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This year was my first year participating in Inktober and I wanted a new notebook to use, so I was thrilled when Ana offered me a Nuuna notebook for review.

Nuuna notebooks are produced by Brandbook which is a German Company. The notebooks feature fine Swedish paper with a very subtle light grey dot grid. The grid is pretty tiny; there are approximately 8 dots per inch (slightly more than 3mm). The pages are thread stitched together and then bound in fine materials; mine was a thick cardstock although there are leather bound versions as well.

This particular model is 16.5cm x 22cm (roughly 6 1/2″ x 8 3/4″, or slightly larger than the standard A5 size). The notebook contains a generous 256 pages of a thick 120g white Munken paper.

I was really impressed with this notebook. It felt substantial and the paper felt thick and lush, although it was quite smooth. Throughout the month of October I tested a variety of pens: fountain pens and inks, Marvy Le Pens, Papermate Ink Joy gel pens and a few others, and I also pulled out a water brush for some of my Inktober drawings.

When writing normally, the paper had no bleed-through and just a bit of ghosting on the backside.

On my drawings, which included heavier ink lines and sometimes water, there was some bleed-through, which is to be expected, but the paper held up really well. Water made it wrinkle slightly, but overall the book hasn’t expanded a lot. One of the things I liked best about this book is that other than the first few and last few pages, it laid open flat every time I went to write and draw. I didn’t need any extra props to hold it open in order to create, or to shoot photos.

I don’t see this exact design on the Nuuna website, but I did find a variety of graphic covers for anywhere from 14,90 € to 27,90 €, all of which seem reasonable prices for notebooks of this quality.


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