Subscription Kit: Rad + Hungry USA 2017

Rad + Hungry is a very unique subscription service. Every month you are subscribed, you receive a package of curated stationery goods – usually pencils and a notebook plus a print and a little extra from somewhere in the world. One month it might be Uruguay, the next month it might be Korea or the Philippines.

One of the best things about the Rad + Hungry kits are how lovingly they are wrapped. Each kit is beautifully wrapped like a gift and the prints included with each kit is a beautiful piece of art that can be hung on your wall as art and a memento.

The silkscreen print was produced in neon orange ink and is hard to capture but take my word for it. It’s spectacular. Or order a kit for yourself.

The latest kit from the US included amazing finds from the Deep South and included a letter from Hen’s travels that read like a tale from a friend of her adventures from the road.

If you are a pencil collector, I think you can still get some of the rare and unique pencils through the Rad + Hungry Shop. These gems were immediately added to my ever-growing collection of pencil gems! I can hardly resist sharpening these beauties. I will breakdown soon enough, I’m sure.

The two vintage school notepads were also added to my collection of paper ephemera to be used for various and sundry purposes. This was definitely the month for excellent subscriptions.

Kit pricing starts at $24 per kit for the Quarterly (3 kits over 3 months but the prices drop to $19 for a yearly subscription for 10 kits over 12 months. There’s also a Semester Kit for $21 per kit, (6 kits over 6 months).

DISCLAIMER: This item was sent to us free of charge by Rad + Hungry for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I found Rad+Hungry to be overpriced for what you receive. I subscribed for over a year and had very little in the way of usable stationery supplies to show for it. Some of the kits from former behind the Iron Curtain countries actually depressed me. Skimpy notebooks with weird yellowish paper that had a plasticky surface that wouldn’t take a number 2 pencil much less a fountain pen was typical of those offerings.

    If you want to help subsidize someone’s travel, and they do seem to be very nice people, then subscribe, by all means. If you’re looking for value for your dollar then iPen can’t be beat. Every month brings a box filled with usable supplies, I discovered brands through iPen that are first class. A box of five weird colored crayons from Bolivia just isn’t the same.

    1. I think the new kits are more interesting than they were a couple years ago. The letter included is considerably more detailed and feels more like a travelogue and the quality of the print included has also improved. The kitschy vintage supplies, no matter where they came from feels more “curated” rather than sad though I get what you are saying about earlier kits. I enjoy the novelty of the Rad + Hungry kits because so many of the subscriptions from other services are things I already have.

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