Giveaway: NockCo Seed A6 Cases

NockCo Seed A6 Case

Last week I reviewed the NockCo Seed A6 Hobonichi cases. This week, I’d like to give two readers a chance to try them out for themselves so I am giving away one steel/silver dust and one iris/electric blue case (pictured above, Hobonichi and pens not included).

TO ENTER: Leave a comment and tell me what size or color combo you hope NockCo will offer next for their notebook cases. (Also, let me know if you’d prefer to get the steel or iris case!)

FINE PRINT: All entries must be submitted by 10pm CST on Monday, November 20, 2017. All entries must be submitted at, not Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, okay? Winner will be announced on Tuesday. Winner will be selected by random number generator from entries that played by the rules (see above). Please include your actual email address in the comment form so that I can contact you if you win. I will not save email addresses or sell them to anyone — pinky swear – just email you if you win. If winner does not respond within 7 days, I will draw a new giveaway winner. Shipping via USPS first class. Additional shipping options or insurance will have to be paid by the winner. We are generous but we’re not made of money. US residents and APO/FPO only please.

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  1. I really love the small A6, but hope the big brother A5 will be out soon, in the most bright and offensive color possible 🙂

  2. I’d love to see A5s…maybe in that Pen Addict Orange 🙂

    And both Hobonichi cases look great…though Iris is my preference.

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

    1. Field notes size would be neat, it would kinda fit a pen, I carry one in my faux dory and it’s tight but works. For colors I always enjoy navy blue on the outside and aa bright orange on the inside.
      Of these two I prefer the iris, but the steele one is so close…

  3. Steel and silver would go well with my repertoire. I have cases for A6 through A5 and standard composition books. Maybe NockCo should make an A4 case for the Leuchtturrm1917 Master sized notebook I have. Or just for those giant sketchbooks you can buy at the art store.

  4. I am a fan of the Steel colorway and have several Nock pieces with that as the exterior fabric. What I’d really love to see is a classic deep black exterior with a hi-viz orange interior.

    I know Nock has a reputation for keeping things colorful, but I think there is a lot of beauty in the contrast of a darker shade with a bright interior.

  5. NockCo could make a British Racing Green color scheme in
    A6 or any size really. That would be groovy!

  6. Sweet! I’d like Nock to create something for the Traveler’s notebook, with a pen section to have everything together to grab and go when on trips. Or I would like some pretty colors (pink/green/light aqua) for cases or some stripes or flowers.

  7. oooh! I’m with John F on the BRG in ANY size. That would be awesome.

    In terms of the ones you have, I prefer the iris/electric blue, but either one would be wonderful.


  8. I’m anxiously awaiting the A5 size in a vibrant color, like turquoise, bright red, or deep purple.

  9. After several years of A5 Rhodia Weekly, I’m jumping into the A6 Hobonichi Techno for the very first time (2018). I’m nervous and excited… more emotions about a planner than your average office worker.
    These NockCo colors are great (love the iris!), but I wouldn’t mind an blue (navy or royal) A6 with a pop of bright yellow or orange. That would be the bomb. Thanks, Anna!

  10. An A5 size would be awesome and I would love to see some really loud, fearless colors! Love the iris/electric blue!

  11. I’m hoping they’ll offer something similar for either the A4, A5, or composition notebook.

    (I’d prefer the steel/silver dust version)

  12. I would love a navy blue & mint green combo in this A6 case. But either of these existing colorways are great as well. Thank u for the opportunity to dress up my hobonichi.

  13. I like the A6 size best, but something green and brown would be nice. Or blue with an orange trim.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

    My cat Lucy sends greetings to your cat Lucy.

  14. I would love an A5, and I am hoping it will be something bright and splashy — red or orange maybe with a bright yellow interior.

    I prefer the iris/electric blue, but I would be thrilled to win either one. Thank you for the giveaway!

  15. I’ve personally love the b6 cafe writer from nanami paper. That’s just about the perfect size for journaling.
    I still use my hobonichi techo and already got next years book ordered. As for my color choice – well I purple all the things.

  16. The Seed is so cute. I’d like an A5, but for practicality the A6 is easier for me to take with me.

    As for the color– Iris is perfect!

  17. I would be delighted by an A5 case for my Hobonichi in “Pen Addict Orange”.
    For this giveaway, Iris all the way.

  18. I’d love to see a blue and white or purple and green combo! I’m a sucker for those colors…
    It’d be cool if they made a case for a Hipponoto! Currently, that is my favorite notebook to write in.
    Also, I’d prefer the Iris.

  19. I’d like something in an A6 size, with their peacock and slate colors. (I’d prefer the iris Seed, I won’t lose it in my bag).

  20. I’d like to see A5 with a dark purple exterior and any vibrant interior, maybe a lime green or hot pink. As you might expect from that answer, the Iris A6 is my pick between the two options.

  21. I love A6 size, but I’m really into 8.25″ x 6.25″ notepads right now. I’d be happy with an A5 as well.

    As far as colors go, I absolutely love EMERALD and GOLD. I’m also a big fan of jewel-tones in general.

  22. Grey with orange accents would be super cool.

    I’d like the grey blue one…will match my Hightower!


  23. I can’t wait until the A5 releases – but a “Halloween themed” color scheme would be amazing. Bright orange with black trim, or black with orange trim – I’d buy both! Thanks for the giveaway, Ana.

  24. I would love to see a Nock Sinclair in an A6 or an A5 size, so I could bring around slightly larger journals around in one. Also, a nice burnt orange color. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. The Steel colorway would be very stealth in my jumbo black hole of s purse. But a nice understated teal exterior with a screaming turquoise interior… that would be awesome.

  26. The next one must be unicorn barf! Aqua outside and bright pink inside!!!
    But from these two, I like the steel better!!!

  27. A5 in pink or sky blue, please! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, steel would be my preference 🙂

  28. I love the A6 for travel and the A5 for everyday, as for color, an olive green and pink combo would be awesome.

  29. An A5, maybe purple to go with my purple Hippo Noto! 🙂 Unicorn fill-in-the-blank would be good too. Thanks for the giveaway, I’d go for the steel one!

  30. My favorite of the two is Iris/Electric Blue. I’d love to see the case in eggplant and bright green (like a Kelly green). I love the size (A6), but the option of A5 would be great too.

  31. Frankly, the Seed was exactly the size/shape I hoped they would get around to. But an A5-ish case in Nock’s steel and eye-searing orange would be great.

    I’d love either color of the Seed, but if forced to choose, I’d go Iris.

  32. I am looking forward to an A5 sized zippered case, in something bright and a little girlie (but not really unicornish). Green with a pink interior, maybe for the spring?

  33. I’d really like to see a case that is pink and dark blue. And I’d like the iris/electric blue one please.

  34. The new nock co SEED case looks awesome! This case is such a great option for pen lovers! Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  35. How cool would it be to have a field notes size! My notebooks always look gross because they end up at the bottom of my purse. A cover would help me keep my memories keeper looking great! Thanks for the opportunity to win these fantastic products! I really like the steel grey!

  36. I love the A6 size, and I’m really looking forward to the A5, but whatever size Nock launches next, I’m going to need to see some orange in the mix. As for the Seed, I would be happy with either color! It looks like a great case.

  37. An A5 case would be the most useful. A deep teal outside, with a bright inside color.

    I prefer the steel case.

  38. I’d like to see an A5 case with Peacock outside and Charcoal inside, like the Lookout.

    My preference for this giveaway is the steel/silver dust. Thanks!

  39. I would Love to the the same size as this one but in a deep garnet red with black interior. I love the purple one myself

  40. I’d like a size up, so A5? I use that size for lots of notebooks, and I think they’d sell a zillion in that waxed canvas textile. (Also, I’d vastly prefer the steel one if I win.)

  41. Would love to see an A5 that would fit the Nanami Paper Seven Seas notebooks. And, would be great to have in either the British Racing Green/Yellow combo or the Mango/Yellow combo. Thanks again!

  42. I’d love to see something similar in an A5. Maybe in a teal so it would coordinate with my sketchbook cover.

  43. I agree with the orange and green folks. A5 or A6–either one is good. They both fit in my purse. As for winning, either one would be lovely. Thank you for the giveaway.

  44. I too am a fan of the a5 size. In keeping with the automotive theme: VW SuperBeetle Red/white. It would match my vintage VW!

  45. I would love to see one that matches my Sinclair case in teal. I would also want to see one as an A5, and slightly more expandable so that I can fit more stuff in it.

  46. A5 Size with a Red exterior and a royal purple interior! Perfection would be a seed that would fit my Hippo Noto!

  47. Anna, thanks for the review of the Seed last week.
    I wish for Nock to make a B5 sized cover next as that is the size I use the most. As for color, I like the crazy multicolored bags they’ve made in the past, like the Funkytown version of the Brasstown. Either Seed color is nice.

  48. I’d like to see a purple/copper color combination. Not enough things use it!

    Of these two, I’d be delighted to win the iris/electric blue one. A new home for my new Techo!

  49. I love the coffee colour available with the Brasstown pen case. An A5 seed in that colour with a midnight lining would be wonderful. I do like the steel/ silver dust combo on these A6 seeds.

  50. I’m looking forward to an A5. But I’d be very excited to have one of these in either color (but iris/blue preferred)!

  51. I want to see one of these match my teal rollcase. I’m all decked out in teal and mint for my everyday carry! In the meantime, I don’t mind the iris/electric blue!

  52. I’m dreaming of Hunter Green outside with lime green inside… I’d prefer the Iris case if I were to win one

  53. Oooohhh….. to pick colors from an unlimited palette? I would like dark amethyst with rose accents. 🙂

    For the giveaway, I would be happy with either color, but I think I prefer the Iris/Electric Blue.

    Thank you for this opportunity, Ana!

  54. Of these two, the steel is more to my taste. I don’t know what colors they already offer, but blue and gray might work well.

  55. I’d love to get it in (I think) Midnight/Foliage, which is what I’m pretty sure my Fodderstack XL and Brasstown are. It’s a deep blue exterior and a grey interior.
    But, if I won, I’d go for a Steel/Silver Dust.
    Thanks for the GAW!

  56. Steel or Iris… Either one would be great! I’m a dedicated Hobo user, every day, a few notes on what I did with the day. Modest but regular. For the next color way on the Seed… the Cocoa, Lavender that I have in the Sinclair is awesome.

  57. I’d like to see a field note size if they don’t already have it. I like the steel and blue but would like to see a black and grey one too.

  58. The steel/silver dust would match the interior of my car. It would be very handy to organize notes as I’m moving about the city!

  59. I like this size! I’ve seen a few Nock cases in the wild and I would definitely like to own one soon. I love the iris color. I love anything pink/purple/sparkly, especially if it looks professional and boring on the outside.

  60. Black/Purple A5 combo would be sweet!

    I would prefer the Iris case!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  61. I would love to see a Steel and Mango option. I have a Lookout in that combo and its one of the nicest. As for the two current Seeds I like them both for different reasons and would be happy with ether. the Steel is a bit more “professional” and the Iris is just fun

  62. I’m really looking forward to seeing what colours their A5 cases are when they’re released, and am hoping for something that has just as cool a name as Unicorn Snot. 🙂

    I’d prefer the Steel case.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  63. I think they should do a dark green and orange one. It’s tough to decide which I prefer; I think Iris.

  64. I would love to see an A5 size with an orange interior. Of the A6 cases released I like the steel/silver better.

  65. An A5 size would be nice that can fit longer pencils. Ideally in orange with pink interior.

    Iris if I happen to be lucky and random 🙂

  66. I’d love to see one that fits a hippo noto and other A5s 🙂 so more of a bag insert than a small case.
    I prefer the steel/silver dust.

  67. I agree that black/purple would be a terrific combination and A5’s – love the idea of a bag insert as I usually have to carry a bag with me.

  68. Orange! Traffic cone orange outside and lime green inside. Or maybe the Lanier olive outside and the traffic cone orange inside of the 2017 Kickstarter Sappelo?

    (I’d prefer the purple.)

  69. I’d love a nice deep maroon shade, which is the color I want everything to be come November and December. I’ve been looking for a maroon case for my hobonichi. Of the colors offered, the grey is more my style, but I like the purple’s pop of color. I like them both!

  70. The color combo that would get me to buy is hot pink on the outside, and orange on the inside. Though I think hot pink and teal would be more popular. I also love neon yellow and a graphite gray.
    I like the iris/electric blue combo the best out of these two options.

  71. I’d love to see a forest green + lime colorway. If I win the giveaway, I’d go for steel + silver dust. Thanks Ana & Nock!

  72. i’d love a case that held two or three Field Notes size notebooks, plus two or three pocket sized pens – Kaweco Sport, etc.

  73. The steel is real, I’d go for that color. (Excellent review by the way, I find it hard not to purchase the whole Nock line)

  74. A B5 cover would be cool, that’s my favorite size to use at school. And the best color combo would be a dark outside with that retina searing orange from the Kickstarter sapelo.

    Hoping for true steel A6 case!

  75. I would like to see one with a black or dark gray exterior and an orange interior. If I win I would like the steel nock case.

  76. Black + Orange and Yellow + Grey are nice color combos. Steel is my current favorite. Love your blog! Thank you.

  77. I hope Nockco offers an A5 in Steel or any other color really. Here, I would prefer the steel. Thanks, Ana!!

  78. Ana, thanks for offering this giveaway.

    I would love to see the next one done in Nock’s wonderful Pink zipper, Turquoise Blue case with Lime Green interior , fondly referred to as” Unicorn Snot”. It’s the bomb!
    The current size is good. But I think one large enough to accommodate the Standard Traveler’s Notebook by Midori would be useful. 5.1 wide x 8.3 height (inches).

    Iris would be my choice, given the brighter the better!!

  79. A5 size and Field Note size. I know–not supposed to pick two but I couldn’t help it.

    Would be happy with either, but Iris would be my first pick. 🙂

  80. A5 and chocolate brown and ocean blue-green. Either cover would be fine, but would prefer steel/silver.

  81. I’d like to see Nock do the colors of Apple’s iPhones , like Black, Sliver, Gold, Rose Gold, etc. Kind of like Lamy’s LX line.

    I’d love the Steel color if I win!

  82. I feel like an A5 would be super popular. I really really like the iris! But steel is also a good color.

  83. I’d like to see all red inside and out with a black spine and zipper.

    I think I like the steel best of the current colors.

  84. I’d really like to see a decent case in the B5 size which I use extensively. I’d settle for an A5 size for the Hobonichi Cousin planner I use. The steel color would be my preferred choice.

  85. I want the Lanier A5 case as a standalone in Iris/Electric Blue, that would be really sweet.

  86. It would be nice to have an A5 for my Seven Seas Crossfield so I don’t have to worry about taking it out of the house. Love the Iris colorway.

  87. I’d love more of the neon-pink interior with the black exterior that they did for some of the cases ages ago. I just LOVE the pop of bright inside the “boring” outside. I’m also on the hunt for a good b6 slim size cover for my Nanami Cafe, and I have a few other b6 ish notebooks that are just that perfect size for me. Would love a nock case in that size.

    I’d love either case if I win (probably the Iris one though).

  88. Hi Ana,
    Thanks for the GAW. I would like winning the steel one. In addition, I would love to see Nock develop a Seed for 8×5 notebooks in a mango orange color (I miss that color).

  89. I’d love the steel one. If I could pick the next color, I’d love a red (or pink) and black one (either one on the inside and outside).

  90. I really love the steel case but both are beautiful!

    I think Nock should do a like, spring-flowers type of edition. I’m thinking bright sunny yellow, grass green, maybe a hint of pink or sky blue.

  91. Of those pictured, I like the Iris/electric blue.

    I like green and brown together, but to move me to buy it would need to be a mint green with teal or a darker version of mint, or a pastel purple.

  92. I like the Iris one. For future versions, I would like to see the brown with the purple inside for my A5 notebooks. Thanks for the chance to win!

  93. I’ve been loving A5 notebooks and I would love an A5 case in the Steel/Blue! And I think 2018 is the year I finally get to try out some Nock Co products!

  94. I’d love to see the Lanier A5 in Iris/Electric Blue, or a grey with a purple zipper/lining.

    I’d love the Iris/Electric Blue combo if I win.

  95. Of these two, I like the steel. I’d like to see a forest green exterior with a bright purple interior.

  96. Charcoal exterior with a lime green interior would be my pick for a future combination.
    As for the giveaway I would prefer the Iris cover.

  97. As for these I prefer the iris.
    I’d like to see something in blue and white. Not too picky about size.

  98. I personally would love a Violet exterior and an orange interior my favourite colour combo.
    Of these two I would greatly appreciate either, but I personally love the iris over steel.

  99. I’d love it if they made a blue/white combo!

    And of the two shown, the iris/electric blue case is lovely 😀

  100. I would really like to see an A5 size with a teal/gray color combination. The purple/blue combination shown is also nice.

    Thank you for the giveaway. 🙂

  101. I would love to see a Field Notes sized cover in blue/orange… and I love that Iris A6 cover! Love your blog- it’s my favorite!

  102. I’d love to see an A5 size case, and anything in a British racing green would definitely grab my attention!

    My preference would be the Iris case, should I be lucky enough to win 🙂

  103. I’m looking forward to an A5 and am hoping for either a Navy Blue or good Orange. Of the current ones, I’d prefer the steel.

  104. Hi, I would love to see a B6 or A5 size and I think a blue/orange or teal/brown is a nice color combo. But for the give away, I like the steel color.

  105. I love contrast, so a grey/yellow version would be swell. Grey outside and a cheery pop of yellow when you open!

    Thank you for the giveaway! If I am drawn, the iris/blue because I love blues.

  106. I’d love to see Nock Co. do an annual version of the Sapelo Penvelope similar to the pen addict edition from this year. I’d like to see a royal blue/white-pearl version to hold 3 pens and a field notes. But every year could be new color combos! If I win your contest, I would like the steel/silver dust version. Thank you!

  107. I think a Turquoise exterior with pink interior in Traveler’s size would be nice. For now though, I would settle with a steel one

  108. Thanks, Ana!

    If I were to design my own Knock case, I’d probably do the black outer case with a turquoise, magenta or teal lining for an A5 hardcover notebook + pens. Thanks!!

  109. I’d love to see a teal with a really dark orange interior – maybe even a burnt orange interior. That would get me to buy. As for the two up for the winning, I prefer the iris. I like the design.

  110. My dream is a yellow and light blue color combo… or a unicorn snot seed! Can’t wait to order my Unicorn Snot Brasstown. It’s going to be awesome! Thank you for the review and giveaway. Simply lovely!

  111. Would love something sized for a travelers notebook (passport). I like the black exterior with something bolder inside, like the blue in my Sinclair. Grey case for me – thanks!

  112. I would like to see one of these in graphite and apple green, but if I’m lucky enough to win the drawing I can get by with the steel/silver model. Thanks!

  113. I would like one that holds Field Notes in neon yellow with orange trim.
    For this giveaway I choose iris. Thanks!

  114. I’d love to see a whiskey brown exterior and light blue interior
    Ps if my number comes up I’d like the steel and silver

  115. I like the steel version. And to get me to buy, I’d like one with a few more pockets, and to fit a 5.5X8″ notebook.

  116. I would love if Nock Co made an A5 size next and I wouldn’t mind seeing a fuschia interior and burgundy exterior color combo. If I win I’d prefer the Iris colorway, but beggars can’t be choosers.

  117. I really like the Iris, easier to find in the bottom of a large bag. Just learned an important reason to use a carry case for pens, I damaged one of my favorite pens while carrying it loose in my large bag.

  118. I’d like to see a Coffee/Amethyst version. Out of the two current versions I think I prefer the steel, but it is a close call — both are great.

  119. While I like the iris/blue combo, I’d like to see something more vibrant–red or orange perhaps (or both combined). Thanks for the introduction to a new product!

  120. I am hoping for the Unicorn barf (I think is what they called it) colorway in the Brasstown (not notebook holder, so I hope that counts!) I like the Iris out of these two.

  121. I hope they make a b5 size. I love the dual bright color mixes, my peacock Sinclair is boring with a black interior. I would pick iris with electric blue. Informative review, thank you.

  122. I really like the iris/blue combo. I would also like to see an orange/black or orange/red choice. Thanks for the great reviews!

  123. I’d love to see an A5 size, so I could carry my leuchtturm & pens all in one packet. Love the iris color!

  124. I’d love to see a black with purple inside A6, and would also love to see one that fits the Hobonichi Weeks. I prefer the iris colour 😀

  125. Purple isn’t just for girls. I like the iris.

    Honestly, I hope Nock makes another pen-only bag similar to Chimneytop that is built a bit more durably. The CT is great… But mine had fallen apart.

  126. I really like the iris version of this case.

    I’m looking for something that’ll hold a Baron Fig confidant (fat chance) and dear lord I need a case in waxed canvas, I don’t particularly care the color so long as it goes with my green and tweed filson briefcase.

  127. Great giveaway, Ana! I would love to see a pink and orange colorway. And an a5 case would rock! Iris all the way. Thanks for the chance!

  128. Am I the only person reading this blog who likes cases that I can bring into work without looking like a third-grader? More muted and mature looking color combinations, please. Black with a red inside, or olive with orange for some zing. And between the two shown, the steel one, please.

  129. I’d like to see an A5 sized case, and for a future color scheme, something like an Olive Drab exterior with a Cherry Red interior. Between the two you posted, I like them both, but I’d take the Iris one, since most of my bags and whatnot are already black/grey.

  130. I would LOVE to see some sort of neon camo with an eye searing color inside. It’s hard to choose between the two you have in this giveaway, but I’ll say the iris/electric blue case. Thanks!!

    1. And the steel over the iris…although my sister would probably like the iris (she’s crazy for purple).

  131. The sinclair is perfect for me (I fit a complete set of preppies + 3 fountain pens), but I wish I could also have a pen show version of it. It would only need a few tweaks: reversable zippers so they can be closed when the pouch is turned inside out, and a small lanyard that could be attached inside or outside. It would be perfect for me to store my hotelroom key and phone inside, and having my notebook in an outside pocket ready to be signed by everybody I meet 🙂

  132. A5 in irish colors would be nice.
    Steel seems better for me thank you. Though both are very nice.

  133. I’d enjoy a slim A6 case with one pen loop that has a gray tweed outer cover and a red lining. (Iris)

  134. I’m hoping an A5 is coming soon in the green and yellow. As to my preference for these A6 cases, I prefer either. Thanks for the giveaway.

  135. A cover for B5 or composition books, with space for a few pens and loose papers, would do me a world of good! (And if I’m lucky enough to win, that Steel/Silver Dust case looks great- but then, they both do!)

  136. Neat cases! I would love to see an A5 size in maroon and white or olive. If I happen to win, I have a preference to the steel case. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  137. I’d like to see coal/forest green in an A5. I prefer the steel in the current colors. Thanks for the chance.

  138. I would like love a B5 sized one in the future. The iris/electric blue one looks sick and I would like that

  139. A brick red outer and orange inner would look fantastic for Autumn.
    The steel looks super cool!

  140. Steel/silver dust please! I just bought my hobonichi planner for next year and it’s pretty naked right now;) Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  141. I’d like an A5 cover as that’s my most often used size. And you can never go wrong with a nice, deep Hunter green.

    As for these cases I’d love the steel, but wouldn’t turn down the Iris.

  142. I would like to see colors based off of inks like a Roher and Klinger exterior of Salix and interior of Alt goldrün. I prefer the steel to the ibis

  143. I would also love to see an A5 case. I love pinks and greens and that combo would be awesome.

  144. I would love to see a pumpkin orange outer, with a green inner. I can picture the green I would want, dark ish and just a touch muted to balance the pumpkin, but don’t have a concise word to describe it.

    Of these two, I would happily take either!

  145. Hello! I would love to see some sort of color combo of purple and red, in a size B6! And if I am lucky enough to be chosen, I would love to get the lilac and blue case! Thanks so much!

  146. I would like an A5 or A4 size, in a blue/green outside color to match the Lamy Safari Petrol with the bright Mandarin orange inside and the steel case is super nice.

  147. Well. I’d love to see a B5 in a dark eggplant purple color with hot pink inside. Or black with the hot pink or a nice purple color. A5 in those colors would work too.

  148. I would love to see a TN sized case, or an A5 perhaps. Colors, I think it would be cool to see a a black & white maybe even a plaid, with perhaps contrast on the zipper. I’d love the iris/electric blue seed case. Thanks, Ana! ✨✨

  149. An A5 in a beautiful royal purple or peacock blue. If I should win, I’d prefer the Iris, although either would be wonderful.
    Thank you.

  150. I would like to see a B5 or A5 in something like forest green/gray, since it would be a little too special purpose to want a Field Notes Dime Novel sized cover. For the seed, I have a small preference for the steel/silver dust, but the iris is nice too. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  151. Perfect, I have been anxious to try one of these and would be hazy with either color. ^^

  152. I would love to see an A5 with Navy and Red colorways, indifferent to which is exterior/interior. Hoping to win the Iris A6!

  153. I’d stick with the A6 size with all black (stealth) exterior and a bright orange interior. But, I’d settle for steel

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