Eye Candy: My Col-o-ring Books

If you ever wondered exactly why we decided to make the Col-o-ring Ink Testing Books, wonder no longer. This is my personal stash of books, less than a year into the making of them. I’ve divided my books into at least five different groups: Japanese inks, Robert Oster inks, PenBBS, Shimmer inks, European and American inks. The Euro/American book is by far the largest and really needs to be sub-divided but I haven’t figured out how to organize those yet.

So, just like Sy Sperling in those ads for Hair Club for Men, “not only am I the President of the Company, but I’m also a client!”

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  1. I’ve got a dip pen arriving today and I can’t wait to start playing with my Col-o-Ring. It feels like it will somehow justify my burgeoning ink collection!

  2. Last summer was my summer of ink swatching on the Col-o-Ring. I only have one so far, but I love it. Now I have a much better grip on what inks I have, which helps me use them better, and also helps me be more thoughtful about acquiring more– look how many purples I have already!

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