Pen Show: LA or Bust!

Laura and I are headed for the LA Pen Show tomorrow. It’s Laura’s first pen show ever and, for me, I think I’ve actually lost count but I think I’ve finally moved past double digits.

We will be at the show for the whole weekend, arriving Thursday night. Laura will be getting the full immersive experience when she’s not spending a little quality time with her family. Her father is bursting with pride that she’s become a “fountain pen person” so he may walk the show with her a bit on Sunday.

We are particularly excited to get out this Midwestern winter, eat some tacos and maybe visit a yarn shop.

If you see either of us during the show, at the bar or anywhere, please stop and say hello. We would love to meet you in person.

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  1. Hi Ana
    Will definitely stop and say hi and tell you about a great yarn store not too far from the hotel in Manhattan Beach!!!

  2. Safe travels, you guys! As a fountain pen newbie, I’ve never been to a pen show either, so I’m kind of jealous! Have a great time…can’t wait to hear how it all turns out! ✒️

  3. travel safe… i won’t be attending even though I am only an hour away.. two M800s and an M205 in the last year is enough for the moment… besides I will stop into Vanness when i travel to Little Rock in April. That all being said I have a good friend who knits and made a few recommendations for you… all in the area of the show… Los Alamitos Bay Yarn, The Knitting Tree and Twist.. have a great trip.

    1. Thank you! I’m an LA native and know the owner of The Knitting Tree (I worked at one of her previous stores) and I know about Twist. I didn’t know about Los Alamitos Bay Yarn though, so thanks!!! 🙂

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