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Pen friends,

I hate to ask for a favor and you are under NO(!!!!) obligation whatsoever –I totally understand that everyone has financial commitments and personal causes they support– but I thought I’d throw this out:

I’m getting up early and WALKING for 30th Annual AIDS Walk Kansas City 2018 next Saturday. I’ve walked many years in the past but have never mentioned it here nor asked the pen community to support me in my effort to raise funds. 

If you would like to make a pledge (even $5 will help), you can make one here. 

The goal is to raise money to help people in KC living with HIV/AIDS and raise awareness about HIV. All the money raised stays in our local community.

I promise I’ll wear my Rainbow Brite sneakers while I walk. I will be walking with many other Hallmarkers as a team and our goal, collectively is to raise $15, 000 and we are halfway there with nine days left to meet our goal.

Can you help? Thanks so much and I promise I will not bother you again.

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    1. Thanks so much! Our team at work is about 50 people strong and are lucky that the company also backs the cause as a corporate sponsor.

  1. Well. Ana. I said I donated however every donation amount I tried seemed to indicate the fees would be greater than the amount I was donating. I’m going back to check in case I misunderstood…

  2. I don’t know if you’ll remember me, I know you talk to so many people at pen shows, but we met at the Little Rock Pen Show this year. I came over on Saturday and mentioned how much I loved reading your posts. Anyway, I work with the Ryan White grant program here in Arkansas. Everyday, I help those with HIV/AIDS access medical care and medications. Thank you telling about your commitment to this cause!

    1. What good work, Lauren! I will think of you and all the people you help in Arkansas while I walk this year.

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