Review: Galen Leather Pen Cases

Galen Leather has become a well-known leather goods maker from Turkey specializing in stationery-related products. They recently sent me two of their newest products to try out: the 3-pen zippered pen case in Crazy Horse ($39) and the 5-Pen Zipper case in Chocolate Brown ($49) .

The 3-Pen case opens with the pen loops on the right and slots on the left for business cards and receipts or stamps. When I first got this case, I was not sure I would like it as I have a tendency to carry dozens of pens at any one time but it turns out I carry about three really good pens with me most of the time and it has turned out to be the perfect case for me. The zipper slides smoothly, the case fits in my hand and is roughly the same size, albeit a little thicker than my iPhone 6s. So, I can grab it along with my phone and a notebook and run to a meeting without looking like I’m carrying a ton of crap. I’ve even managed to spatter ink on the leather cover already which looks perfect with the roughed up “crazy horse” finish.

There’s something very Indiana Jones about the “crazy horse” finish. Really dig it.

The larger 5-pen case has a polished, professional look. The leather is warm cocoa colored with a smooth finish. It has the same smooth performing zipper closure which I found to be a pleasing surprise. Sometimes, zippers that have to navigate corners stick but this one does not.

The leather pull tab makes it easy to open and close as well and it looks good.

Inside, the elastics snugly hold pens with a variety of cap sizes. The widest cap I had was the new Karas Decograph which was a snug fit while the narrowest was the silver Platinum which fit loosely but the clip kept it from shifting.

The Field Notes or other comparable sized notebook tucks into the stitched seam pocket and stays in place. For me, as a lefty, this notebook on the right layout was not effective as my arm ended up laying on the pens. Also, this case configuration made using the left-hand pages difficult if not impossible if the pens were in the straps regardless of whether you are left-handed or right-handed. However, if you’re not inclined to use the left-hand side of the pages and are right-handed, this is a beautiful and super handy way to have a pen (or five) and some paper handy at all times.


THE GIVEAWAY: I’d like to giveaway the Galen Leather Zippered 5-Pen Case to one lucky reader who can put it to good use.  It has been used for review purposes so there may be light signs of wear. Photos show its current condition. Pens and Field Notes not included. Just so you know.

THE RULES: Answer the following question in the comments below: What pens and/or paper would you fill the 5-Pen Zipper case with?

One entry per person.

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Monday, September 11, 2011. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Tuesday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your REAL email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear. If winner does not respond within 7 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class is covered. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money. US residents only.

DISCLAIMER: This item was sent to me free of charge by Galen Leather for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. Wow, I never thought of handedness being a factor in pen cases before! (Not entering the giveaway as I don’t use pocket or A6 notebooks, just FYI.) I’m left-handed and have been lusting after the Galen notebook covers, unable to make up my mind. I’ve never used a notebook cover, but wanted a way to consolidate notebook/phone/mini-tablet and pen into a bundle. Now I’m glad I decided to try a canvas cover for my next notebook. Still lusting after the various leather ones, though, especially Galen.

  2. If I won the Galen 5 pen case, I would fill it with the following: 1) Pilot Coleto Multi-Pen with red blue, black and 0.5 pencil; 2) Pilot Vanishing Point Stormtrooper (EF) with Iroshizuku Take-Sumi; 3) Platinum 3776 Chartreuse (UEF) with Platinum black; 4) TWSBI Vac 700 R (EF) with Noodlers Lexington Grey; 5) Lamy 2000 (EF) with Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine; and one or two Field Notes notebooks.

  3. Narrowing the daily carry to 5 pens and some paper!! Aaarrrgh!! First in must be my Edison Collier in burnished gold, with a 1.1mm stub nib; second would be my Franklin Christoph Model 31 Omnis in Purpurae, with a Masuyama medium cursive italic nib grind; then my Sailor 1911L bold; my Platinum 3776 Century medium; and lastly, my TWSBI Diamond 580AL 1.1 stub. Paper would be my Field Notes “Luncay” books – love them! And your blog for such a brilliant giveaway!!!

      1. Aaaaaand like somebody else, I just noticed too late that Canadians can’t enter; so please don’t count this as an entry, it’s the fun that counts!! It’s still a great blog, and a great giveaway!!

  4. I would put a field notes notebook (or one similarly sized). For pens, I would use my 2 VP (red FP and Steel grey M), my Ohto B, my Waterman Carene M and my Bexley B (local pen to Ohio).

    I fell in love with these when they were first reviewed (I think on one of your Linky Love emails). Crossing fingers that I get picked.

  5. I think I’d use it for my Safari/AL-Star group; I think they’d like to stick together. Or, maybe my F-Cs. Paper…Field Notes or some of FPD’s notebooks. Thanks for the chance!

  6. The only 5 pens Í have for sure hahahaha. I have a Pilot Metropolitan and a Twsbi Eco that were my graduation gift. I also have a Pilot Custom 74, a Lamy safari and a Conklin Durograph that were kindly send to me by a nice person that wanted to share the hobby. (For more info on that watch the figboot on pens last 2 Q&A). And in the paper section, because of where I live I don’t have access to a lot of good paper so maybe just normal copy paper. thank you for the review and the giveaway

  7. Ohhh shiny! Weirdly paper choice would be harder than pen choice for me. Pens: platinum 3776 shungyo sf, decimo medium, twsbi broad, twsbi fine and pilot falcon. Likely for paper I’d go with either the kanso sasshi tomoe notebooks or my write notebook. Would be tempting to see if there is enough space for a stillman & birn though. Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. For paper I’d use the Rosetta Notes notebooks from ipenstore. As for pens… Oh man….
    1. Waterman Perspective Ombres et Lumieres, Medium
    2. Rosetta Magellan Ice Blue, Broad
    3. Boer with a Fude nib
    4. A Pencil
    5. Probably a highlighter.

  9. Hmmm…good question. I’d put a Pilot Metro, a TWSBI Eco, two Kaweco Sports, and an FC Pocket 20. Not sure I’d put a notebook in there…might just use it as a pocket for random bits of paper.

  10. Some of the pens that would enjoy being in this pencase would include one of my Pilot Metropolitans, my Kaweco Sports, one of my Lamy Safaris, TWSBI 580 AL, and a Lamy LX. What a great give away!

  11. Hi Ana,
    This is a wonderful giveaway!
    You asked about pens and paper choices for use in the Galen case. While left-handed, I don’t ever try to use my notebook in the case so for me it really is a perfect design.
    Thank you!
    Kathy Jackson

    Kaweco Skyline Sport in Mint
    Delta Unica in matte black (wonderful pen)
    Sheaffer Rollerball in White
    Platinum 3776 Nice
    Lamy 2000

    Field Notes are my favorite notebook but I also like to use Levenger dot grid index cards as well

  12. As I am new to this whole fountain pen rabbit hole my five choices are 1. TWSBI Eco Broad Nib 2. TWSBI Eco Medium Nib 3. Platinum Fine Nib 4. My black and white fountain pen that is so old it doesn’t have any branding. 5. My Uni 3 in 1.

  13. The pens that would probably be in this case would be my TWSBI 580AL (when it’s not in my shirt pocket), a couple of Metropolitans with other colors in them, and occasionally one of my Retro 51s.

  14. The five pens I would fill it with are 1+2) Lamy Turquiose and Dark Lilac (especially the dark lilac, as the pen cap is never secure on that one) and 3,4) Pilot Metropolitan gold and blue and 5)my TWSBI Eco. For the paper, I would make a field notes sized FP friendly notebook using Rhodia dot paper and blank thank you note cards for the cover. I have several very pretty ones I could use. Or, if it fit, I would stick my pocket Leuchtterm 1917 in there for journaling.

    The piece itself is super beautiful! I love leather goods like this.

  15. Awesome giveaway. Thanks for the chance!

    I’d load it with the pens currently full of inks that the season change is inspiring:

    Parker 45, F, with Sailor Souten. (This matches the usual bright blue of our skies, though particulate matter from wildfires further west is currently changing the color and impacting everyone’s breathing.)
    Pilot Metropolitan, M, with Pilot Iroshizuku Yama Guri. (A gift this week from a friend. An awesome gift! And now I want to try it in a bunch of pens, as it seems to vary a lot based on nib and paper.)
    Waterman 403 Sterling Silver, flex, with Pilot Iroshizuku Yama Guri. (I rarely ink up this heirloom pen, but it is great with this ink. I need to leave it at home currently, as I don’t have a decent case that I’d trust it in, but this Galen case would be great for the few times I want to take the pen with me … like to an upcoming pen show.)
    Lamy Vista, XF, with PR Shoreline Gold. (A surprisingly good editing color that’s seasonal, too.)
    Pilot Vanishing Point, F, with Pilot black. (Not quite season, but I always need to have 1 inked with black.)

    … and a small, passport size notebook I got from Staples.

  16. I would definitely put a Doane notebook or Story Supply notebook in there. As far as pens go, i have no clue, but it sure will be fun to fill WHEN I win. Hahaha. Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. I would fill this a Word. notebook, along with a couple of fountain pens. Maybe a TWSBI Eco and a Safari. The other slots would hold a gel pen, highlighter, and a mechanical pencil.

    Thanks for the chance to win, Ana!

  18. I would use the Galen 5 pen case for the following pens: Lamy Safari Petrol, Lamy Studio, Kaweco Al Sport Raw Aluminum, TWSBI Eco, & Pilot Vanishing Point Carbonesque. I would use Story Supply 407 Edition notebook.

  19. I would want to carry a few notecards inside so that I can write a letter quickly + my safaris and metropolitan 🙂
    Thanks, Ana, for the opportunity~

  20. Thank you for your generosity with the Giveaway. Hmmm, well, I would treat myself to a Field Notes. Have not used that notebook before. The pens would be my Monteverde Rose Gold and two Watermans, on fine nib and one medium. All of them old friends.

  21. Field notes for sure. I can’t go anywhere without a Field Notes to capture the random thoughts that constantly plague me. I would also carry my Pilot Metropolitan in fine, a Platinum Preppy with a platinum carbon cartridge, a mechanical pencil, a sharpie (because you never know when you’ll need a marker), and a gel pen (whatever one I pick up for the day).

    Love the blog, Ana!

  22. Wow, both of those pen cases look fantastic! If I had the 5 pen version, I’d probably tuck a Field Notes in there, or maybe a similar sized notebook with FP-friendlier paper – I recall the review you did of Rosetta Notes, which looked cool and useful. As for writing utensils, I’d include my Pilot Metropolitan, my Muji aluminum pen, a .38 Uniball Signo, and probably a Blackwing. That leaves me with one more slot – an excuse to buy another fountain pen! Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Great giveaway! I would stuff my daily pens in there – a TWSBI, a Kanilea, a Pilot vanishing point, a stub of some degree, and my “new” Pelikan 400NN.

  24. Great review! I’d put three Pilot Metropolitans in there — fine, medium and stub nibs — along with my Lamy Al-Star and a pretty Jinhao 450. Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. Hi, Ana! I would put into my pen case the following pens:

    Pink-Stripe Pelikan M600 with stub nib
    Aquamarine Pelikan M200 with an M400 stub nib
    Platinum Bourgogne 3776 Century, M point
    Franklin-Christoph with 18K Masuyama broad stub nib
    Clear Platinum Nice 3776 with rose-gold trim

    As for paper, if A6 fits, I’d put an A6 Life Vermilion notebook with 7 mm lines, from Or, if A6 was too big, I’d put a pocket-sized Goulet Tomoe River notebook with 7 mm lines, from Both great papers with the above (and all) fountain pens!

    I like your review, particularly concerning the roughed-up leather. That’s my favorite type of leather, too.

    Have a great day!

  26. If I win the Galen Leather Zippered 5-Pen Case I would put in it my:
    Delta oversized orange Oro
    Pelikan m800 Brown Tortoise
    Visconti Special Ops
    Karas Kustom Retraks-R
    TWSBI 580 AL Lava
    and my paper would be:
    Manuscript Notebooks
    Field Notes Notebooks

  27. I would fill with field notes, pilot elite, kaweco AL sportive aluminum, sailor pro gear orange, and parker vacumatics.

    Nice giveaway, thanks for the chance.

  28. I’d put my own hand bound pamphlet stitched book and my vintage Parker 51 pen and pencil set, my Pilot desk pen (if it fits), my hot pink Monteverde and my black sparkly Jinhao that I like to fill with shimmery inks 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. I’ve been eying this case for a while now, it looks beautiful! I would fill it with my Lamy Petrol, Karas Fountain K, Twsbi Eco, Retro 51 Jurassic, and my brass Render K (with the EnerGel refill). And, if it fits, a soft cover Leuchtturm A6 book would reside on the other side.

  30. If I won, I’d probably put in my Pilot VP, Pilot Custom 74, TWSBI Diamond 530, Pelikan M200, and Lamy Safari. I’d have a decent range of colors: black, blue, orange, purple, and green. As far as paper goes, I’ve been thinking about getting the Campfire set from Field Notes (that patch is a fun extra), or I think Rhodia and Clairefontaine make a 3.5×5.5 notebook that would fit nicely.

  31. Well, since you asked.

    The notebook would be a fabriano, which has amazingly smooth buttery paper. They are usually my travel sized sketchbook.
    The pens? Orange Lamy Alstar, with an orange ink – probably Kin-Mokusei.
    Karas Kustoms Ink, in pink, probably with Diamine Hope Pink.
    Yellow Pilot Prera, with Noodler’s Polar Black (this is a go-to for drawing, with a fine nib).
    Aqua Lamy Safari, with some kind of blue ink, for pretending I’m normal.
    And maybe a water brush.

  32. For the 5 pens – all the pens I own (so far…)

    2 x TWSBI Ecos in F and EF (Diamine Imperial Purple and Pumpkin respectively)
    2 x Faber-Castell Basic in EF and B (Waterman Intense Black and Diamine Graphite)
    And a Kaweco Al Sport in M (currently, unforgivable, unlinked)

    Plus Leuchtturm’s A6 notebook.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  33. I would use the Galen 5 pen case to carry my ‘Field Notes’ notebook. The pens I would have in their would be Kaweco Ice Sports, Woodshed Pens Mint Chip Stubby, Carl Fisher Atlas, Ken Caver Cigar, and a Bexley Pocket Pro.

  34. I would keep either an Apica or Clairefontaine (depending which fit better) pocket notebook, along with my two vintage Sheaffers, two Edison Nouveau Premieres, and TWSBI Eco, since those are the five that would do best with extra protection (as opposed to a Metro or Al-star) and aren’t pocket pens like some of my others.

  35. What a beautiful case! I would use it with some sort of watercolor paper and my watercolor brushes if they fit. If not, then my daily carry pens, like my new TWSBI demonstrator pen with green ink. I just love greens and browns. This is a great giveaway – thanks!

  36. Oooh, love Galen leather, thanks for the giveaway!
    It would make a great little carry all for:)
    A Write notepads pocket notebook, Vintage Sheaffer fp, Uniball Signo 207, Sarasa Zebra, Blackwing 24, Eagle or Berol black warrior pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser, and of course lip balm!

  37. I would include pocket notebooks with Tomoe River paper, Namiki Nippon Art, Platinum 3776, Sailor 1911m, Pelikan M400, Aurora Optima Mini. Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. What pens and/or paper would you fill the 5-Pen Zipper case with?
    Nock Co DotDash pocket notebook
    Some combination of my Lamy Safari and AL-Star pens.

  39. I would love to have the Galen pen case for my Field Notes notebook and pens. I’d probably use one of the Workshop Companion Field Notes books, and the following pens:
    Acme Studio “The Cry” (Edvard Munch) Fountain Pen
    Monteverde Grand Prix Invincia LeMans Yellow Ballpoint Pen
    Monteverde One Touch Stylus Tool Yellow Fountain Pen
    Acme Studio Orange Crayon Retractable Rollerball
    Rosetta Napoleon I Pocket Fountain Pen, Red Marble

  40. Wonderful case! I would carry two of my Pilot fountain pens, a needlepoint PenTel Energel with blue ink, a Frixion four color ball point and my wonderful Pilot pen (cannot remember the name) that I use to address envelopes. I do write letters frequently and love the boldness of the Pilot . About the paper I would carry, I like the look of the Field Notes notebook, I may have to get one of those.

  41. This is a gorgeous case and while I’d prefer the 3 pen case who can resist either?!

    I would load this case with my favourite urban art gear:
    Lamy Safari Petrol
    Pilot Metropolitan w/ 1.1 stub
    Rotring 600 mechanical pencil
    Modified Jinhao x750 with Zebra G Nib
    Sailor Fude DE Mannen fountain pen

    Paper: anything blank that fits, like the pocket sized Moleskine Cahier notebook

  42. I’ve been wanting to try a Galen Leather case (the 5 pen + notebook actually!) but the budget just wouldn’t allow it.
    My five pens would most likely be:
    1) TWSBI Diamond 580 Christmas Green
    2) TWSBI Diamond 580 AL Turquoise
    3) Karas Kustoms Barstock
    4) Edison Nouveau Premiere Seaglass
    5) whatever wet writing/stub nib pen I’m using this week. Currently it’s my Visconti Rembrandt Ivory with a very wet Fine nib.

  43. I’d love to have something like this for my backpack. I would load it out with the following pens:
    1: White Pilot Capless (M-nib) with Pilot’s black ink
    2: Blue Lamy Al-Star (M-nib) with Noodler’s 54th Mass.
    3: Charcoal Lamy Safari (F-nib) with Iroshizuku Tsukushi
    4: Charcoal Lamy Safari mech. pencil
    5: Pilot Precise V5 (gotta fill out those carbon forms with something)

    For a notebook, I’d probably go with a Word. white dot grid.

  44. hi! what a nice case!
    i would fill it with:
    1. muji pen
    2. pilot metropolitan
    3. kaweco
    4. mechanical pencil
    5. ohto marker

  45. Paper: Traveler’s Notebook pocket planner
    Pens: TWSBI 580 and Eco, Platinum 3776 Century, Noodler’s Neponset, Pilot Vanishing Point

  46. What an amazing giveaway! I’d fill mine with a Fields Notes notebook, dot or graph, which I use flipped 90° as a checkbook register (without the checkbook because I don’t use them). For pens I’d put my favorites: Pilot Falcon – Soft M, Pilot Elite 95s – Soft EF, Lamy Safari Petrol – M, and my soon-to-arrive Platinum Century 3776 Bourgogne – Soft F. I’d also include whichever color Pilot Juice 38mm gel pen I’m using for my register (I use a new color each month). I can’t name which inks because I’m a chronic ink swapper!

    Pens and Field Notes not included. Just so you know.

    Ha! Chucked at that one for sure.

  47. I’d carry my two Pilot Metropolitans (one F, one M), a Jinhao with a Nemosine 0.6 nib, and a Clairefontaine pocket notebook. Plus having a nice case might encourage me to finally buy my grail pen (Pilot Custom 823).

  48. I have three or four EDC’s, so that is covered! I have a multitude of various sizes of notebooks, so I should also have that covered. I am a righty so I won’t put by that. I also carry a murse

  49. Missed part of it! Pelikan Stola III, TWSBI ECO demonstrator (Diamine Mediterranean blue), FC Basic Carbon, pilot metropolitan, lamy demonstrator (noodlers eel green)

  50. Paper: basic kraft Field Notes

    1) Franklin Christoph Pocket 66 Antique Glass
    2) Esterbrook SJ – Silver
    3) Lamy 2000
    4) Vintage Moore flex pen
    5) Retro 51 Bamboo with a gel refill

  51. Pens:
    1. Carolina Pen Company custom made FP
    2. Conklin All America Orange
    3. Conklin Stylograph Teopical
    4. Visconti Van Gogh
    5. Diplomat Aero.
    Nock Co. limited edition for 2016 Pen Addict Atlanta Pen Show KS Campaign.

  52. Love these cases!! I’d carry my:
    1.Ystudio Brassing Pen
    2.Kara Kustoms Ink
    3. Kaweco Perkeo
    4. Pilot Prera
    5. Platinum Preppy with carbon black ink

  53. What a great giveaway! Thanks! If I were lucky enough to win, I would fill it with
    1. a Parker 51 (with black ink)
    2. a Pilot G2
    3. a pencil (with soft lead)
    4. a Pigma Micron
    5. a highlighter
    then I’d tuck in a stack of index cards.

  54. Great looking pen cases! I’ve looked for the “right” carry case for a while now and would make great use of this one. I would carry my Nemosine Fission M, Pilot Metro M, 1960’s Parker 45, a Pentel 0.9 Twist-Erase, and have one slot open to justify another pen. I have been enjoying using Rosetta Notes dot grid. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  55. The Galen leather covers always look great dont they?

    If I had the five pen case I’d fill it with a Leuchtturm Jottbook, lovely paper and perforated paper for sharing notes. As for the five pens: a burgundy Platinum 3776 SF with diamine Burgundy Royale; a red Sailor ProColor with carbon black ink; petrol Lamy Safari with Dark Forest, a Twsbi Eco with something bright, and a Lamy ST multipen.

  56. I seem to be carrying all black pens with me lately but hope to change that soon. Right now it’s a black Eco, lamy2k, and a handmade black pen. And an inky fingers notebook.

  57. My current carries would fit nicely! They are: Lamy Safari, Noodler’s Ahab, Faber Castell Loom, Pilot Metropolitan, F-C 65 Stabilis and a Rosetta Notes notebook

  58. In this dreamy case I’d place my Noodler daily use pens in my favorite ink colors and I would make my own notebook with dot paper, ephemera pockets and hand marbled paper thanks!

  59. I’m pretty sure I would fill it with Campfire Field Notes and give it as a birthday gift to my very deserving husband to put his pens in.

  60. I would use Goulet field notes-sized notebooks in this one, and put a 3776 Chartres, Kanwrite Desire, 2x FPR Gurus, and a Parker Jotter in the pen slots. Or whatever five pens I happen to be carrying that day.

  61. Thank you Ana & Galen Leather for the giveaway. My 5 pen combo would be my beginner pens, 2 of which are my daily workhorse pens, while the rest, part of the monthly rotation. Also, as a beginner set, the pens are what I would typically let a potential fp convert try:
    1. Lamy Safari
    2. Kaweco Classic Sport
    3. TWSBI Eco <1.1>
    4. Nemosine Singularity
    5. Pilot Metropolitan
    The notebook slot would be occupied by a personalized Tomoe River insert.

  62. As to the pens:

    1) My one and only Pilot Vanishing Point (10+ years old and very dear)
    2) My new Platinum 3776 Century Chartres, and how I love it.
    3) A little yellow Recife I got on clearance years ago. Don’t even know what model it is and I don’t think they make them anymore.
    4) A Pelikan piston-fill demonstrator. No idea what the model is. 10+ years old. Bought when I knew nothing about pens. So reliable, this pen.
    5) TWSBI Vac Mini

    Paper? If I win, I’ll look to see if I can find some Tomoe River notebook that will fit. If not, I’ll find something else. Whatever it is, it’ll come out when I write in it, as I do use both sides of the page. Maybe winning will help me winnow down the number of pens I keep inked. I mean…close to 20?

  63. An Apica notebook and pens
    1. Cross Botanical in Purple Orchid
    2. Monteverde Intima in Volcano Gray
    3 & 4. Fine & Med Pilot Metros
    5. Lamy Studio in Imperial Blue

  64. Paper:
    Fabriano EcoQua Pocket Size Notebook. Good, affordable pocket notebook, but hard to find in stores. They’re staple bound, open flat, good for pen and pencil, and half of the pages are perforated.

    1) Faber Castell Loom
    2) Franklin-Christoph Model 02
    3) Waterman Phileas
    4) Faber Castell Ondoro
    5) Lamy Swift Rollerball

    Thanks for the giveaway! It was nice meeting you at the Chicago Pen Show.

  65. Field notes. As if anything else would go there….

    – FC panther w dude nib from
    -m805 demo w an XF nib that is actually XF, after being group down.
    -parker 75 w XF nib
    -nakaya naka-ai, heki tame, soft fine
    -pilot parallel with a custom barrel

  66. Pens: Pentel silver & gold, No Name silver gel pens, Sarasa gold, Tul pearl & gold, and Uni-ball signo .38
    Paper: Field Notes snow white

  67. I’d definitely have one of my Pilot Metropolitans in there. One of my cheap ballpoint pens since I’m often required to use one for work. The paper would likely be this little green government issued notebook that I always have in my pocket for taking notes.

  68. Lamy Al-Star Charged Green 1.1mm
    Pilot Custom 823 B
    Montegrappa Copper Mule
    Cross ATX Sport
    Visconti Van Gogh Maxi
    Field Notes Pitch Black

  69. 1) My Faux Balanc (A Black Jinaho 159 with a Goulet nib Fine)
    2) My Lamy Petrol Fine
    3) A New Franklin Christoph I am going to buy )Haven’t fully decided on the model
    4) Pilot Vanishing Point
    5) TWSBI classic

    Any paper that works well.

  70. Monogrammed ASA Nauka FP
    Stipula LE Mary’s Pen
    Monteverde 9in1 Stylus Tool FP
    Xacto knife (capped, of course)
    Black Sharpie

    Blank index cards

  71. Paper- Daler-Rowney Ivory A6 (nice paper nice size with tear out serrations)

    Pentel R7 Rolling writer
    Pentel Kerry 5 0.7mm mechanical Pencil (orange would be nice but I have Black)
    Modern Fuel Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm in Copper, Brass or Bronze
    Kaweco Sketch Up in Raw Brass with highlighter leads
    rOtring Art Pen

  72. First, thanks for doing the give-away! Good luck to all.
    I think it would be neat to put some of my favorites from my Piston-fill pen collection and a Story Supply notebook in the case.

  73. What a great-looking pair of cases! I would definitely use that 5-pen case to hold three different Preppies and a Kuretake brush pen (all with Platinum Carbon ink), as well as a grey ink brush pen. For the paper, I’m currently using Fabriano dot-grid utility books, but I’ve got a whole stack I’m drawing my way through…

  74. Whatever stub of a pencil I was presently using.
    Probably my pocket knife.
    My small pocket flashlight.
    Story Supply notebook (I like their paper).
    If I were to take a pen along, it would probably be my little Muji aluminum fountain pen (so far, it doesn’t leak).

  75. If I win the 5 pen case, first lineup to fill it will be:
    1. Pink Kaweco pen
    2. Dark green Kaweco pen
    3. Graphite Lamy Safari
    4. Pink Lamy Safari
    5. Italic Pilot g78

  76. Lovely review of a beautiful product.

    Paper: Curnow back pocket journal with Tomoe River paper.

    Pens: a gaggle of Sailor Pro Gear Slims (Cosmos, Sacred Night, Galaxy, Blueberry, and Metallic Purple)

  77. Wow! This makes you think a bit. Notebook is easy: I’ll start with the last of my Carrefour note books that I bought in France. They have Clairefontaine paper and are great with fountain pens. Hope I can find more on my next as yet unscheduled trip to France. Next on the list would be the lastest Field Notes Campfire edition.
    For pens, I’ll start with my Sailor 1911 All Blue (fine) and probably rotate in an additional 4 like a Lamy Safari, Kaweco Sport or Perkeo, Pelikan M200, vintage Sheaffer, Pilot Metro and so on, so I have a good selection of nibs and colors at any time.

  78. Thanks for the generous opportunity.
    Pelikan M205 Aquamarine
    Franklin Christoph 02 Ice and Smoke
    Edison Glenmont 2016 SE
    Diplomat Excellence A Skyline
    Sheaffer legacy Heritage Leather-look

    Field Notes Kraft Cover

  79. Probably a homemade notebook and my Wing Sung 698, FC model 27 & 29, a custom that I don’t know much about at all, and retro51 tornado, the best pens I own, so they would get the nice case. Got most of them as a gift from someone on FPN, way out of my price range on my own!

  80. Pens:
    Lamy Al Star Pacific
    Twsbi eco black
    Twsbi eco white
    Twsbi 580 AL turquoise
    ASA Maya Teal

    Lots of sticky notes and paper scraps

  81. Paper: the little Fabriano notebooks
    Pens: my brand new pilot metropolitan retro pop fountain pen (loving it!)
    Mechanical pencil ( Kura toga?)
    Basic black flair for sketching

    These are beautiful cases.

  82. Pens: TWSBI Eco, Sailor Pro Gear Slim, Pilot Decimo, Lamy Safari, Retro 51 Tornado

    Paper – Maruman Mnemosyne mini notebook

  83. Hmmm…my five would be:
    1. Sheaffer Targa
    2. Faber Castell eMotion
    3. Pilot Metropolitan
    4. Kaweco Sport
    5. Some kind of fine-tipped gel pen

    As for the paper, a Field Notes Lunacy edition

  84. Paper: Field Notes or a Goulet Tomoe River Field Notes size notebook (did I say “or” – more like “and” if they’ll both fit!)
    1. TWSBI Eco – Turquoise
    2. TWSBI Vac Mini – Clear
    3. Pilot Stargazer – White
    4. Franklin Christoph 45 – Ghost
    5. Pilot Custom 823 – Black

    or Lamy Safari, Pilot Vanishing Point, or Franklin Christoph Model 02 (too many to choose from!)

  85. I would carry these pens:

    Pelikan m600
    TWSBI Vac mini
    Namiki Falcon
    Faber Castel Ambition (Pear wood)
    Market or pencil for sketching

    For paper, I’d carry a Field Notes Campfire edition.

    1. Nevermind, I retract my entry as it’s for US residents only. No love for Canada. Sorry for not reading fine print, eh

  86. I would fill this with what I currently carry, a great blend of stuff!
    1) Baron Fig Squire
    2) Bic Click from Porter/Yoshida Kaban
    3) Parker Sonnet Grey Laquer
    4) Sailor Pro Gear Slim 4 Season Manyou
    5) Kaweco Student vintage blue

  87. Ahhhhh! I would love to win this!!
    I would put in a couple Copic Multiliner SP in black and then probably Pigma Graphic 1 and a couple of colorful Uni-Ball Signos
    Then some Bristol Vellum to tangle on! It would be a staple for ever spare second while out of the house. Drawing makes me feel SO happy! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  88. Great review of a great product, Ana.

    My five: Lamy 2000, Kaweco Al-sport, Kaweco Liliput, Montblanc 442 (if the feed issues haven’t made me throw it out a window yet), and Lamy Al-star; paper: Field Notes (workshop companion to hold up to all those FPs)…

  89. Paper:
    JetPens TR notebook

    Karas Kustoms Copper EDK
    Karas Kustoms Ink
    Lamy 2000
    Pentel .9 mm mechanical pencil
    Brush pen


  90. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    Paper: I’ve got a Fabriano lime green pocket notebook that is next in my rotation.

    Platinum 3776 Chartres Blue SF with Robert Oster Deep Sea
    TWSBI Eco M with Fire & Ice
    Pilot Metropolitan M with Diamine Majestic Purple
    Lamy Al-Star Pacific Blue with matching ink
    Baoer 508 Polishe Magic with Noodler’s Baystate Blue

  91. I would definitely have a Field Notes notebook (I’m currently using the black Moon Phases edition) and my 5 favorite Pilot Juice .38 and .5 pens……..Gold, Coffee Brown, Dark Red, Blue Black, and Apple Green!

  92. The five pens I’d put in the Galen case:
    1. Lamy 2000
    2. FPR Jaipur
    3. Vintage Kaweco Sport (piston filler)
    4. Ratnamson Supreme
    5. Esterbrook Dollar pen

  93. I would put in
    – 2 Pilot Metropolitans, one with black ink, one with color
    – My blue-black Platinum Preppy
    – 2 Uni-ball Signo DXs, one red, one black

    Thank you so much for running this!

  94. Thanks for the giveaway! I would fill the beautiful case with a mini junk journal that I made, faber castell pitt pens, brush,and fine points, white extra fine Sharpie white paint pen, and a blue water color pencil!

  95. 1) Lamy Al-Star Purple
    2) Kaweco Perko Bad Taste
    3) Lamy Safari Petrol
    4) Regal Alice
    5) Namisu Nova

    I’d match these up with one of my trusted Rosetta notebooks.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  96. Rhodia pocket notebook, with a Pilot Vanishing Point, a Pelikan 400 and 600, a Parker 51and an Omas, each with a different color ink.

  97. The Field notes fit perfect so that and/or one of my own me-made notepads would be included. For writing and drawing I would make it a mix of contents. A micron for detail, a brush pen for lettering, a mechanical pencil for sketching, a fountain pen for everything, and since the case looks like I could be a bit creative, add in 2 or 3 gel pens for some color in the elastics where there is still some give! Thanks for the chance to win and for showing off these amazing cases.

  98. I would use a pilot vanishing point, my pilot metropolitan, a sakura brush pen and mechanical pencil, and a white signo gel pen. I’m not sure what notebook I would use, maybe a life pistachio notebook or something with gray paper if I could find one. Maybe the Field Notes sweet tooth editions if I can still find them available somewhere.

    Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  99. Hello and thanks for the giveaway!

    Paper- I would use it for Zentangle tiles, Apprentice or original or Bristol vellum
    Pens- Pigma Microns. 01 in black and brown, black.08, uniball white and Sakura white gelly roll,


  100. my little black maruman notebooks would be perfect in here and as for pens:

    Lamy Safari Dark Lilac – 1.1 calligraphy nib
    Marvy Le Pen Technical Drawing Pen .3 mm
    Uni Kura Toga mechanical pencil
    Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen – Medium nib
    Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighter

    I’ve been trying to pull out the calligraphy nib when I’m sitting somewhere to just write things I hear and see to improve my handwriting and make it a little more consistent. My little notebook looks weird now, all full of people’s names and coffee menus and disjointed phrases. But it’s all in the name of handwriting!

  101. Pelikan M605
    Pilot Custom Heritage 92
    Lamy Safari Petrol
    Pelikan M205 Silver rings
    Aurora 88

    For paper, a handmade notebook with Tomoe River paper

  102. I would put in my Karas Kustoms Fountain K, Sheaffer Tuckaway Statesman, Sheaffer Touchdown Sentinel Deluxe, Retro 51 Tornado Liftoff, Uni Style+Fit 5 multi-pen, and a Write Notepads pocket notebook.

  103. Lamy Al-Star
    Edison Menlo
    Pelikan m605
    Levenger True Writer
    Pilot Custom 74
    and then I’d look for an FP friendly little notebook

  104. I have had my eye on these pen cases since getting one of the notebook covers. Love the quality of the Galen Leather goods.
    I would fill this case with a Platinum 3776 F nib, a Kaweco Sport EF nib, a Karas Kustoms Bolt G2, a Pilot Metropolitan M nib, a Karas Kustoms Retrakt, and a Story Supply Co grid notebook.

    Thanks for the chance on a great giveaway!

  105. So pretty! I would fill it with Micron pens and a white Sakura Jelly Roll pen. Perfect with a Rhodia pocket notebook. Great for my travels to see my granddaughter! I could have everything in one place.

  106. Sailor Pro Gear
    Sailor Profit
    Platinum 3776 Century (black on black)
    Platinum 3776 Century (Chartres blue)
    Platinum Cool (clear)

    Paper? Hmmm. How about a Rhodia Ice side-stapled graph pocket notebook.


  107. Probably would use it for art on the go, so whichever watercolour pad would fit and slip in some tiles to tangle. Pens: a micron for tangling and a Sakura brush pen, a signo white gel pen for highlights, graphite pencil and tortillon for shading and I’d love to squeeze in a water brush and watercolour dot sheet or something similar…Art kit to go, left pages – no problem! Lol!
    Thanks for the opportunity…and the time to make myself think about what I really wanted…

  108. I’d fill that with the 4 fountain pens I elected worthy enough to bring to college and the 1 pencil I felt I had to drag with me for math’s sake!

  109. I generally carry 4 pens at a time, but recently I’ve needed pencils, so I’d probably go:

    Pelikan M200 (M400 Nib, Cursive Italic Broad)

    Pilot Custom Heritage 92 (Fine/Medium Cursive Italic)

    Sheaffer Balance Vac Filler (Fine Nib)

    Lamy 2000 Makrolon (Oblique Broad)

    And my Pencils, a Kuru Toga in 0.5mm, HB Lead (Although I want 4B, I’ve been unable to find it), and a Staedtler Lumograph in 6b, I’m studying furniture making so soft leads and fine lines are very important to me.

    Paper wise I don’t really use pocket notebooks. Perhaps my wine tasting notebook by 33 Books and maybe an A6 Rhodia Pad.

  110. Hm. At the moment, probably: Pilot MR (fine) with De Atramentis Archive Black; Parker Sonnet (medium italic, 2006) with Sailor Oku-Yama; Parker 51 (1940s, belonged to my greatgrandfather) with Waterman turquoise; TWSBI Diamond 580 (1.1 italic) with Akkerman #13 Simplisties Violet; Shaeffer calligraphy (fine italic, ’90s) with Omas Brown. As for the notebook, either one of those little Muji pocket otebooks, or I’d stitch up a signature of good writing paper (probably Clairefontaine). Or, if it fits postcards, a stock of cards, envelopes, and stamps.

    Or maybe go a different route altogether – a couple of good squirrel quill mop brushes, a vial of ink, a minature case of watercolours, the Pilot MR, and a pen holder with nib, a couple of pencils (one hard, one soft), and a small signature of hot press paper.

  111. I would fill it with Kuratake Zig and Micron pens and then make a bound notepad that included colored and graph paper. Great giveaway thanks for the chance.

  112. It would be filled with the 3 green TWSBIs (Christmas green, AL green, ECO green), a Lamy 2K, and… a fifth pen! Maybe a Wing Sung 698? And for a notebook- definitely a Write Notepads ‘In the Pines.’

  113. Thank you for the opportunity to win.
    I would put my Field Notes Eclipse in along with
    Pilot Vanishing point – Matte Black – with Richard Binder .6/EF Italifine
    Franklin Christoph 1901 Kings Gold – currently with Masuyama Broad Stub
    Lamy 2000 – EF
    Kara’s Kustom Fountain K – Black and copper – EF
    Conklin Duragraph – F

  114. Pentel Orenz 0.2mm pencil
    Pentel Pocket Brush pen
    Copic Multiliner SP brush pen
    Copic Multiliner SP .5
    Sakura pigma black .05
    since one of the items isn’t a pen, if need be the alternate would be a Sakura white Gelly Roll
    I make my own coptic bound sketchbooks of various sizes and paper depending on project or whim so one of those would go on the paper side

  115. Thanks Ana and Galen Leather for the review and giveaway! Here’s the list:
    Lamy Safari
    Karas Kustoms Ink
    Lamy Logo
    Pilot Kakuno
    Faber-Castell Loom

    My Kaweco Sport will remain in my pocket.

  116. What a cute leather case! I would fill mine with my 2 Pilot Metropolitan fountain pens, Karas Kustoms Render K pen, Pilot G2 (0.38), and a pencil (nothing special). For a notebook, I’d buy a Fieldnotes book because I don’t have anything small at the moment!

  117. I would love this. I would put in microns, a some InkJoys in a variety of colors . I have a small pad of black paper I would use and I could sketch or doodle on the go.

  118. Thank you for the giveaway! If I were lucky enough to win, I would have a hard time narrowing it down to 5 pens, but probably include a couple Karas Kustoms and TWSBIs with my Fields Notes. I’m still looking for the perfect case and this one just about perfectly suits my needs.

  119. I guess I thought of paper first is a write notepad In the Pines. For writing instruments: Mitsubishi 9850, Conklin All-American, Brass flashlight, TWSBI ECO, and Shaeffer Snorkle

  120. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Write Notepads or a Story Supply Co.

    Lamy 2000
    Pilot Kakuno
    Pilot Metropolitan
    Parker 51
    Parker Jotter

  121. Greetings, I would fill it with my Vanishing Point Mate black, Montblanc Boheme, LAMY Studio olive, Duke Wang Yi and Stipula Carbon T-Flex.

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