Zebra Sarasa Prefill: Shiny Metallic Gel Refills!

Since my Pilot Juice Metallic Pen Set glee, I decided to refill my Prefill (my Zebra Sarasa Prefill, that is) with some of the metallic refills that are now available. I chose my favorite colors: metallic green, metallic pink and silver plus the pencil for an entirely non-work appropriate set. Who’s going to stop me, really?

I filled the Prefill with Shiny Pink 0.5mm ($1.90), Shiny Green 0.5mm ($1.90) and Silver 05.mm ($1.90) and the 0.5 mm mechanical pencil refill ($3). There is also a shiny blue and gold color gel refill available in the metallics but I didn’t have enough room in the pen to hold them all! Decisions had to be made.

As far as I know, Zebra is the only company making refills for multi-pens with metallic colors so if you’ve always wanted to add a metallic color to your multi-pen line-up, the Prefill is definitely the way to go. The current line-up of Prefill component bodies on JetPens are 5-color so you can have one more color than I do.

The Shiny Pink, Shiny Green and Silver worked well on white and dark colors. The metallic flakes are small enough to give the color a shine rather than a glittery quality so the name does seem to fit. I tested the colors over a swatch of black Sharpie marker on a Col-o-ring card ($10 for 100/card set — shameless plug!) to simulate colored paper to good effect.

These Zebra Sarasa Prefill shiny refills seem perfect for anyone who wants to spice up a their Bullet Journal, work notes or planner. I don’t think I’d use one of these colors exclusively for long writing but I like the idea of accenting, underlining or doing a title on a page with a little flair. Since most of the multi-pens allow for five different refills in each pen, I’m sure you can find the right combination of gel, ballpoint, pencil and shiny (!) to make your work, planning and projects a little more fun.

DISCLAIMER: This item was sent to me free of charge by JetPens for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have 2 sets of gel pens I got in past years at Costco. But fountain pens are my favorite pens now. Though I do have multi-pens thanks to your blog. I’ll consider these for a Zebra Prefill I got that came with the ink included. I’d rather have the .5, so why not metallic.

  2. I’m smacking myself upside the head for not thinking of a multi-pen (I have 2) when I was figuring out what to put in my minimalist sketch kit! But it’s not too late. . . .


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