Ink Review: Colorverse Sea of Tranquility

Colorverse Sea of Tranquility #10 (65ml and 15 ml included for $36) is the only green ink available in the Colorverse universe thus far so it gets its own review. It is a bright kelly green color and not at all what I would have initially thought of when I heard the words “sea of tranquility.” Even when I Google it, the images that come up are either photos of the moon which are decidedly not green or more earthly ocean images which lean more blue and teal.

(For more info on packaging and details about the Colorverse brand, check out my Colorverse overview post.)

So, names aside, the Sea of Trnaquility is a bright crisp green with lots of shading and no evidence of sheen.

I ended up doing two swatches since I stuck the Pantone chip on my first one and updated my swatching techniques by adding a finer, monoweight writing on the second (you may have noticed that on some of the previous posts).

In writing samples, Sea of Tranquility is definitely vivid and the shading helps keep the color bright and lively. It seems oddly appropriate to review this color this week. It’s very shamrock-ery and touch-o-the-Irish. I’m not sure that’s what Colorverse was going for when they created this color but its certainly making me want to dance a jig and drink a Guiness, maybe have a nice meat pie.

I initally assumed, as I always do, that I would have at least half a dozen greens that would exactly the same shade of green as Sea of Tranquility and I’d feel like a giant dolt for buying 80ml more but, alas, it turns out that the other bright green inks in my stash are not quite the same shade. Phew! Most of them — Private Reserve Spearmint and Avacado , Papier Plume Ivy 108, Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine and Kaweco Palm Green are all just a bit darker — some a little blacker, some bluer. Some inks were lighter or more yellow-green like Diamine Meadow.

So while I found the name of Sea of Tranquility to be a bit of a misnomer, the color itself is surprisingly refreshing. Maybe it should have been called Little Green Men?


DISCLAIMER: These items were sent to me by Vanness Pens for the purpose of review. Please see the About page for more details.

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  1. I love the name of this ink, but not for this ink… probably the wrong blog to mention how much I dislike green ink 😉

    I’m really enjoying your coverage of the Colorverse inks, thanks and keep it up.

    1. May thee Irish curse ye with warm beer and cold mash!

      Just kidding. I understand it take a refined palette to truly appreciate green. but I agree that the name is a bit confusing.

  2. When I first started buying inks, I said to myself that all I really needed was a deep, dark, balacker-than-the-darkest-night black, a stunning blue, a fire-engine red, and a nice, strong, mid-to-dark, in-your-face-green. I have never found that green… until now. Maybe.

    Thank you!

    1. Blue-black and red is all I need (and I have my favorites) but that hasn’t stopped me from buying others 🙂

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