Ink Review: Kyo-No-Oto No. 2 Imayouiro

Over the past few months, I’ve fallen in love with pink inks. Despite what you might assume based on my hair color, pink has never been my favorite color so this is a bit of a revelation for me. First, it was Callifolio Andrinople last year and now this year its the pinks in the Kyo-no-oto and Kyo-Iro ink lines that are luring me.  Kyo-No-Oro No. 2 Imayouiro ($28 for a 40ml bottle) is probably the most vivid color in the entire line of Kyoto TAG ink line.

Imayouiro is probably the most vivid magenta pink ink I have in my whole collection. And yet, its still not particularly garish. Which is pleasing. Its legible and very cherry poppy!

I can never get over how incredibly sophisticated and elegant the Kyo-No-Oto bottles are. They are like my absolute favorite. I know most people like the showiness of the Akkermann bottles but these get me every time.

When comparing the color value of Imayourio to other pinks, particularly other Japanese inks, the other brands lean a lot more orangey. Andrinople is slightly more rosy.

I’m always amazed to find that, for every ink I buy, the colors are so vastly different in color and look. Imayouiro is in a class by itself. If you are looking for a poppy bright pink hidden in a sophisticated bottle, look no further. It’s like a bright, springy perfume in a understated atomizer.





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  1. Something tells me that seeing this ink in person is a memorable experience. Even here, it looks so vivid and intense! I’m sure it jumps off the page when you’re writing with it. Thanks for the review!

  2. If you can, since you like pink inks, you should try Organics Inks’ Emily Dickinson pink. It’s lovely. If you can’t find it, Ana, email me and I will send you a sample.

  3. Ana, you sold me on a bottle of this at the Dallas Pen Show and then I immediately went and bought a translucent pink Sailor Pro Gear Slim to pair. I’ve been using this combo daily since then and it’s love! Glad to see you are enjoying it as much as I have!

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