12 Days of Inkmas Bonus: Diamine Wine Divine

Since I didn’t align my 12 Days of Inkmas properly, I decided to give you a bonus Inkmas. So, on this magically, snowy Christmas Eve here in Kansas City, I give you a toast of Diamine Wine Divine ($20 for 50ml bottle) to celebrate.

As you can see, there is gold sparkle to the burgundy ink. And I had a little trouble with my spelling. No worse than any of my other swatching crimes!

I loaded this up in my Wing Sung 698 Demonstrator with EF nib. It appears to be a knock-off Pilot nib in a pseudo-TWSBI-esque style pen so I’m wondering if I could swap out the nib for a Pilot Plumix calligraphy nib to get maximum ink coverage?

With soft light, you can see the gold in the large painted letters very clearly and a few hints of the gold in the smaller letters like “extra fine”. It’s not nearly as apparent as yesterday’s Spearmint Diva.

With more directed light, I tried to pick up more of the sparkle in the painted letters. It’s hard to get the effects in still photos.

I made a few more attempts using a flash to get the sparkle to reveal itself but, in writing, Wine Divine was not nearly as sparkly in a fine nib pen as Spearmint Diva.

As for color comparisons, there is not another sparkle ink in my collection anywhere close but Robert Oster Maroon 1789 was similar in hue.

So, I enjoyed playing with this sparkle ink because sparkle inks are always fun but Spearmint Diva was more sparkly. Wine Divine is a bit more subtle and the burgundy/gold combo is certainly classier but, c’mon, we’re talking about sparkly inks so how classy can I really be?

Happy holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukah! Happy New Year!


DISCLAIMER: This item was sent to me free of charge by Vanness Pens for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. Hi Ana. Have a Merry Christmas. Hopefully the snow lasts for a white Christmas in our KC metro area.

    It’s cold enough I’d say. My inflatable Snoopy had icy snow weighing him down, but I was able to knock enough on so he’d stand tall and proud.

    I hope everyone has a happy day tomorrow, and receives some Fountain Pen related gifts.

  2. I have a Wing Sung 698 with a transplanted plumix nib, and its lovely – feels easily as good as my TWISBI 1.1 stub 🙂

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