first is a write notepad In the Pines. For writing instruments: Mitsubishi 9850, Conklin All-American, Brass flashlight, TWSBI ECO, and Shaeffer Snorkle

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