Eye Candy: Easy Tiger Kicking Ass and Taking Notes Pen

Easy Tiger has a way with words and great design. The Kicking Ass and Taking Notes pen ($25) is no exception. It is a stunning brass tube with gold foil lettering in perfect Futura with the message “Kicking Ass and Taking Notes” down the barrel.

It is packaged in a stunning matte black and gold foil box to match. The pen is held in place in its foam packing with a black satin ribbon printed with the words “Your new pen pal.”

The pen contains a rollerball refill which is a fairly standard Euro rollerball refill.

Ever inclined to hack my pens, I swapped out the medium black with a Zebra JF (Sarasa) 0.3mm refill in green. Chances are, something from a big box office supply store with fit into this pen or JetPens or RefillFinder should have an adequate replacement.

My only complaints with this pen is that it takes a few too many turns to uncap the pen and that the black paint is going to chip off way too quickly. But as a gift for the budding pen enthusiast or as a novelty on your desk, its quite a delight.

There are several other pens available too if you want to see their other sass.

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