Link Love: Vintage Colored Pencils

First, my apologies for the lateness of Link Love this week. Recording Pen Addict yesterday morning threw off my schedule and then the review for the Wancher True Urushi Kickstarter pen was supposed to go live on Wednesday was delayed until this morning so that also toppled my schedule a bit. Throw in my getting over a cold and my road tripping visitors and you had the imminent delay! So, I hope I made it worth your wait.

Big news this week is that Ink Smudge popped back up in my feed due to a weird RSS glitch so there was a back log of posts. Most importantly because there’s a great “Being Left handed” post that joins Maybelline from On Fountain Pen’s post about the Lamy Nexx (also a lefty) and a regular staple on Link Love Junee from Alt. Haven who is another favored lefty. Enjoy a plethora!

The Art & Art Supplies section is all of Tina’s Vintage Colored Pencil reviews this week which are so fun to see gathered together. No nepotism here!

Everyone is gearing up for LetterMo and InCoWriMo so get you pens, paper and stamps handy there’s still time to participate. You can always write to your family, your local friends or even your local politicians.




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