Eye Candy: Esterbrook Purse Pen Set

I got lucky enough to be able to purchase the NOS Esterbrook Aztec Gold purse fountain pen and pencil set from Jesi (aka JesiRaine of BYOB Pen Club) a few weeks ago. The pen even had the sticker on it.

I had never seen the Aztec Gold color before so I couldn’t resist this set. It’s my first in the “brights” purse pens. Yet another of the Esterbrook rabbit holes. I went for the most beautiful example for my first so it will be hard for any others to live up to it.

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  1. Oh good. You are the one blogger whose review pens I find myself compelled to buy. (Great taste, right?) And I’ve been meaning to get back to Esterbrook recently. So, yeah.

  2. Ghaaaa – I’m having a major Pen OCD attack!! Quick – align the lever with the clip when capped!

    If you know Esterbrook fountain pens (or most any lever fill pen), you know what to do (pull the section & sac then rotate the barrel until the lever and clip are aligned when the cap is fully screwed on) Instructions are buried in here somewhere:


    Someone who repairs Esterbrooks should be able to do this in five minutes. Afterward this pen would be perfect – and I”ll be able to sleep soundly again.

  3. Oh man! That’s a fun bumblebee yellow! I can’t wait to get my first purse pastel (looking for one sans lip cracks and already restored) — they really pop! I also have been hankering for a nurse or doctor pen because I’m a doctor when not playing with pens.

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